Berea Report: It's Charlie

In a shocking development, Romeo Crennel today named QB Charlie Frye the Browns starter against Pittsburgh. We'll give you a minute to recover... there... Also, the latest on player injuries and how the depth chart stacks up in today's report from Browns camp in Berea.

BEREA, OHIO - To no one's surprise, Charlie Frye was named as the starting quarterback for Sunday's opener against the Steelers.

"I'm naming Charlie Frye as the starting quarterback for this game," Romeo Crennel said. "He gives us the best chance to win."

Before he could be asked if Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson would be the backup, Crennel answered the question.

"Everybody else is going to be the backup," he said. "I don't have to name someone second or third until an hour and a half before the game and that's what I'm going to do."

Crennel said he was pleased with the competition among the quarterbacks during the preseason and thinks it will benefit the Browns as a whole, as well as Frye.

"I've said all along that competition brings out the best in everybody," Crennel said. "In the big picture, this has been good for him."

Crennel likes the way Frye handled himself throughout the preseason knowing that Quinn and Anderson were waiting in the wings.

"He handled it pretty well, but he doesn't say a whole lot anyway," Crennel said. "He just went out and did what he was supposed to do. Like I tell (the team) all the time, is you can only control what you can do."

He especially was pleased with Frye's mental approach. He said that is where he saw Frye make the biggest improvement.

"The mental part of the game and the mental competition," he said. "Knowing you're competing every day and being up for it."

However, Crennel refused to name Frye the starter for more than this week.

"Things happen in this league," he said. "To say the guy is the starter for the whole year. I tell the team that every position on this team is not in stone. Things can change on a weekly basis or a daily basis."


Three Wide Out: Crennel didn't name any receiver as the third receiver, but did say that WR Tim Carter is the guy that would line up there to start.

"You guys know that (Braylon) Edwards and (Joe) Jurevicius are the two we put out there," Crennel said. "If we put three guys out there it will be Edwards, Jurevicius and (Tim) Carter."

Baxter to Safety: Although Crennel did not give a timetable on the return of DB Gary Baxter, he did say that he was being considered as a safety and also gave an explanation on why he was kept on the final roster.

"Gary passed his physical and was out on the field some," he said. "He's a veteran guy and that's why I made that decision."

When Crennel was asked about S Justin Hamilton being released, leaving the team with just three safeties he responded.

"Baxter is being considered as a fourth safety," Crennel said.

He also shed some light on Hamilton.

"With his injury, he was going to be out for a month and we thought it was the best way to go now."

Injury Update: Crennel didn't rule any player out for Sunday's opener with the Steelers, but gave very little information on the status of key players.  He said all of the following will be on the field for practice Monday, but some would be limited and some they would see what they could do: OL Eric Steinbach (knee), LB Andra Davis (ankle), DL Orpheus Roye (knee), OL Kevin Shaffer (concussion), FB Lawrence Vickers (hamstring) and DL Simon Fraser (abcess). Steinbach, Davis, Roye, Shaffer and Vickers are all projected starters.

Romeo's Prediction: When asked how he thought the team would do this year, Crennel said:

"I think we can win more games than we have," he said. "In this game of football, anything can happen. You can't turn the ball over and you can't make dumb penalties. We're going to try eliminate those things that have caused us to lose.

"I think we have more core players," he said. "Each year we've added more players to that group.

"We've prepared for the regular season and are ready to go," he said. "We're excited about this coming year and our prospects. Now, it's a matter of getting out on the field and getting it done. Hopefully, we'll win more than our share this year."

Practice Squad Named: The Browns signed a number of recently released players from training camp. Added back to the practice squad were: RB Chris Barclay, DL Chase Pittman, DL Melila Purcell, WR Steve Sanders, OL Cliff Louis and WR Syndric Steptoe. The other two players added were TE Jonny Harline and DB Tim Mixon. Harline (6-4, 245) was signed by the Colts as an undrafted rookie free agent out of Brigham Young. He was released by the Colts in the final cuts.  Mixon (5-9, 184) was signed by the Bears as an undrafted rookie free agent and released in the final cuts out of California.

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