CB Bodden Arrested: What Next?

Browns starting cornerback Leigh Bodden was arrested last evening at Hopkins Airport. Held until custody until late last night, Bodden will be in court this morning. What does this mean for the Browns?

Sometimes little things can turn into big things. 

Last evening, Browns defensive back Leigh Bodden drove to the airport to pick someone up. According to reports, Bodden overshot the area where you pick up passangers. A small thing, a small problem.

Bodden then put his car into reverse and began heading back up the street. The police at Hopkins asked Bodden to stop. According to police, Bodden refused and continued to back up. A small thing became a bigger thing.

Officers then put Bodden into custody, and put him in a Cleveland jail, where he remained until 1:30AM. Thanks to having $100 available, Bodden was released from custody in the wee hours this morning, and will have to appear in a Cleveland court this morning. A small thing becomes a big thing.

As the Browns prepare to face off with their division rival Steelers in the next three days, this could be a very big thing indeed.

How the team and the NFL will react to Bodden's arrest has yet to be seen, but suspension between one and six games is more than just an outside possibility. While Browns teams in the past have often suspended players unilaterally, the NFL may choose to step in and mete out some form of punishment sooner, given the league's recent attempts to improve its off-field image.

If Bodden is unable to start against Pittsburgh or future opponents, CB Daven Holly would be the most likely candidate to step in. Holly has been solid when called upon to start, but is not at Bodden's level and has more trouble against opponent's #1 or #2 wide receivers.

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