Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

If you're not at these chats, you're missing out! David and George Lilja were great last night. Heck, I got to talk to a guy who played for Tom Landry and Bo Schembechler. Cool... if you're into that sort of thing, and I am. Anyhow, for those of you who missed it, here's the transcript from last night's chat.

ArtBtz Well, CarducciDawg is in the house.
ArtBtz Fire away, or I'll start asking him questions about sci-fi movies.
ericthebrown opinions on our new olineman
KJ Dave, what's up with this Beasley dude...DT turned miracle OL...Is he a G or T
DavidCarducci I don't know enough about him. I thought it was interesting that the Browns felt they needed help immediately at offensive line, yet they go out and get a guy who played DT for four years. I hear he was a good high school lineman, but that was a long time ago and this is a very different level. I thought it was interesting that Bowers was moved to the practice squad (or re-signed).
redright Dave, we seem to have better TEs than expected in Heiden and Campbell. Shea seems to be healthy. Should we expect to see more TE in the offense? How?
DavidCarducci I think they are doing a good job of keeping the TE's in the game even now, and yes it should get better. I know of several more plays that could have gone to the TE last week and the week before.
DavidCarducci It means only TE's or converted TE's as blocking backs, although Davis said today that Fowler could be used in that role. He's practiced there recently
ericthebrown folwer at fb... is he serious? I assume goaling situations
DavidCarducci eric, yes goal line situations would probably be where they would try Fowler. Davis was asked about maybe using a player like Warren just like the Bucs tried with Sapp. He said he would be far too worried to put Warren at the risk of having his legs cut out by linebackers.
redright Dave, that must have made Fowler's day. :-)
BryanK Why are we not getting any pressure on the other QBs?
KJ Dave, how do you yourself feel about being shut-out of practices???
DavidCarducci I think you are seeing a trend of fewer sacks this year. Davis talked a bit about that today. It goes along with the trend of short, dink-and-dunk passing games. Also, you are seeing more plays that call for max-protection, keeping in a tight end and a running back or sometimes multiple backs while sending just two receivers on routes. Davis said today that he has seen more plays with just two receivers out on routes than at any time in his career.
DavidCarducci It really is a league-wide trend. More than 1/3 of the teams in the NFL, I believe, have six or fewer sacks
BryanK Interesting; thanks
ericthebrown Jamir Miller seemed to rush the QB a lot last year. Why doesn't it seem like they are using Hambrick the same why?
DavidCarducci They have used Hambrick on a few blitzes this season, and he has been effective. Once vs. Tennessee and most notably in the first half vs. Cincinnati. He really is at his best, though, against the run. He is a more typical 4-3 linebacker than Miller, who really could only be used exclusively at the line of scrimmage if the Browns wanted to maximize his production.
Noodle Any ""inside"" info on the possibility of us getting McKinie in March?
DavidCarducci Noodle, I only know that Davis would love to have McKinnie. I know they talked with the Vikings at one point, but I'm not sure what the future holds.
Noodle It seems like a natural to me
ArtBtz Noodle, you might want to ask Lane about that in Ask the Insiders, too.
KJ Dave, WHY doesn't Ariens SCRAP the BS H/Back thing and run a 3 receiver, One TE and Green backfield as our BASE offense...It's amazing how well you can run when the D is spread-out...Faulk gets his 100 yards weekly on 15-18 carries because of it...How long will it take him to figure out we DO NOT have the OL to run smash-mouth???
DavidCarducci KJ, I'm not sure. I do know that the intention wasn't always to be as conservative this week. Even in overtime, when the Browns looked very conservative, the first play (dump off to Shea) was supposed to be a throw into the endzone. The Browns were expecting a different coverage, and Couch was forced to go in another direction
KJ I saw that on the video tape
KJ He's gonna shatter Greens confidence if he keeps putting him in there with an H/Back wannabe lead blocker...any fool can figure out whats going on
Guest153 Why is it that on some plays the line looks decent, on others they look TOTALLY LOST?
DavidCarducci Guest153, a lot of it has to do with inexperience. For example, Zukauskas did a great job keeping I believe it was Hampton from getting inside penetration on the 4-yard touchdown run by White. The Browns tried to run exactly the same play on the 3rd-and-3 play in the overtime, right before the FG attempt, and Zukauskas got blown up by Aaron Smith. That's part of the inconsistency that goes with playing young offensive linemen.
DavidCarducci O'Hara is also still young. Then you had Chanoine playing on basically one leg and still only with a year of NFL experience under his belt. It is difficult for linemen to have a great deal of success in their first few years [msg complete]
redright Dave, How is Courtney doing after a week were he looked very good and at times had TV viewer thinking he was turning a corner?
DavidCarducci We don't get a chance to watch practice, so it is hard to say, redright. Courtney did appear to play better. He was also held on a number of occasions (and I mean obviously held) without a call. I was on the field on the sideline in the fourth quarter and overtime, and some of the holds were obvious. He looked like he played with a bit more fire, got off the ball a bit quicker, and also played very smart football. I loved the way he got off his block on two specific run plays, and also how he stayed home on the pitch pass by Randel El.
WorthingtonDawg Will those dump offs get by Lewis?
Guest153 Then why didn't they at least keep one exp. lineman, like Bedell or Tre?
Guest31 Dave - what are your thought on the Couch ""dead arm"" observations that both Lane and Grossi have talked about? That Hail Mary looked like a severely wounded duck on life support.
DavidCarducci Yeah, Couch didn't look good on that throw, but he looked very good on several other throws. The out to Quincy that was dropped in the endzone was a fantastic throw, as was the 30-yarder to Davis. Who knows if the ball slipped. Who knows if he just didn't trust making that type of throw yet. Also, that end of Heinz Field is open, and the wind coudl have had an effect. I'm sure he may not be 100-percent, but he's pretty close, and he can make all the throws. He showed it on a few out passes
DavidCarducci I'm not sure redright. I know Wohlabaugh would like to play, but I've heard there is no real way he could play center. I questioned the move to keep him active last week in place of Fowler. If O'hara went down, the Browns had no real option at center. Stokes has practiced it, but never in a team situation and obviously never in a game.
vbf can I ask a question?
redright Dave, considering how well the ravens played, especially on defense, are there any concerns for Sunday? Changes?
ArtBtz I expect total quiet from you, VBF.
ArtBtz Fire away ;-)
vbf LOL
vbf Dave, please tell me BD is taking the ratbirds seriously
ArtBtz I heard a couple of times today that Monday night got their attention, VBF.
KJ thats not a question...{:]
DavidCarducci I'm sure he's taking them seriously. How could you not after Monday night.
vbf good, thanks
KJ he still seems to be a little floating on the outs
DavidCarducci KJ, the out to Quincy had a whole lot of zip on it. The floater to Northcutt where (he dragged his feet) was actually a great throw. It was similar to the two throws he made against San Diego late in last year's game. Couch was hit as he released, knew the timing and the depth of the pattern, and because he had to throw it early, he took a little off of it, releasing before Northcutt made his break, to make sure it got there at exactly the right time. That's outstanding knowledge of the timing of a specific route
redright With Morgan's drops last week and Davis's improvement, should we be seeing more of Davis? Northcutt?
DavidCarducci Redright, I think the Browns need to stick with Morgan. On the whole, he is much better than last year. That drop was more of a bobble, and even the most experienced receivers do that. He did catch it. The ball never went to the ground. He just didn't catch it cleanly. That was one of four red zone plays that really hurt the Browns. They should have scored 21 points. Three plays that should have worked if not for major breakdowns by one player
CP sounds like we have a difference of opinion regarding the Insiders! ;-)
ArtBtz No differences of opinion allowed!! I'm telling Bernie.
KJ Easy pickins for a quick closing corner
DavidCarducci Jamel blew a block on Couch's interception and KJ failed to adjust his route. You can see Couch nervously pat the ball waiting for KJ to stop. When he didn't, Couch made the mistake of trying to force the ball instead of taking the sack. He read the blitz from the left and the right. White was supposed to pick up the blitz from the right, allowing Couch to make the play to the left
vbf Dave, are the players still confident? Butch looked extremely bummed at Tuesday's press conf. Is he nearing teh end of his rope?
KJ I sensed that too V
DavidCarducci Vbf, I think they are still very confident. I'm sure they feel a bit snakebit, but the locker room is still very upbeat. They know they are still in first place and this is no time to get down or lose confidence. I talked at length with Andra Davis and Kevin Bentley today, and if the rookies are as confident as they were today, then the vets have to feel the same way. Of course, those two guys made outstanding plays on Sunday that were well beyond their years
ArtBtz I think he knew he was going to be quizzed on the play-calling, VBF.
vbf good to hear, dave, thanks
redright Dave, Morgan has a tendency to bobble the ball--fail to catch clean--anything that can be done for that? More passes?
DavidCarducci Redright, I think it's just part of being a young player in Morgan's case. As he showed last year, he can struggle with concentration at times and go into little slumps. That appears to be happening less this year, though. I liked the way he fought threw his slump in training camp, and I'm sure he'll get through this.
redright Great Dave
teco I sometimes question Arians cognitive powers
DavidCarducci Arians actually did some nice things on Sunday. There were some major individual breakdowns. KJ made a mistake by failing to pick a linebacker on the screen that Green dropped. If he makes the pick, Green scores on the opening drive.
KJ Fuller said he knows whats wrong with him but won't tell anyone...WHY?
DavidCarducci I've heard it is a tendon injury with Fuller. I'm not sure of his reasoning. It may be an attempt to follow the way Butch handles injuries.
Guest31 Is Couch slow to make his reads?
DavidCarducci Guest31, I don't think so at all. He made the correct read even on the interception. If KJ stops after three yards, it is a positive play and they beat the blitz, maybe not for a big gain, but they beat it. I've noticed he's very good with reading the defense.
redright Any plans to use Northcutt more? He seems very versatile.
KJ And whats up with ""Cutch""...he sits the entire 4th with a lousy EYE injury...PLEASE
DavidCarducci KJ, I have to defend Daylon. When I played rugby in college, I took a huge hit to the eye and scratched the cornea. There was no way I could play, and I was the type to play through just about anything. Daylon said today that it felt like an entire fist went into his eye socket
vbf How the hell do you game plan around stabbin ray...dudes a monster
teco a well placed sniper
vbf lol teco
Noodle tempting
ericthebrown get a narc officer to search his car?
dawnginatl you can't cover what you can't see
redright Dave, How do you go about breaking down a film? What procedures and what do you look for?
DavidCarducci Redright, I've picked up a lot from watching film with various NFL, college and high school coaches. THere have been times when I've had some limited access to the actual game film of the coaches, but for the most part I just re-watch the tape from TV over and over, looking for specific things, breaking down specific players, and usually trying to watch what other players away from the ball are doing on specific plays.
DavidCarducci I recently bought a DVD recorder, which allows me to ""tape"" the games onto a DVD, then play them on my laptop while I'm in Berea. It allows me to have instant access to review a play when I'm working on a story, and also it allows me to re-study a game while I'm on an airplane or in my hotel
redright Dave it would be very helpful to be able to breakdown a film and get more out of what is going on. I may run a tape as much as 5 or 6 times and never feel as if I get it all right.
DavidCarducci Thanks everyone. And redright, it is helpful. I wish the coaches tapes were available to fans and the media. I think it would help the understanding of the game. Try watching Jaworski and Hoge on Sunday morning. THey do a great job of breaking down actual coaches film and it really helps you to understand the intricacies of the game
vbf Dave, what is your guess as to the offensive game plan to neutralize Bouleware and stabber?
ericthebrown thanks dave
DavidCarducci Sure thing eric.
DavidCarducci Guys I'll leave you to George. Have a good night
ArtBtz Folks, welcome OL George Lilja!
teco Hey George!!
GeorgeLilja Go Browns!
dawnginatl hi George
ericthebrown hi george
ArtBtz Feel free to fire away at George. He spent time with the LA Rams, Browns, Jets and Dallas Cowboys from 81-89.
ArtBtz Did I get that right, George?
GeorgeLilja sure did!
ArtBtz George was also an All-American at Michigan, so speaking as a Buckeye I am required to say ""Booooooooooooooooooooo""!
ericthebrown george, any memories or games stand out from your time in cleveland and elsewhere
GeorgeLilja AFC Championship game vs. Broncos stands out
Boisedawg What are you doing nowadays, George?
GeorgeLilja I'm in Hudson, OH working for King's Medical Co.
redright George, Thanks for stopping by. How long does it take a guy to get comfortable with a new line?
GeorgeLilja It takes about a year or two to get used to things
GeorgeLilja ...but I've somehow managed to do it in a week
ArtBtz You still get to see any of your old teammates, George?
GeorgeLilja Absolutely!
GeorgeLilja the alumni club is alive and well!
GeorgeLilja ... golf charities, Brown's games, practices, etc.
ArtBtz One thing I have to ask you about...
ArtBtz ... you played for Tom Landry for two years in Dallas. He is an icon.
ArtBtz What was he like to play for?
GeorgeLilja he is a legend that i grew up watching as a kid
GeorgeLilja high integrity
GeorgeLilja master of the game.
GeorgeLilja he always was six plays ahead in the play calling
ArtBtz Could he still relate to the players when you were there?
GeorgeLilja good question... they still respected him...
GeorgeLilja although he held on to his superbowl players out of loyalty too long
Boisedawg I think he was treated poorly, the way he was shoved out the door.
teco that was a black eye for dallas and the nfl
GeorgeLilja for all he did for the NFL he was not treated with respect on his way out
ArtBtz Were you still around the Cowboys when he was replaced?
GeorgeLilja No, I had the privilege of being cut by landry ;0)
ArtBtz LOL
Boisedawg Jerry Jones has no class.
ArtBtz He's got no cheeks anymore, either.
Boisedawg Looks like Greta Van Sustern yecch
teco lol
ArtBtz Who was the nastiest DL you ever had to face?
GeorgeLilja Howie Long hoiked on the football before I had to snap a field goal
teco LOL
ArtBtz LOL!
teco what a hoot
teco what'd ya say to him?
GeorgeLilja I asked the ref to exchange the ball...
teco lol
GeorgeLilja he talks the whole game anyway
ArtBtz He could bring it, so I guess he could
WorthingtonDawg I personly miss the old stadium. What comes to your mind about it?
WorthingtonDawg lol
GeorgeLilja i would say the fans, but they're still there
GeorgeLilja my wife likes the new plumbing at the new stadium
WorthingtonDawg i bet
teco it seems as though management is trying to domesticate us
WorthingtonDawg well put teco
teco george who'd you run with on the browns?
GeorgeLilja Cody Risien, Ricky Bolden, Ozzie Newsome...
ArtBtz Any memories of OSU-Michigan games?
GeorgeLilja hundreds of memories: woody Hayes vs. Bo
GeorgeLilja hasn't been the same without them
ArtBtz Woody was considered a near-God in Columbus. How much did players interact with Bo?
GeorgeLilja he was like a father to many
GeorgeLilja he always remembered you after you left the game... a lot like Woody
ArtBtz Did he stay in contact with players after they left the University?
teco did Bo personally dislike woody?
GeorgeLilja We've had a reunion for Bo, and 396 players returned to toast him
ericthebrown My dad would tell me stories about woody pushing his car across the state line from the state up north because wouldn't buy gas there
teco wow
ArtBtz LOL... Michigan gas isn't any good.
GeorgeLilja when woody was fired, Bo spent three days at his house as a close friend
ArtBtz That's awesome.
teco too cool
teco George what do you think of our current OL?
GeorgeLilja I have seen them improve from game to game and I am excited to see the running game opening up
BrownsFEVA Opinion on coach tressel?
ArtBtz (Bows to the figure mentioned by Feva... hums Alma Mater)
GeorgeLilja Coach Tressel; I've always liked him
GeorgeLilja I've always respected him
BrownsFEVA Tressel is a God here in Youngstown Ohio!
GeorgeLilja he is a builder of character, and has found way to win with integrity
ArtBtz Tressel ""gets"" what it's like to be a Buckeye like Bruce and Cooper never did.
ArtBtz Any thoughts on William Green's challenges?
GeorgeLilja Hard to come in as a rookie, and make an immediate impact
ArtBtz Do you think the OL is giving him what he needs to be successful?
GeorgeLilja yes, he just needs more time to develop
ArtBtz You played in front of a lot of QBs... other than Bernie, any come to mind as a particularly good leader?
teco was Doug 'me hold' Deiken the character we heard in the locker room?
GeorgeLilja Doug was a big prankster
teco any thing special he pulled?
ArtBtz ... floor is open if there are any more questions for George...
GeorgeLilja Jeff Kemp and Tom Flick were really nice guys and good leaders
ericthebrown any pranks you can share?
GeorgeLilja Doug put a Christmas tree in his locker and he had Art Model's head as the angel's face on top
teco lol
GeorgeLilja I love these screen names!
GeorgeLilja You Browns' fans are the greatest!
ArtBtz Mine is a comment on your old boss, LOL.
ArtBtz Well, George, thanks for hanging out with us tonight... this has been great.
ericthebrown thanks george
GeorgeLilja Go Browns!
teco too cool to talk to you George
ArtBtz You said it man... STOMP THE RATBIRDS!!
GeorgeLilja See you at the stadium Sunday night!
ArtBtz Sounds good! THanks for swinging by!
teco come to the btng party before the game
GeorgeLilja Farewell, and woof woof woof!
BrownsFEVA ^5 dawgpaw! george

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