Fan Commentary: Absolutely Horrible

Jeff Biletnikoff of is among many tired of the same old script...

Season opener.
Biggest rival.
At home.
Are you kidding me?
The same old script.  Year after year.  Year after year.  Year after year.................
It gets tiresome.
Pittsburgh makes the plays and Cleveland doesn't. 
This should end the Charlie Frye experiment.  Too bad he can't even be trade bait now.  The Browns just have 2 QB's now. 
Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn are about all we have on the roster that resemble NFL quarterbacks. 
The Browns better think about getting Brady Quinn in sooner rather than later too. 
Romeo Crennel has the full support of the Browns front office?  They may rethink that stance if anymore eggs like this are laid.
In no phase of the game did the Browns do anything right.  Not on offense.  Not on defense.  Certainly not on special teams.
I strained to look for anyone or anything I could hang on my hat as a positive.  Did I miss something or we're their only about 2 or 3 guys making plays?  Wimbley, Peek and Winslow and that was about it.
Considering football is played by 22 guys, having only 3 making plays consistently was a.............
Well, you know what it was.
I'm going to start treating Cleveland games like I do before medical tests.  No food or drink 12 hours prior to the action.
Everyone associated with the Cleveland Browns should hang their heads in shame because it was yet another embarassing performance at home.
I know that I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired of this team.
Onto the Cincy game!  Let's hope they're not quite as pathetic as they were today.  I don't really see how they could be. 
Today just stunk.

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