Top Dawg: That Game... In Our House...

What does a player from some of the greatest Browns teams in the last forty years think of yesterday's effort...?

I can't tell you how disappointed I am in this football team and everything that happened Sunday. Here we are . . . a big, big game . . . we've got the season opener . . . we've got the Pittsburgh Steelers in OUR house. And we go out and lay a big egg. 

All we had to do was match the intensity that the Steelers had and we didn't do that. They came in here, slapped us in the mouth and we turned around and we ran and went home. For the Steelers to beat us, 34-7, in a home opener and win just one out of the last 14 games against them, it's totally disrespectful and a total letdown. 

How could something like this happen? That's what everyone is trying to figure out. We were outcoached, we were outplayed and we were beaten in all phases of the game. The thing that's really sad is the Steelers are coming in with a rookie head coach and they beat up on us the way they did. 

We gave up six sacks today with this offense. That's totally ridiculous.  Let's face it, Charlie Frye is not the answer. I thought he would be, but he's not. And there's a question mark now whether Derek Anderson is the answer. 

I would like to see us start with him next Sunday against Cincinnati and then go from there and try to get the kid Brady Quinn ready to go. How long would we would we have to wait before he starts? I would think that at least by the bye week if we can go that long without playing him. 

I'm just totally dejected, totally upset, totally hurt, totally let down because I was on record as saying we were going to win this game and there was no way the Steelers were going to come in here and beat us. We can't say we got punked, but that's what I want to say. That's what happened Sunday. 

I was looking in Romeo Crennel's eyes on the sideline after the game and I could see the hurt and disappointment in his face for this team.  

Offensively, Rob Chudzinski is supposed to be an offensive guru. He's supposed to show us the way on offense and he did nothing. I saw nothing to show that this team was going to be better on offense this year. 

Defensively, sure we played with a short field early on, but still we didn't play well on defense the rest of the day. We have to correct these things and we have to correct them right away. In these next three games, we've got two more teams in the division and Oakland. If we don't correct these problems, we could easily start this whole thing off 0-4.  

As an ex-player, this angers me because as you guys know, when you play the Steelers, you've got to be ready to go. This team wasn't ready. 

I had dinner with a bunch of Browns backers Saturday night. I told them, "We understand that we have the best Browns fans anywhere in the world. But let's face it, when we lost those championship games when I was playing back in the 1980s, the players were hurting because we let the Cleveland Browns fans down." 

That's what happened today. This team honestly let down an awful lot of Cleveland Browns fans. Myself included. 

I know this is the first game of the season and we have a long way to go. What this team has to do is win back the trust of the fans. The way you do that is going out and winning ball games. But after what we saw today, I don't know that there is any hope. It was a sad, sad day for Cleveland Browns fans. 

Now I'm not going to go as far as saying we need a new head coach. I'm going to give Romeo the benefit of the doubt right now. What he does is pretty much turn it over to his coordinators and they put in the game plan. So I'm not going to put it all on Romeo.  

How much rope I give him? A little. I don't think the answer at this stage is getting rid of the head coach. We've got a long, long season to go and I don't want to disrupt this team.  

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