Monday Report: Silence in Berea

After Sunday's disasterous start to the season, Browns head coach Romeo Crennel didn't make any commitments at the quarterback position on Monday. Here's Fred Greetham with the latest...

BEREA - Where do we go from here?

That has to be the question being talked about among top brass with the Browns behind closed doors after Sunday's season opening debacle with the Steelers where the Browns received a 34-7 thrashing.

Do they stay with Charlie Frye or Derek Anderson at quarterback?

Do they make the move to rookie Brady Quinn?

However, any news will have to wait as Romeo Crennel said he has yet to meet with the team. Crennel's press conference with the media is at noon and his team meeting is at 1 p.m. Before any questions could be asked, Crennel tried to head off any questions about the quarterback.

However, it sure sounds like a change is forthcoming.

"Since I haven't met with any of my players, I'm not going to announce if I'm making any personnel changes," Crennel said. "There is a plan, but I'm just not letting you guys know about it."

Crennel was asked if he thought Quinn was ready to step in.

"I said I'm not making personnel decisions today," he said. "I feel that I owe that to the players to let them know if there are personnel changes before I announce them."

Crennel doesn't meet with the media again until Wednesday, but leaks on any news could come from those within the organization.

If the Browns do change to Quinn, it would be reminiscent to switching from Ty Detmer to Tim Couch in 1999 after a 43-0 opening loss to the Steelers at home.

Crennel said he thought the defense did alright, but did not say the same thing about the offense.

"Offensively, we laid an egg," Crennel said. "We didn't get anything going until the second half, but it was too little, too late."

Could Crennel go back to Frye?

"With the way sometimes a player is struggling, the team might say the coach is not doing everything he can to win."

"I don't think he holds it against me for doing what I did."

"I'm not going to say that right now," Crennel said. "Any player might have a bad game. I'm going to see how he looks this week in practice. He's a football player. I don't think he holds it against me for doing what I did."

Has Frye lost his confidence after an outing with a 10 QB rating?

"Charlie always has confidence," Crennel said. "He doesn't show any lack of confidence."

What if there is a change at quarterback. Will that affect the offense?

"It wouldn't be that big of a deal because we're professionals," Braylon Edwards said. "We were hired to do a job, whoever is the starter."

Several of the players think the Browns can turn it around.

"I don't think it will be that hard," Jamal Lewis said. "We lost that one, but we'll see them again. It's just one week."

Edwards agreed.

"I know we're a much better team," Edwards said. "In the past, we might have said that but this year will believe it.

"We're over (the loss) and will move on."

Eric Steinbach will face his former team this week and thinks the Browns will bounce back.

"In my first years at Cincinnati I think we started at 0-4," Steinbach said. "We have to do our best to bounce back. When you're faced with adversity, that's when you usually turn it around. It happens all the time."


Zastudil Update: P Dave Zastudil was in the locker room and said he feels much better and is planning on punting this week.

"I feel a lot better," he said. "I won't kick today, but will Wednesday."

Crennel defended his decision to not bring in P Paul Ernster until Saturday.

"Dave Zastudil is one of the best punters in the NFL and I wanted to give him every opportunity to play," Crennel said. "I didn't just look in the telephone book and get the guy (Ernster). He was in town and Saturday morning Dave said he couldn't punt, so we signed (Ernster)."

Ernster fumbled the snap on the first punt which led to a 15-yard punt and the Steelers starting deep in Browns' territory.

"In my mind, the best move to make was to see if Zastudil would be ready," Crennel said.

"It just was unfortunate the ball went through his hands and it put us in a bad situation."

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