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Since the Browns laid an egg on Sunday, there have been discussions and machinations going on behind closed doors. Lane Adkins, John Taylor and Fred Greetham are monitoring it all and have been providing the inside scoop constantly in our Ask the Insiders forum. Here are highlights...

Funkydawg: Insiders, give up the scoop - no holding back. What is going on in Berea?  I sense that something big is going to happen, like a Romeo resignation or at the very least a QB announcement.  Whaddya know? Tell us everything!

Lane: The window is closing on Crennel, as we have been told. The embarrassment of this team underachieving has reached the point where the team musy improve and show progress, or the ties are going to be cut

John: If it wasn't before, the "Bill Cowher Watch" is officially on now.  There were some very pissed off people in Berea yesterday and into today, up to and including the owner himself. Let's just say that RAC should be thanking his lucky stars as he tucks himself into bed tonight.

Fred: If this 'runaway train' continues, they will make a move before the bye week. I would guess it would be Grantham and then a wait-and-see attitude for the rest of the season.

Robdawgie: Lerner's job is to run a business.  There are millions of fans ready to march up to Berea yielding torches and pitchforks and they'll take Lerner's head on a stake. Lerner's absolutely only hope to keep this fanbase interested and (partially) satisfied is to put in Quinn ASAP.  Is there any way that he can forcibly have Romeo play "the kid"? Aside from that, what are the odds that Quinn starts on Sunday?  I need to assess whether or not I'm going to make the four hour drive there and four hour drive back.

John Taylor: Is there any way that he can forcibly have Romeo play "the kid"?

Of course there is.  He can say "Romeo, Phil, play the kid."  He could do that.

But that's not how he operates.  He's not going to demand his football people play (name a player).  He's not Jerry Jones.

And you absolutely do not want an owner to force his staff to play "Player X" simply because that's what the fans want and demand.  An organization that bases on-the-field decisions on the whims of fans and media is doomed.

Now, whether or not to keep the current head coach, that's a different story.  At least if this season continues on its currently projected course.  Lerner could and would pull the "I'm the owner" card, regardless of what his front office people may think re: RAC.

Lane: And, the window is closing

Hoops: The Watercooler is full of reports that Dorsey is in Cleveland and Quinn is going to start on Sunday.  Fill me in, I am not in Cleveland and can't just find out for myself.

Lane Adkins: Dorsey is in Cleveland, that much we are certain. As to the plan, we are unsure, but I would not be surprised to see a change, as I have eluded to in numerous threads today.

John Taylor: Just got off the phone with someone extremely close to Dorsey.

As Lane said, he was indeed in Berea today.  Dorsey's agent is in talks with the Browns regarding a contract for his client, but a deal has yet to be officially signed.  However, sometime between now and this time tomorrow, he should ink a contract.

It's Dorsey's understanding that no QB will be cut right now.  It's also his understanding that the Browns are leaning heavily toward starting DA this Sunday, although that's not written in stone just yet.

Lane: Members of the team have been informed that a change was taking place, with it starting at QB.

Derek Anderson is the odds on starter this weekend, and no player has been excluded from seeing playing time.

Dorsey has been meeting today and has been involved in discussions regarding the overall state of the QB position. Also, Dorsey and Quinn are going to be involved in a brain-storming session, either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Mr. Lerner is extremely disappointed in the play of this team and changes must occur rather quickly, as patience is running very thin in Berea. 

Fred Greetham: Romeo didn't have a chance to talk with any of his players before his press conference to tell them of any changes. How convenient, since he doesn't talk with the media until Wed. Since he said he wouldn't announce any personnel changes to the press, it seems that he's going to make a change, but my guess is  that it will be that DA is going to start over Frye. Big News!

PennStation: If so does anyone get the feeling these guys are in the "here we go again" mode. I just wonder if RAC has ANY ability to motivate these guys at this point. They know he's toast, and unless Quinn steps in soon they know they will be crippled by the QB play every sunday. So basically the two biggest leadership spots on a football team the coach and QB are lame ducks. Can we even wait til the bye to make a change??? Can Lerner afford to alienate the fan base anymore??

Lane: Mr. Lerner gets the fan aspect, he really does and if things do not show significant progress in the upcoming couple weeks or so, expect something to change. While I have not been told anything specifically, I am expecting to see Quinn on the field, sooner, rather than later.

BryanB19: How much of the playbook does Brady know at this time?  I'd say 75% would be enough to overtake our so called #1 and #2.  I hope D.A. gets one, maybe 2 games so they can get Brady ready now.

Lane: As the media does not get the opportunity to view practice (unless stretching counts for something), we can only go with what we know and are told.

In the case of Quinn, I have been told by two players, which are going to remain unnamed for obvious reasons that they believe he is on par, if not ahead of the other two at the position.

When pressed to gain further insight, I was told that Quinn is a very strong communicator, he acts and handles himself professionally, and has a confidence about him. On the practice field, he throws a catchable ball, he has significantly improved the timing with receivers, and he is the most consistent of the QB's on the roster.

Going with this and what was viewed in the late stages of camp (and the following week), I find it rather baffling if the organization continues to feed us the line that he doesn't know enough to play.

Based on field presence, leadership qualities, and background, he appears ready to compete at this level. Now, the playbook is another issue, but I do not believe for one second he has not digested the plan sufficiently to play.

I would much rather hear the organization state, with the complexity of the new offensive system and the general inexperience in the scheme amongst the players, holding back Quinn a bit, we feel would be beneficial to the long-term success of the player, as the immediate improvement of the offensive unit in general continues.

.........Simply, we do not want to put him in a bad spot and get him mangled until we know what we have on the offenisve side of the ball and players know what they are supposed to do.

tochigi: I cringe at the thought of having to watch CF or DA again. Since Cincy defense is pretty suspect, wouldnt that be an ideal time to break him in? Could you rate the possibilities as to which is most likely vs Cincinnati?
a. start Quinn
b. Start DA and then let Quinn come in if DA (or CF) is in trouble?
c. Quinn is number 3 again?

Lane: If there was a good time to get Quinn some snaps, I would rather do it against the Bengals, rather than the Steelers, Ravens, and Raiders.

Based on the theory that he is indeed ready, I may be inclined to get him on the field, not necessarily to start him. I believe getting him some playing time is crucial for his development, as well as seeing where he is in the process, rather than some preseason work.

This week against a defense which has some issues, to get his feet wet may not be a bad thing.

But you have to be careful, as it is easy to divide or lose a locker room if the perception is the team is giving up the season, much like happened here with Tim Couch, when he started the second week of his rookie season.

Yipicya: Frye stunk up the joint Sunday. Anderson really didn't do much better. Why would they cut Frye who obviously played better than Anderson all throughout preseason after just a couple of series? Obviously whoever is merely marking time for BQ, but Anderson is really, really bad.  Worse even than Frye. I just don't get the reasoning?

Lane: I don't believe either is being released at this time. If one cannot be traded, I see the QB which has less to offer being eventually released/traded/injured......something other than being on the roster for the entire season. Though, I do believe Frye is the odd man out if something would to transpire at this immediate time. My feel is Anderson is going to get an opportunity to play Sunday, if he does not play well early, I see the coach pulling him and head in another direction. I really believe the patience has run out with this team and some of the problem areas on the roster.

PhillyBrown: Romeo made it clear today (despite his attempts otherwise) that there indeed are some roster moves that were decided this morning but he wanted to share them with the team before the press.  If his next presser is Wednesday, that gives all you Insiders 2 days to get someone in that building to leak what was decided. I'll give you a running start - Ernster has been cut :)


  • Ken Dorsey is returning.
  • The team is making some decisions at WR.
  • Belief is a DL'man has been contacted.

Now, we have not heard of anything transpiring with the QB's on the roster. There is some speculation that the team may make a move this week with Frye or Anderson, but a source tells us it may not happen this week.


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