Savage Explains Trade

One minute, he's a starting quarterback. The next: traded. Browns GM Phil Savage took the opportunity this afternoon to try to explain to the Cleveland media why Frye needed to be traded to the Seattle Seahawks...

Phil Savage met with the media Tuesday to explain the thought process involved in trading Charlie Frye to the Seahawks for a sixth-round draft choice, as well as re-signing Ken Dorsey.

"I felt if we didn't do something now we wouldn't maximize our value of all four quarterbacks," Savage said. "Rather than waiting four to five weeks, we did so now and received a sixth-round pick.

"Plus, we felt we would run the risk of losing Ken Dorsey as Seattle among other teams have had talks with him."

Savage indicated that Derek Anderson will be the starter.

"He does have a big arm," Savage said. "We can call any play in the play book and he can get the ball there. He does get rid of the ball quickly, which was intriguing to us."

Savage said Frye clearly won the competition in training camp and to have not allowed him to start the season would have been wrong.

"We had open competition in camp and Frye outplayed Derek in certain circumstances," he said. "Based on what they did, Charlie deserved the chance to start the first game."

Savage also said the moves don't change the ultimate goal of getting Brady Quinn ready to take over.

"This hasn't really changed our plan," Savage said. "I've said before we have two tracks going. One was with Frye and Anderson and the other with Quinn. We still have one guy (Anderson) on the other track as Quinn is developing."

Savage did say that Quinn is coming along, but still refused to name a timetable for him taking over.

"He's making a lot of progress," Savage said. "We feel good where he's at.

"However, training camp is important," he said. "He missed 16 practices and we don't think he's ready today. He's getting closer, whether that's two weeks, four weeks or six weeks or whatever."

"It didn't matter to me if (Frye and Anderson) rotated every week," Savage said. "The  most important thing to do is develop Brady Quinn and try to win now, as well."

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