Gameballs and Goats: Sorry, Charlie

Recently Browns refugee Charlie Frye finished at the top of Gameballs and Goats polling, but head coach Romeo Crennel shouldn't get too comfortable, as he ran a close second. Here are all the results and comments from Browns fans after the team's 34-7 loss...

The Week's Results: Fans voted in record numbers and the results weren't good for Charlie Frye and Romeo Crennel, both of whom seem to be slated for painful punishments by unhappy fans. Frye has already exited Cleveland, and if the fans see another performance like Sunday, Crennel may find himself hoping to be next. Beware of language in the goat comments. You've been warned.

Player Gameballs
Kellen Winslow 300
Antwan Peek 182
Kamerion Wimbley 142
Fans 116
D'Qwell Jackson 108
Brady Quinn 60
Lawrence Vickers 43

GAMEBALL WRITE-INS: The fans that had hope, Tony Rizzo, The poor Cleveland Brown Fans, Appalachian State, Leon Williams, "All the players that haven't mailed it in", Gene Hickerson (7), Me (2), Al P. who made the trip from Dayton, "Kellen when he is not being penalized or lining up out of position", "Anyone who did not watch the Losers on the Lake", "me, you & everyone else reading this...", Randy Learner, "I LOVE GRANTHAM, HE GOT ME FIRED UP, TOO BAD THE TEAM DIDNT RESPOND.", Sopcast, Todd Grantham, "the fans who deserve better",
ZigZag's avatar, Armed Forces Network, Orlando Pace, Bill Cowher, "Next year's GM & HC", "My neighbor's cheese dip", "No One gets a gameball for that putrescent mess of a football game", "the coin", "Appalachian State and Oregon!!", "Heineken - The only bright spot of the game.", Lloyd Carr, "Me for driving 6 hours to put up with that pathetic excuse for a team", "The fans for dealing with this", "Defense's Composure", Getting Punked by an OSU Buckeye, Capitalism!, "TV Audience for watching that garbage", "Fans at the stadium for watching this game", The Rain.


Player Goathorns
Charlie Frye 464
Romeo Crennel 342
Paul Ernster 135
Derek Anderson 99
Brodney Pool 88
Entire Offense 73
All Coaches 62

GOATHORN WRITE-INS:  "The fans that had hope", Hines Ward (2), Myself for watching, the entire team & coaches, Terry Pluto, "Crennel and Savage", "Randy Lerner (for hiring Crennel in the first place)", "Lawrence Vickers for thinking he can celebrate after getting embarrased like we did", Defensive backfield, Quinn's agent, Paul 'can't catch the ball' Ernster, This site!, Tom Condon, Phil Savage, The team that cut Ernster!, all those penalties, Entire Browns Organization, Carmen Policy, Tim Couch, Butch Davis, God/Fate/TheMan/etc., I could only pick 3!,
All quarterbacks, me, you & everyone else reading this..., GOD, Yinzer Fans, entire organization, Everyone, "General effort shown. Pathetic execution.", Entire Organization, "The Fans Who bought tickets and paid for an Ulcer!", "Add Savage to this list for not bringing in a decent veteran QB to hold the fort for Quinn.", Cleveland Browns Fans, Rip Scherer, Randy Lerner, penalties, "The entire team, coaching staff, and whom ever was responsible for bring in the punter", "Chris Collinsworth & Armed Forces Network", Tim Carter, Defensive line, "the whole team",
Ernest Byner, The Curse!, "Personnel decisions and gameday coaching", Bruce Arians, "Every Brown's player that appeared on the field.", "everyone but winslow...", "Hines 'tears running down my face' Ward", "pool,pool,pool,pool,pool", "Entire organization", "Entire Front Office/Ownership", QB accuracy, "Vickers Endzone dance down by 17", Art Modell, The "Terrible Towel" wannabees passed out at the gate, Mike Greenberg, Charlie Frye/Dave Zastudil, The Cleveland Browns, Me (3), My friend Greg who dropped $120 in lap dances on a stripper named "Raven", The Rooneys...
Gameball Comments
Fan Comments
trilobiterex I decided that Butler deserved one in spite of the fact that he was inactive. Also the same for Perry even thought he was cut.
skat007 Kellen Winslow so far exceeds everyone else on this offense in determination, heart, and talent that it makes me sad watching him get stuck playing with these POS quarterbacks. - Brady Quinn gets a gameball for giving us any hope for the future, because no one who was actually in the game was able to do so. - Dave Zastudil gets a gameball for having the common sense to keep his name from being involved in contributing to this train wreck. - Tony Rizzo gets a gameball as consolation since his season of dreams is now officially a season of nightmares (like all the rest since 1999).
dogguitars The fans, man how do we do it?
dirtydave98 When you get embarrassed again by p-burgh at home there are NO GAMEBALLS!!!
griz13 Well. Kellen almost played well. Stay strong, boys and girls.
fishman Wimbley: the most constant force on the D period!!
Winslow: Our #! offensive weapon. Think what he could have had If the Qb's could get him the ball today.
ffas23 Gave Brady Quinn a gameball since he didn't even get a chance to play.
anthonyd Adrian Peterson! Did you see that run? Oh that right he's not on the team. At least we can look for a running back with our first round pick next year. Oh that's right we don't have one.
mulekicker3 The defense looked good, at least for a half anyways.
james_t_h Not much to choose from. At least two came to play.
buckeyeindenver Only us fans who have to watch this crap and Jim and Doug on the radio who have to broadcast it deserve game balls for this debacle.
cawahoo I loved watching Grantham lay into the Offense on the sideline......
dawgwell PUKE
bendal I gave KW2 and Vickers gameballs because they were the only two that acted like they wanted to play.
houndfromhell This team is frightened of the Pittsburg Steelers
dawgdc Antwan was everywhere today and plus he absolutely crushed Big got to love that. KW2 has so much heart and desire that I wish our starting QB's had the same amount. Vickers in limited action did good, plus he scored on a touchdown catch. Leon just needs more playing time because he's all over the place.
naxos Brady Quinn for giving my hope for better things and K2 for at least showing up to play.
usmcbuck10 We have been putting up with the same old crap since 1999. We have been promised things would change. Every year it looks the same.
brownsva KW2 and Cribbs had good games in a bad loss.
ohiostyle It could have been a shutout...
dazedawg Gameballs? Seriously?
sincitydawg The FANS for suffering through this crap. Winslow for his plays and the lesson to Vickers over dancing.
dp10451 For the only Browns player that was worth a crap on that field today. We love ya Gene.
czar2 No Cleveland Browns player deserves a game ball. No Cleveland Browns coach deserves a game ball. Gameballs to the Cleveland Browns fans for enduring such a shameful and embarrassing misrepresentation of a football team
bigdaddy78 Why me? Because I sat through this SH*T! Because I knew it would be this bad.
tradermike I watched this crap all the way thru. I deserve the gameball!
modellshemorrhoids Shitsburgh Steelers coach for not laughing his ass off (at least in public).
slapster No one but the radio announcers
narpig The only one deserving a game ball would be the fans for supporting this team since the return.
ryan78 I'm picking the Fans, the radio announcers and Brady because we all had to watch that pathetic crap on the field!
phelix17 no gameballs for these losers.
cbfan2929431 That fans bother to show up is amazing.
plumpgrizzlybear Andra Davis because he actually played at of behind the line of scrimmage a lot today.

Leigh Bodden because I don't remember hearing his name much and that is a good thing at the CB position.

Sean Jones for the the only good fight I saw out of the Browns.
theyankeekiller Winslow for having good hands.
Peek for being aggressive.
Pontbriand for perfect snaps no matter how badly the rest of the team is playing.
thewuck Rich Gannon was the 2nd best QB on TV today.
ccclay57 I'm speechless!!!!
keith322 The defense is improving.
lynxis Gave the officiating crew a gameball for catching 4 fouls on one punt.... that's pretty impressive
vadawglb No One!!!!!!!!!!!!! Voted for the o line due to the fact our pitiful quarterbacks had time to make stupid mistakes. Last year they were killed .5 seconds after the play started.
osuprof No gameballs.
scarletngraydawg Radio announcers - they didn't get too upset after this terrible showing.
Officiating Crew - Catching 4 different penalties on the same play.
jwalmz Winslow dropped a couple balls, but he was the only doing anything at all.
Quinn needs to play, period.
The Fans- for putting up with this "team"
bomeister A few players showed up esp. Peek, what a find as a FA, was disappointed no Wimbley standout plays, I think they focused on him and neutralized him. KW2 is a warrior and showed it, took 4 guys to bring him down on that mid-field reception.
topdawg21 There really needs to be any gameball's given out after this performance.
iupuiguy82 These guys gave it there all and didn't get any form of reward out of it...
jimmiller Fans for not leaving earlier. How many more years of this? I seriously want to throw up.
mmdoggie There are no gameballs for total embarrassment
cbdawger7 Peek looked pretty good today...I was pleased with the O-line for the most part, didn't give up too much that an NFL QB would need. Problem for the Browns is that we didn't start an NFL QB against the Steelers. Olineman can't fend off defenders all day. My mom is half blind and still saw the pre-read blitz signals that got Charlie a few times, yet failed to get rid of the ball quickly. Last gameball to Crennel for not losing a challenge in the second half of the game.
losangelesdawg My only gameball was to the fans that stuck it out till the second half
floucka Kellen had some nice catches but had his head in his rear end a few times as well. The LB's for the most part look good. It will be an even longer year if the CB's don't work out like we thought they would.
timbittner317 Cribbs did a pretty good job when he was able to make his returns. He's got more guts and pride than the two yo-yo's playing QB. Maybe he should be the starting QB until "almighty" Romeo realizes that Brady needs to play. (He couldn't do any worse).
K2 stepped up his game, except for the 2 penalties it was a type of a game I expect from him.
Wimbley...what can I say, that dude is awesome. He showed fire through the whole game. It's amazing that he didn't cause any turnovers.
Now only if the rest of the team had Cribbs', K2's, and Kamerion's desire to succeed.
browns49 The fans get a game ball for putting up with this crap.
adamkilgore for putting up with this b.s.
kirkner What a complete and utter joke this once proud franchise has become. Little did we know at the time ('95) that the Model years would be the Glory days of this franchise when compared to this mess since '99
nprdawg Winslow gets maybe a gameball because he was about the only one who didn't want to pack it in early. This team lets a mistake take them down too easily they do not have the right frame of mind...
topdawg29 Give one to Wright. He did admirably being it was his first game AND against the Stools.

Give the other to K2 for setting Vickers strait during his "celebration".
hardy921 fans for staying as long as they did.
brownbill not much to like
fladawg1 The best were for hits on the Squeelers, Peek nailed Roethlisberger on one play and caused him pain and anguish. The best hit was when Winslow took out the safety #22 I believe, this was definitely pain and anguish to the Squeelers. Brady looked did a good job holding down the clipboard. (probably glad he didn't get thrown into the thrashing D of the Squeelers)
tomahawkdawg DQ - Led the team in tackles.
KWII - Physical, leader. 'Nuff said.
Fans - Even with this crap product, we still root.
Sopcast - This thing rules. I can watch the Browns get smoked in Japan.
rogern No Gameballs Whatever!!!!!!
atldawg725 He had the good fortune to be released before this debacle.
owlnawndow A game ball for the fans who have to put up with this crap game after game, year after year and still keep coming back.
chezdawg99 Best moment of the game was when the crowd gave Gene a standing ovation.
rutger No one deserves a game ball after today. If half these guys actually worked for a living they be fired after today, including our head coach and a few of his assistants.
dp10451 For the only Browns player that was worth a crap on that field today. We love ya Gene.
stonecolddawg I gave gameballs to the only ones on this list that give a damn about this team. stonecolddawg
salemdog It's a sad commentary when the long snapper is the strong point of your day.
shrooney Fans for putting up w/that crap. KWII for at least looking like he cared and was a pro-player
sactribe The beer vendors. You know they worked their tails off with fans who wanted to drown that game out
dawghowl Kellen Winslow gets the only gameball for actually playing hard and showing some intensity out there.
muskiebuck I have grown to love K2's game. he plays hard, with enthusiasm and competes.
koesters only the fans that have put up with this fiasco.
28stops85 Get the ball to K2. He's our only playmaker.
tomtrojan Pontbriand sure had some nice snaps...too bad that was our only brite spot in the game
dawglbnut Kellen Winslow, 'nuff said! Antwan Peek simply plays defense and brings it all day. Lawrence Vickers on the receiving end of the Kellen Winslow-led bright spot of the day!
1greatscott Nice halftime ceremony for him!
agent34 I loved how Todd got crazy after a couple of defensive stands... Would love to see some energy like that all over the field and coaching staff
schehlk The LB Corps and at times the D line showed positive strides, however the back field which was supposed to be the Browns positive got burnt for big plays. Jackson and Davis looked fast and all over the field.
mcdawg1 I had to work hard to find 3 gameballs.
hatchccc Ryan Pontbriand for being the best player on the field for the browns.

Brady Quinn for not pulling a Tonya Harding to get into the game.

AFN for showing the Patriots/Jets so that i didn't have to watch the the severe beating of my beloved Browns here in Iraq.
number1brownsfan Besides Brodney Pool, the entire defense did a lot better. Too bad the had to spend most of the time on the field, as usual.

Winslow should be in the Pro Bowl this year, and Wimbley and Peek continue to impress.
mtsames Nobody gets a gameball this team is a bunch of overpaid losers starting with the head coach down to punter and then to the waterboy what a disgrace.
tankdog3 Defense will be fine
usblues19 Fans - for staying as long as they did.
eezer Winslow tries harder and cares more than any other two players combined. Hopefully he will not stop or nobody on this team will care..
clarenceweathers Adams made a nice ST tackle.
Vickers converted on short-yardage a few times.
Joey J played consistently and has to put up with all this crap!
dixiedawg Wimbley and Winslow are NFL football players.
jdavis NO ONE DESERVES ANY GAMEBALLS FOR THIS EMBARASSING DEBACLE. It isn't even worth my time to comment any further.
muskiedawg01 At least D'Qwell and Peek came to play on defense, and Kellen provided a spark when possible on offense.
drmemory Oh hell, I'm willing to give Brady Quinn half a game ball for being able to hold the clipboard for the entire game without vomiting his guts out at the site of that mess on the field.
apvic only Winslow deserves anything...
topdawg29 Late addition. Gameball to RAC's flipping coin.
deathbyeagle LEFT BLANK
gtroop This was tough, coming up with three!
At least Grantham looked like he cared.
clevelandbulldogs kellen is my only one, for the nice block
runner27 Brady Quinn gets one for holding the clipboard so well. Derek Anderson gets one for throwing a TD and not letting it be a shut out. The defense gets one for holding them to 34 points. At least it wasn't 41 again.
syphard Brady Quinn gets the gameball because I know he will not go down without a fight, he lost some games at Notre Dame with inferior talent but they didn't quit. Get hooked up with Winslow and lead this offense into the promised land. It seems to me that Steinbach or Fraley need to kick the shit out of the rest of the offensive line.
tommybo They knew better than to play...Baxter for trying so hard to come back to this!
playbrowns The fans knew the game started at one today, the players did not.

Winslow cares, and right now that's good enough for me.

Lloyd Carr provided some of my only football pleasure of the weekend, and I thank him for that.
tpostdawg I gave Cribbs a game ball for effort but

Peek and KWII wroked their asses off with no reward insight.
juneaubrown obviously we are the only ones who care... no one on the team deserves a damn ball.
krunch11 1) Fans...for putting up with this BS.
2) Pontbriand for hitting the punter in the hands like he's supposed to!!
3) Peek, because it was hard to find anyone else. He played reasonably solid.
godzilla No player really deserves a gameball, but at least Winslow and Jackson played hard. Fans really deserve it more than anyone for putting up with this team
grouse foe the few that produced - congratulations!!!!!!
djw333 Only people who didn't take the field yesterday deserve a gameball.
zkramp Kudos for the defense for not kicking the offenses ass. Fumbled punt, interception, fumble....boooooooooooooooooooo
vintage1974 Gameballs? All players and coaches deserve to be kicked in the Balls after that rats#*t performance. The fans and Announcers get all my gameballs, we were the only ones who showed up for the game. The poor announcers had to repeat the swill they saw go in their eyes instead of sitting there and shaking their heads like the rest of us.
kennethvasek None this is already as bad as last year.
berto Let the gameballs for Quinn begin!
chowdogg Hickerson for being at the game...Go Browns
braddawg99 No one deserves anything for this... Might I mention they gave 25% off a shirt they marked up to $30 for this game that was just $20 two weeks ago. I kid you not, so glad you're a fan, how may screw you?
bsuhands88 K2 is the only player who consistently plays like an NFL player week in and week out
chris Fans for watching this without vomiting on themselves, friends and family members
KW2 and Grantham for at least looking like they cared.
dbruns97 For putting up with this Bulls--t!
rabiddawg19 These guys were the only two who knew a game was going on Sunday.

If the rain didn't come, I would have stayed to watch the rest of that train wreck. Thank you rain, for saving what little sanity i had left.
redright A Gameball for the Fans and two for those who left at halftime and three for those who swore they wouldn't return until the Browns fielded a team led by an honest to goodness coach
dawgedue Mike Adams had a nice special teams hit. Perry gets a gameball for managing to get cut right before kickoff, and thus avoiding putting his name on this. Quinn gets a gameball just because.
docramos Defensively wasn't as bad as the score indicated if not for several turnovers by the offense deep in Browns territory
chas dawg My picks go to the defense, specifically LBers who at least at some point laid the wood to a Steeler. Peek looked great rushing the passer, Williams had a huge stick and D'Q had a couple of tackles for no gain or a loss (from my seat).
clevelandcraig The only person who deserves on is Grantham, he was the only person I saw that gave a sh!t
gbeachy50310 NOBODY deserves a game ball for this loss.
snagdawg I appreciate Sean Jones aggressiveness and for not backing down to the Steelers lineman.

Winslow is a stud. Nuf said
mdr Winslow and Wimbley - two of the few who seemed like they wanted to play.

Thomas for doing a pretty good job for a rookie. He's only gonna get better.
willy15 It seems Kamerion Wimbley always shows up with his A Game.
jmiller40 Big "O" for a quality game.
Eric Wright for playing hard and staying absolutely positive.
Antwan Peek, for living up to expectations.



Fan Comments
jackone Everyone with Orange helmet and brown jersey
tall66man For the sorry state of talent assessed that taxes us the fans for the lack of talent on the field and for them enduring all the plays made as opposed to the plays our talend can NOT make.
appraiser Pitiful offense! No heart, again.
trilobiterex Lerner should seriously consider refunding all the cash that people invested for that one game. What a joke. I was watching the reflection of the first half in a mirror, 71-0 didn't seem so bad in retrospect.
skat007 Way to kick us off for this year, Charlie. You are the leader of this team, and they certainly followed your lead today. - O line, all that improvement everyone was talking about...sorry, wrong number. - The sooner the Browns acknowledge the gigantic, huge, enormous, ridiculous mistake they made hiring Romeo Crennel, the sooner this team can move on and move up. - Hines Ward, the perennial dirtiest player in the league award winner, strikes again with his "hard play," aka Dirty Steeler Cheating Bullcrap.
dogguitars You need to add a choice, "Entire Organization"
avicennasis Simply not prepared to play. Got manhandles in the trenches. What's new....
bigorangeshoes A total effort in suckitude.
zigzag420 You guys got F-ing rolled, in the first game of the year, against Pittsburgh. Shame on you. For shame.
dirtydave98 Pluto write another story about Frye being the starter and we'll break your fingers! The QB play drug down the whole offense and then wore down the D. Way to start the season off with a bang! We need Quinn to win!
griz13 I can't believe what I just witnessed. In a bad way.
fishman RAC: Anyone who thinks Charlie is a prepared QB.

Frye: No improvement over last year! When will they realize that neither Frye or Anderson is the answer?
jimdetwiler "Frye gives us the best chance to win", good one Romeo.
brownsbacker This team hasn't looked improved one bit.

mulekicker3 I've never seen a QB that likes taking sacks more than Frye. I honestly thought he was a little better than that.
bboise Tired of the charade!!! We are not just getting beat but getting embarrassed. Please get a real head coach in here {Marty} and salvage some of the season with a team that plays with some enthusiasm and preparation.
james_t_h Three years on the job and this team is still terrible.
buckeyeindenver An absolutely pathetic display all the way around. The offense was horrendous, the defense continues to give up big plays, and Paul Ernster better not have unpacked those suitcases. Add in the non-stop penalties and you've got enough of a disaster to drive away the most die hard Browns fans.

And a special "dirtiest player in the NFL" gameball to Hines Ward. What the hell does this guy have to do to get suspended? His hit on Daven Holley would have been a cheap shot if he did it during a play. After the play was over should be grounds for sitting for a week. And he has the classless gall to celebrate after laying somebody out and giving him a concussion. As bad as the Browns are, the fact that the Steelers have players like Ward makes me glad I'm not a Pittsburgh fan.
cawahoo I voted Frye twice because after always giving him support he proved today he isn't worthy of running a NFL team....
dawgwell puke
bobbyflats The crowd should have rioted and burned the stadium to the ground.
bendal Crennel and Frye get their own personal goathorns, but the rest of the team gets one in general due to them playing like they were asleep all game.
houndfromhell This is the worst effort since the return, Please leave again so we can start over and get players that aren't such cowards.
dawgdc RAC for starting Frye...Frye for going 3 and out and then letting Ernster punt and dropping the ball (great pick-up, Phil) Frye for looking like the MAC QB he will always be. Tim Carter can't catch a cold and we know he can't catch a football
naxos Frye of course but Romeo deserves this biggest goat for making promises
brownsva Frye and Anderson - did you see the game!

Can't anyone get the alignment fixed on messages so you can see the entire post. The right side is cut off. See post about this yesterday!
ohiostyle Turnovers...
dazedawg Tom Condon for not getting Quinn in camp sooner.
sincitydawg This was the worst performance I have ever seen. I was embarrassed to be a fan of that dreck. Romeo must Go. Charlie must be cut. Randy pay attention to us instead of the soccer team please.
dp10451 The entire offense looked bad to me. The coaches had the whole offseason to prepare for this game and still didn't get the job done. And finally for the fans that didn't eat up all the tickets in order to keep all that black and yellow out of the stadium seats. Shame on you!
brownnoser Charlie Frye's parents for reproducing
czar2 Goathorns to the person masquerading as a head coach. Big Bad Mo Carthon is gone; now is the time for Rumblin'-stumblin' Ro-ro to hit the bricks. Outside the shadow of Belichick, what has Crennel done to deserve any defensive credentials? DGA
gentlemanjim Goathorns to Savage and Crennel for letting the Browns QB situation fester until gangrene developed. As an NFL player, Tim Carter is very fast, and he stinks (72 catches in FIVE years?).
beldarconehead If management doesn't see that Quinn has to start, AND SHOULD HAVE STARTED, I'm done watching the Browns.
29turner Romeo deserves to be fired if he can't fire up the team for this game!
bigdaddy78 This team from top to bottom blows. If you base a knowledge of football on results, this team is the worst team in the NFL, bar none.
johnnymac1969 Worst game ever!
tradermike The people running this team have no organization, no discipline, and no urgency. There is absolutely no reason the team is this awful after three years of so called "building". We have been patient but enough is enough.
johnnymac1969 Worst game ever!
modellshemorrhoids I think this proves Charlie is done . . .
yardman9 Absolutely no game prep., no motivation, no ideas.
jdailey23 Crennel has to go, Frye has to go, and Brady should seriously be considered to start next week!
narpig Shame on you for not preparing this team.
indybones This team was totally unprepared to play. Crennel has to go.
phelix17 Romeo must go.
plumpgrizzlybear Chud....Actually this may not be all that fair. I didn't see a play run until Derek Anderson came in.

Frye. Throw the damn ball. Trying to be a hero when all he had to do was not be the goat.

Brady Quinn for laughing so hard in the first quarter that his writing on the clipboard is not readable.
theyankeekiller Offense for not being ready.
Crennel for not having the team ready.
Frye for making bad decisions.
thewuck If your punter is hurt, you find another one early enough in the week to practice. Not to mention the idiotic QB shuffle in the preseason, which appears to have resolved nothing.
dawglberbarb hurry up, Brady
ganjamandawg Robaire where you at? I've never overreacted before but fat Ass and his lack of fire and leadership has got to go............... and that means now !
keith322 The QB's, Wide Receivers , Safeties, and Kevin Shaffer played poorly. Vickers celebration after touchdown was classless. He obviously isn't a team player. Crennel should have played Quinn after Anderson continued to play poorly. Our Browns glass is half empty.
lynxis The only person who didn't deserve a goat today was Kellen, and he even dropped a couple.

Wont matter much though... as much of a fiery competitor and player he is, he wont be able to stand this much longer and will be gone soon.
vadawglb This organization has had enough time to field a more competitive team.

The defense needs to go back to the basics and learn how to wrap up when tackling!!!!

This punter needs to concentrate and hang on to the ball that gave the Steelers momentum and took the air out of the Browns already. It looked like here we go again on the sidelines.
friskey Charlie, buy a wig and a fake beard if you plan to go out.
osuprof The goats are the fans!
dietzel316 Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2007 Cleveland Browns!
jwalmz What a joke of a team. I am disgusted.
bomeister We have talent one can only think it is the coaching and I doubt it is the new guy (Chud); Put a fork in him, I think Romeo is just about done in Cleveland
topdawg21 Quinn or you don't win
fanofbrwns QB play stunk! Special team play stunk! Steelers telegraphed the plays they were going to run yet the defense played flat-footed, they stunk! No comment on the offense, just flip a coin to guess if they stunk!
lsluggers Marty S. should have been flying to Cleveland during the first quarter to replace Romeo, this game as an embarrassment
iupuiguy82 Once again these three men seemingly made us lose the game....
brianpw We kept Charlie Frye and Derek Anderson instead of Ken Dorsey because... ??
mmdoggie Frye because he is not a starting QB in the NFL. He has proved that time and and again. Phil Savage drafted him. I question Phil's skills at this point.
cbdawger7 Crennel is utterly and completely clueless. Unless ALL of our players are so horrible they shouldn't have made a division I roster, you can't blame their play on individual effort. I think we have more drops than catches today...what receiver that actually played didn't drop a pass? QB's are horrible; 4 penalties on ONE play??? 2 challenges and lost both to put him for a career at 1/50 on challenges won. The Browns commit stupid penalties All the time. This team is really just out of control....and that starts at the top - the coach. Pool was burned for at least one touchdown but seems like there was another one he was involved in as well.
losangelesdawg It's hard to admit that we are really that bad...I'd can Crennel tonite and hope for the best.
floucka There were few who were immune from the 'Horns this week. On paper this team looks to be improved in a few areas. On the field it was just the same old sad result. I'm not asking for much, just a team that at least appears to be giving some effort.
rollred2000 Romeo, Romeo, Wherefore art thou Genuis Romeo? I see that both Genuises form the New England Patriots are doing well. Charlie in Notre Dame and Romeo in Cleveland. The countdown to the change begins.
timbittner317 Charlie needs to find out whole stole his stones. He looked more scared out there today than I'd ever seen him play. After his INT he was AFRAID to throw the ball. What kind of NFL QB is afraid to throw the ball?
Shaffer needs to cut now! If we go through 16 games w/ him at RT we'll need a few more QB's.
Romeo is in his third season and still doesn't know how to prepare a team. How could they be so unprepared? What "NFL" team switches their QBs in the 2nd qtr? I don't care how bad a team is. Talk about setting the wrong example right from the start of the season. This just says in bold capital letters that he doesn't have a clue how to get this team to win.
If I had a 4th vote it'd go to the refs. They were horrible. I can't imagine what dumba--s they looked like on TV, it was bad enough in person.
browns49 The Charlie Fry experiment is officially over.
adamkilgore for putting up with this b.s.
namethat This team is an embarrassment. The commentators that have been trashing the team all pre season have been 100% correct, Dallas will have a top 3 pick next year.
grinquisit Good news: Romeo is on the hot seat. The sooner he leaves the better. We will never go anywhere with his arms-folded-leadership anyway. Give Grantham the nod ASAP.

Savage and Lerner: You wanted to get ahead by trading next year's choice for Quinn. Why didn't you get ahead by firing Romeo in the off-season? Now we will waste a few more games under his inept leadership.
thackattack67 Hey! Vickers nice dance when your down by 21 pts.
nprdawg Romeo gets the horn cause he is in charge of this mess. Chud because he abandoned the run way too quickly and Frye because he looks like he has NOT learned a thing since last year.
topdawg29 The entire staff. Total abomination. Someone needs to be held accountable.
brownbill Disgusting!!!!!
dougmore The entire organization deserves Goathorns. I have to endure another week of public humiliation in Steelers country.
fladawg1 RAC just can't seem to motivate this team, maybe he just isn't what this club needs in a mild mannered sense, they need someone to raise some hell and not put up with this BS anymore! The Offense gets it for too many mistakes, not just Frye, though he caused his own misery on several occasions, but he can't be responsible for stupid penalties and dropped passes that hit hands. Our secondary needs to get it together, they looked lost on several plays that resulted in TDs.
tomahawkdawg Romeo - ...oh Romeo, where are thou? Wake up...take advantage of the 2 weeks you have left as coach.
Charlie - I am burning your jersey today. Way to hold on to the ball for 10 seconds every down.
Randy - How's your soccer team doing? Your football team sucks. Wanna sell to the general population? Cheap?
Yinzer Fans - Super Bowl, huh? Not so fast my friend. We suck.
ronfel I included Brady Quinn for a goat. If he hadn't held out and reported to begin camp he would be starting now.
owlnawndow One for Romeo, even though he deserves a million. One for Frye for running around for half an hour on one play and getting sacked and one for Vickers for dancing after he caught that touchdown pass from Anderson. Yeah, dance Vickers--that really made the day for us, superstar. When we get a real coach? I've never seen a pro team come out as unprepared as this team. Pathetic.
otto1946 the new punter who should be killed
rutger Romeo gets the first biggest goat for this un-acceptable performance by his team once again in a game against a division rival. Correction.. These games don't count as rivalries anymore. A rivalry is when you actually compete against an opponent that you play annually and Romeo's teams don't compete against anyone in our division. And on opening day??? You have to be kidding me!!!

Vickers gets the second goat for celebrating scoring a TD with HIS team still down 24-7. Romeo should have benched him and so he (Romeo), gets the third goat for not jumping all over him for that.

I haven't been this disappointed and pissed off after a Browns lose in a long time. Somebody better fix this and NOW!!!
dp10451 The entire offense looked bad to me. The coaches had the whole offseason to prepare for this game and still didn't get the job done. And finally for the fans that didn't eat up all the tickets in order to keep all that black and yellow out of the stadium seats. Shame on you!
kither I don't think I need to elaborate any further.
salemdog So many goats. So little time.
shrooney That was pathetic! Embarrassing. If that was Savage's idea of a competitive ball club....
sactribe Frye/Anderson
dawghowl The entire team excluding Winslow deserves a goat. They played soft, and didn't act like they even wanted to be on the field playing today. Just sickening to watch this game. The coaching was terrible as well, Crennel just sits on the sideline like he doesn't have a clue what to do. The only coach that shows any emotion is Grantham, fire Crennel and let Grantham take over for the rest of the season
clyde3 punter
muskiebuck Frye hasn't learned a damn thing from his rookie s season. Still breaks from the pocket too soon, doesn't throw the ball away, throws poorly and has a questionable arm and in general doesn't seem to have a feel for how the play develops. he is done, his goose is cooked, el finito, over, histoire, finished-do you get the picture? If he were cut tomorrow, who would want to pick him up-be honest, now.

Crennel is a plodder who might have been a good defensive coordinator but who is overwhelmed by his job. Lacks the intellect and energy level as well as the innovation and motivation skills to get the job done. I would say fire hids sorry ass now, except that it might do more harm-early in the season-than good.
koesters Any paid member of the Cleveland Browns organization.
tradition est 1946 Time to turn the corner. Let Quinn learn now, as he is much more adapt at recognizing then those other 2 pretenders ! In addition it very well may bring some life into this comatose team !
dayton44 Romeo, RAC, Crennel. You are the one and only goat because you're like a sin eater...(yeah that's it)....soaking up the sins of the team because all begins and ends with you. From the way you mishandled the QB situation in camp to the way you did not prepare your team for Pittsburgh. If only you would have known the opening game was against the Steelers 6 months ago. Oh you knew? You suck.
tree These guys were just pathetic. This team was in no way shape of form prepared for this game. That falls squarely on the shoulders of the coaches. Quinn may now have to be rushed into service to save RAC's rearend from getting canned. Kind of a paradox. Most want him gone, but if he plays Quinn, will he stay? Decisions......Decisions.
28stops85 Yowzas! We stink! Only 3 goathorns to pass out? Where should I start?
alohadog UUGGHHH!!!
dixiedawgg For putting up for this with blind fanatical faith (myself included).
repol Cribbs for predicting a win
goofboy Fans - we are idiots for caring and deserve the B'Slap for wanting to believe every year...

Phil - the QB mess is all on Phil and...

Romeo - man up and tell Phil these QBs just suck, can turn poo into - well you know...or you actually believed they were good in which case don't let the door hit you in the a** on the way out of town.
javorskyou Absolute pathetic game preparation by our head coach staff. To this fan, I am inspired more inspired by rotting fish guts than his leadership of this team. Whether or not he has team players' or management's confidence, he has lost mine. He deserves one of Bobby Ross's (Detroit Lion coach) one-way ticket out of Cleveland with his sidekick Charlie.
tomtrojan did anybody even look like they deserve to be playing professional football?
dawglbnut Goodbye Charlie, your a QB! Throw the damn ball! Goodbye, Romeo! Way to motivate your players to thrash the Steelers. So this is what pre-season is all about! Paul Ernster, your job is to catch and kick! That's it. Nice job!
rim82nd How does Scherer still have a job?
dawgbown Sell the team, Randy, ownership by proxy will never work in this league.
schehlk Wow, I thought I was watching a re-run of the 1999 season opener and it was painful. Why do I put myself through it year in and year out? This team is loaded with talent, so what's the problem (coaching, a curse, or players attitudes)? I was actually embarrassed for the players. I think it'd be easier to name the gameballs (Jackson, Peek, Wimbley, Davis, Winslow) everyone else gets GOATHORNS. I'm still in shock at how badly the team sucked. I can't even imagine what next week will be like when the Browns face a high powered offense.
mcdawg1 I wish I had more than just 3 votes for the goats.
hatchccc Collinsworth for his annoying voice and constant bashing of the Browns on the postgame show.
ashvilledawg If there is any Idea your starting punter may be out, get somebody in for practice!!!!!!!!!! Benching Frye was too little, too late. If the team is going to play that badly, Start Quinn and get him experience. He certainly can't be any worse, maybe he has that spark they need.
number1brownsfan Both starting QB sucked really bad, but at least DA move the team.

I have a feeling Brodney Pool is our weakest link on defense. Hopefully Gary Baxter can come in and fix that problem.

Tim Carter should be off this team. What good is having WRs with speed, if they can't catch the ball?
brownsfanmn13 Rome must Go. Third year of a team that cannot compete with our biggest rival. No heart on the field. A defense that looks like it is a man short in run defense situations. I have NEVER seen a worse display of football in my entire life.

Where did we get that punter?? I should give them a call, I couldn't do any worse than him.
mtsames I hope the owner blows his stack and cleans house .
tankdog3 No chance to win with Frye or Anderson. Play Quinn and let him get his rookie mistakes behind him
eezer Quinn should have started, but he held out. This is half his fault and Romeo for not being tough. Charlie Frye should be deported. What a stupid move to keep him and let Ken Dorsey go.
dichroic It's hard for me to say because I have always pulled for Frye but the organization should cut him. The experiment is over. Maybe he can land somewhere else and have a decent career, but he has no chance here. While they are at it they should fire Crennel. This type of loss has become too typical.
dixiedawg It's too easy to give goathorns to everyone. Frye, Poole and Jones sucked more than most.
jdavis Vickers should be ashamed of himself, dancing after a touchdown when the team is getting their pants pulled down; Frye is an embarrassment to the QB position; RAC for not having his players ready and for making the boneheaded decision to start Frye in the first place. I hope he gets fired mid-season.
muskiedawg01 Not much to say today. We were outplayed, outperformed, outcoached, and outclassed.
drmemory I've watched football for going on 20 years now...and I've never seen such a display of lackadaisical uninspired play as I did yesterday. This is even worse than the Christmas Eve fiasco of two years ago or the first loss of the new team to the Squeelers in 99 since there's presumably much more talent on this year's team. Crennel needs to be fired immediately, Phil Savage should hang his head in shame and head back to Opieville Alabama and Randy should just sell the team back to the Modell family. Sure, Uncle Artie and Davie are both idiots...but at least they cared.
apvic this is the same old bullsh*t...
Frye holding the ball too damn long & looking totally lost....
Anderson does just as many good as bad things...
And we cannot stop the f*cking run...
Sh*t .... how much longer do we have to put up with this crap ????
teedogg Way to prepare the team RAC... once they were sure that they had handed the game away they took the beatdown like a red-headed stepchild.
rafurer Seems they forgot they had a football game on Sunday!
deathbyeagle Sick of getting beat into the ground. Why does it always seem like the opposing team dictates the flow of the game????
When will the Browns execute plays and not look lost/confused/bewildered/frightened????

Sick of this SH*T!!!!
gtroop I see no leadership and little discipline on this team. Vickers dancing after the Browns lone TD was ridiculous. Hand the ball to the official and head to the sideline.
kcfan22 Fans: Chanting BRADY, BRADY is just dumb. Remember couch?
bavarian romeo is complete and total tool
clevelandbulldogs there is no way we should look that bad something major is wrong in berea
sg2431 Looks like nothing has changed from last season. So why should my goats? Just look up my list from last season.
Same ole ball game.
gene.pyzik What does he bring to the table? Fire him.
syphard How long do you idiots think that we laymen don't recognize poor coaching. I played long enough to know to stay in my lane even if I forgot my assignment. Romeo couldn't get four players to follow him across the street, for that matter Randy Lerner either, lead follow or get the hell out of the way
runner27 Charlie for not producing, Braylon for fumbling that catch and Derek for the interception(not a good reason, but no one will see my comments).
syphard Winning doesn't start in the head, it comes from the soul, not accepting the effort put forth by this team which looks like it has quit on the season in the first game.
Charlie Frye is overmatched in the NFL, no improvement over three years.
Braylon Edwards is listless.
Kellen Winslow, his father or Jim Brown needs to impress on this kid he is not only one of the most talented players in the league, but he needs to become this teams leader, don't create bad situations and don't tolerate them from other players, Kellen your too good, too smart for this to happen to you or your team.
mmmbrowns Entire organization gets goathorns for that treat. And fans for being naive enough to expect something different.
playbrowns From the players, to the coaches, to the ownership and personnel people, this game was an absolute embarrassment and sent me home very angry and ashamed to be associated with the circus that is the Cleveland Browns.
tpostdawg RAC failed again to get this team ready to play bring back Palmer for christ sake.
juneaubrown get that stiff off the sidelines.
krunch11 Way to many! Had to generalize.
godzilla A solid goathorn goes to the 2007 Cleveland Browns organization. You deserve what you got!
grouse This has got to end. I hate to blow it up again but Romeo has to go and Phil is one bus behind
rainstoorm Brady Quinn for holding out and ruining his chances to start. Savage for not fixing the QB situation and Romeo the poor mental performance for of the team.
zkramp How inaccurate can an NFL QB the Browns game from last week to find out.
vintage1974 Goats should go to the entire team and the coaches. YOU ALL SUCKED. Ernster-nice hands. I know it's really hard to be signed one day then catch a snap the next, nice excuse. cannot hold the ball for 4 seconds against a blitz...please stay on the sideline. I don't need to see you again. Vickers...if you ever dance in the endzone again when we are down by 17 I'll come down and personally slap the taste out of your mouth. Are you a complete moron? Give it a rest.
kennethvasek It starts at the top- a single bullet at the base of the skull like the NKVD executioners back at the Lubyanka in Stalin's day is in order here.
berto It all starts at the top. This is Randy Lerner's fault for not controlling his organization and allowing Crennel to continue coaching. He is the main goat, and all the shit rolls downhill from there.
chowdogg Ernster that mistake get YOU cut...our house that team bye-bye
Carter one pass one drop..I wouldn't throw to you
Frye it's time to be a fan of the Browns instead of playing for them

This team gave up in the first game against Pittspuke...when ever i played if you got knocked down you got up and gave it to them again, if they beat the crap out of you at least you never , never , never gave up....that was a horrible game Browns as a long time fan I'm disappointed
dl72fan This team cannot be competitive with Frye at QB, and Romeo is the idiot who keeps giving him the opportunity. Stonehands Edwards still can't catch.
braddawg99 I continue to pay for these tickets, make 2 and 1/2 hour drives every Sunday home game and waste my time that I could be spending with my kids, all for this crap... I am now a joke onto myself, I should have sold my great seats to some Yinzers for a lot of coin I'll never get the chance to get back... And yet, I'll still be there next week, must be some kind of mental illness, no wonder we are called dogs, BLIND LOYALTY.
fletch416 Romeo Crennel makes Jim Shofner
look like the life of the party.

We just can't catch a break.
rfmc02 Eric Wedge SUCKS!!
keysdawg Learn to be a real HC Romeo
bsuhands88 Ok this was a tough decision because wow could it have been any worse. Charlie has dropped the ball (figuratively and literally) for the last time. Move on to DA or my vote is for Brady Quinn, let him grow with this team like Peyton Manning did with the Colts. Dave Zastudil really screwed this team this week by saying he would play all week and then decided the day before that he would not. Paul Ernster proved exactly why he was a free agent and should be one again!
chris Frye would be a better water fountain statue than a QB. Ernster has two jobs 1) catch ball, 2) kick ball. Kid couldn't do either. Crennel can put away a Big Mac, but I don't think his team could put away a team from the MAC.
dbruns97 Go back to New England scrub!
akrowdyzip "There's always next year" oh wait we don't have a first round pick
rabiddawg19 #1 - Duh
#2 - Double Duh
#3 - because i keep flushing my money down the toilet to come out there and see this mess
redright A Fish Rots From the Head
docramos Too many drops and badly thrown passes
egillen Winslow cost us a 1st down with his OPI that might have allowed the Browns to right the sinking ship early.

Frye made Joey Harrington look like an all pro.

Pool doesn't look ready. It was a mistake to let BR go to Seattle.
chas dawg The fans came to cheer early, but were silenced by the putrid display. Even with what we were given to watch, the fans behavior was awful. I have never seen so many fights and problems. I was embarrassed to be a fan at the game.
clevelandcraig F them ALL
srunn49 where did anyone get the idea this man could coach?
ross25 If the Rooneys sold the team to David Modell...Modell could then move the team to L.A. and we could stop this embarrassment.
dawgin Romeo show me you care. Are you asleep?
gbeachy50310 ERNSTER: Even aside from the mishandled snap, overall very poor punting effort. Hope's Z's back is healed! FRYE: Simply awful. Just awful. CRENNEL: Obviously, this team was not ready for this game. That is the head coach's fault, pure and simple.
mdr Wow, where do I start? Except for few players that I mentioned for my gameballs, where is the choice for the whole organization?

ESPN/Salisbury/the rest of them are absolutely correct - This team IS the new Bengals. The Cleveland Browns organization is the absolute worst organization in the entire NFL. After 04/05/06 and yesterday, there is no doubt.

After saying that, I'll be there on Sunday, watching the worst organization in the NFL getting torched by Palmer and that id10t Johnson. So give me a goat too.
willy15 The punter set the "Disaster" Tone for the whole Game and Charlie Frye carried the tune much longer.
jmiller40 Romeo Crennel due to his inability to prpare this team to play football!
Charlie Frye.....says enough.
Paul Ernster....Romeo Crennal could have punted just as well personally!



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