Berea Report: Changing of the Guard

Fred reports from the Browns training facility, where Derek Anderson is in, and Frye is out. Here's the very latest from Berea...

BEREA - Although the moves the Browns made this September 11 weren't felt around the world, the tremors are still felt in Berea.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the trade of Charlie Frye marks the first time a player who started game one was traded prior to game two since the AFL/NFL merger in 1970.

The Browns decided to part ways with Frye with 6:34 to play in the first half and promoted Derek Anderson to the starting quarterback spot for at least this Sunday.

 "We have confidence in Derek," Kellen Winslow said. "As we do in Brady (Quinn) and (Ken) Dorsey. My job is to make plays. We're all behind him, of course. We just have to buckle down and make it happen."

Braylon Edwards echoed the locker room sentiment.

"Derek Anderson is our guy," Edwards said. "We have to rally around him. He played well when he stepped in last season. We believe we can win right now."

Romeo Crennel cited Anderson's play last season when he stepped in for Frye and rallied the Browns to a win over the Chiefs. He was 12-of-21 for 171 yards, including two touchdowns and one interception against the Chiefs for a 95.5 QB rating. He started his first game the following week against Pittsburgh and was 21-of-37 for 276 yards, including a touchdown and an interception in a 27-7 loss. Overall, he was 0-3 as a starter and finished the season 66-of-117 for 793 yards with five touchdowns and eight interceptions. His overall QB rating was 63.1.

"I expect him to play like he did last year in the Kansas City game," Crennel said. "He played pretty well."

Anderson finished 13-of-28 for 184 yards, including a touchdown and interception and a 65.2 QB rating last week against the Steelers.

"It's a tough thing to handle," Winslow said. "We have to move on. We knew it would happen sometime this season. Unfortunately, it happened early."

Anderson said he's up for the challenge.

 "I know what my job is and that is to move the team," Anderson said. "What I have in my head is to move the team and use my skills and control the turnovers."

Crennel also officially announced that Brady Quinn has moved up to the No. 2 spot.

"I told Brady he is only one play away from playing," Crennel said. "He's excited about the opportunity. He's a step closer to being on the field."

Quinn is confident he can step in.

"It's exciting," Quinn said. "I realized I'm only one play away and I have to always be ready."

Edwards is confident that Quinn will be ready when called upon.

"He's smart and he comes from a prominent university," Edwards said. "He showed during the preseason that he can make plays."

Quinn understands the process, but says he thinks he can handle the situation if called upon.

"I'm a confident guy," Quinn said. "I think I'm ready now, but I just want to wait for my turn. "That's why (the Browns) drafted me. I want to continue to build that trust with my teammates. It takes a little time to develop that trust."

He did say that he's learned from watching from the sideline.

"I've learned from watching on the sideline that I have to make quick decisions and be decisive in my actions," he said. "The difference between the preseason and regular season is much faster."

Crennel did confirm that the plan was to move either Frye or Anderson at some point this season.

"We drafted a quarterback No. 1 and we knew eventually he would come in," Crennel said. "I had Frye and Anderson and I chose Frye, it didn't work out, so now I'm going with Anderson.

 We do have a plan in what we're doing," he said. "This wasn't a knee jerk move. The trade was already out there. They inquired about our quarterbacks and Charlie, in particular."

Crennel said it's not out of the realm of possibility that Quinn would see some action this week against the Bengals.

 "Each game situation dictates that and we'll have to make that judgment."

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