Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

Adam has been working the phones and watching the tape... here's his take on where the Browns stand after the first week of the season and an unexpected trade...

Adam Caplan: hi all

<jimherbert> Adam....give us your opinion of the trade.
Adam Caplan: They got what they could, one of the two QBs would be dealt by the trading deadline

<Butzmark> Traded the right one
Adam Caplan: BUTZ: Agreed

<BrownsBacker> Adam how soon does Quinn start? How long can Anderson last?
Adam Caplan: BR: This is actually a good matchup so Anderson might play ok
Adam Caplan: Unless Anderson really plays badly, he'll get at least two starts in

<ramllov> Adam, When are the Browns going to fix the defensive line?
Adam Caplan: RAM: They have to get another DL
Adam Caplan: surprised Savage hasn't done something there

<tutorofthestudents> Adam, if the Bengals win big, could Romeo be fired?
Adam Caplan: TU: Not yet, has to go 0-5

<dogsqb13> Do you think Quinn could see any time under any circumstances , even if Anderson is playing ok
Adam Caplan: DOG: Wouldn't make any sense
Adam Caplan: when he has a full grasp of the playbook, looks good in practice then they can start thinking about it
Adam Caplan: for him to start
Adam Caplan: I could see him coming in a blow out
Adam Caplan: like in pre-season mode

<SupDawg4Life> I have heard the name Marty Schottenheimer thrown around this site in the last day or so, my dad and I bleed orange and
brown we have for a long time and just the idea of Marty as coach again even just for a moment brought excitement to our conversation.
What are the chances if the Browns bomb again this week that this scenario could possibly happen?
Adam Caplan: SUP: Savage would have to leave
Adam Caplan: he wouldn't get along with Marty

<tutorofthestudents> Adam, how is Kellen Winslow handling things mentally?
Adam Caplan: TUT: Seems ok but still isn't moving as well as hoped
Adam Caplan: getting there though

<nudawg> Hey Adam. You said in the Ask the Insiders forum that you don't have a chance to see the coaches tape but you said earlier that
you saw the coaches tape for Frye. What's the story?
Adam Caplan: NU: no reporters have access to coaches tape
Adam Caplan: I have go somewhere to watch it

<nudawg> Adam, could you clarify the answer you gave me?
Adam Caplan: NU: No reporters get tapes sent to them
Adam Caplan: I'm able to go and watch tape occasionally
Adam Caplan: no more to say

<Pincushion> Adam, have you picked up any sense of how the team is taking everything? Are they rallying the troops or going to roll over and
Adam Caplan: PIN: They were embarrassed last week

<zabam> Adam - did we take a look at Reche Caldwell? Why didn't we do anything WR or DL after the cuts?
Adam Caplan: ZA: Don't think so and that would have been a really good signing
Adam Caplan: they badly need a #3 WR

<ramllov> Adam, is there a chance that Derek Anderson can learn to throw a little bit more accurate?
Adam Caplan: RAM: If he can just relax, yes
Adam Caplan: he's too jittery

<BrownsBacker> What are you predictions for the game Adam? Will Cinci play as good as they did against Baltimore and if so will they beat us
Adam Caplan: BR: 30-17 CIN

<brugman7> Adam, what is the likelihood of Marty S being considered for the next HC job? considering his history of taking teams and
rebuilding them. would the browns see him as a viable option?
Adam Caplan: BR: As long as Savage is there, no chance
Adam Caplan: Anderson has a chance to do ok this game
Adam Caplan: the OL was poor last week
Adam Caplan: Thomas still isn't there yet

<brugman7> Marty would want full control? did he have that in SD
Adam Caplan: BRU: He wants more control than he had

<nudawg> do you have any info as to why Baba was cut?
Adam Caplan: NU: He's not ready to play
Adam Caplan: practice squad fodder basically

<Brownsfan91171> Adam: Do you see concerns with the OL, or is it a jelling issue?
Adam Caplan: BR: It's going to take time, that's really clear

<jimherbert> Adam, Do you think there is a shortage of good coaches or potential coaches in the NFL?
Adam Caplan: JIM: No, there are a lot of good young coaches

<BlueSidd> Is Zastudil gonna play this week
Adam Caplan: BLUE: They think he has a chance

<redright> Adam, what is wrong with this team that can be fixed this year?
Adam Caplan: RED: Depth can be added at DL, WR

<BlueSidd> Will Peek play?
Adam Caplan: BLUE: That injury report the Bengals had was wrong
Adam Caplan: But Peek is questionable probably

<jimherbert> Do you think the browns would go with another rookie coach?
Adam Caplan: JIM: Doubt it

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, you hearing anything on potential DL we are looking at?
Adam Caplan: BR: Nothing yet

<grinquisit> Who is losing more patience with Romeo? Savage or Lerner?
Adam Caplan: GR: I would think the club is losing patience in a lot of areas

<BlueSidd> I think the Browns can win this week am I crazy?
Adam Caplan: BL: Outside shot
Adam Caplan: They can't get behind
Adam Caplan: more than 7

<ramllov> Adam, What ever happened to Babatunde Oshinowo..... he is now in Chicago, why did they not keep him?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Developmental DL
Adam Caplan: and they didn't think he would be ready for a while

<BlueSidd> Why didn't ESPN know that Frye was on a week to week basis Seibel makes it sound like we gave Frye the reigns for the year and
then yanked him.
Adam Caplan: BL: Frye was so bad they had to get him out of there
Adam Caplan: I mean pathetic bad
Adam Caplan: Like he was playing with his pants on fire

<royswift> Pool played terrible. Is it a quick fix, or is he in over his head?
Adam Caplan: ROY: Jones and Pool aren't that good in coverage, better against the run

<ramllov> Adam, why could Chicago put BABA on their practice squad and Cleveland could not or would not?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Baba fits their scheme better
Adam Caplan: CHI
Adam Caplan: athletic cover-2 DL

<Pincushion> Adam, if Frye played so bad why would Seattle give up a pick when they could of signed someone off the street?
Adam Caplan: PIN: They wanted an athletic QB and QB coach thinks he can help him

<FunkyDawg> Why isn't Savage more active in signing a WR or DL?
Adam Caplan: FU: good question, only he knows
Adam Caplan: it's a bad mistake already
Adam Caplan: how long have we been talking about this?

<ramllov> Adam, how close was Savage in trading Frye for a DL man, from Carolina?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Not that close
Adam Caplan: CAR is worried that Jenkins' injury history could leave them thin at DT

<royswift> Follow up to your answer, is it unusual to have two run stoppers at safety?
Adam Caplan: ROY: Lets put it this way, they aren't going to cover anyone tight

<ramllov> Adam, do the Browns have anything they can afford to trade other than draft choices for a DL man or 3rd WR?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Nothing I can see that any team would want, they need what they have in depth
Adam Caplan: They got rid of a QB
Adam Caplan: that's all they have

<BlueSidd> Could Travis Wilson be active this week?
Adam Caplan: BLE: Depends on how he practices, Carter is hurt yet again
Adam Caplan: shocker

<redright> Watching Anderson....bad mechanics..slow decisions...with more reps and with better concentrated much can he
Adam Caplan: RED: In a way yes but I think he needs to be smarter for short term solutions

<BrownsBacker> Could Carter be released soon?
Adam Caplan: BR: They can't afford to yet

<bamadawg19> Adam, in terms of talent, where do you rank the Browns with all 32 teams
Adam Caplan: BAM: somewhere form 20-25

<royswift> Thanks. So are our safeties a strength is they can't cover? People talk like they are a positive for the team.
Adam Caplan: ROY: They can hit, was talking to a scout about both

<zabam> Adam - why didn't we put McGinest on PUP, keep some depth somewhere. Sounds like he's out 4-5 weeks anyway.
Adam Caplan: ZA: Too late

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, will this team get better as the year goes on?
Adam Caplan: BR: Too many issues

<Pincushion> Adam, do you expect our O Line to be better after a couple of weeks to gel? Or will this be an ongoing problem for us?
Adam Caplan: PIN: I do
Adam Caplan: takes time
Adam Caplan: not over night

<BlueSidd> Mcginest IR or roster
Adam Caplan: BL: They think he will be back at some point

<jimherbert> Adam...what is the strength of the team?
Adam Caplan: JIM: Secondary still is above average
Adam Caplan: TE
Adam Caplan: solid
Adam Caplan: Jamal Lewis can't do what he once could
Adam Caplan: it's apparent

<ramllov> Adam, there were many, many, many mistakes on that Pittsburgh game to go to blame many players and many coaches. Why were
they not prepared?
Adam Caplan: RAM: I can't answer that, what we saw though is a team that is deficient in many areas

<jimherbert> Joe Thomas's performance?
Adam Caplan: JIM: I doubt he graded out well

<NattyDawg> Why doesn't Cribbs get at least 5-7 touches on offense every game?
Adam Caplan: NAT: They really should start doing that
Adam Caplan: they need more creativity
Adam Caplan: they have nothing to lose at this point
Adam Caplan: totally agree

<grinquisit> When will our QB's start checking off at the line? Did not see much Sun. Will Anderson start to do it?
Adam Caplan: GRIN: If he can just relax, he should

<ramllov> Adam, did it seem that Pittsburgh's defense decided on specific plays to hit or key on one specific offensive lineman and each
lineman got individually tested throughout the game?
Adam Caplan: RAM: They didn't handle the pressure well
Adam Caplan: at all
Adam Caplan: and Frye compounded mistakes by sensing rush that wasn't there
Adam Caplan: that's a really bad trait he has
Adam Caplan: David Carr syndrome

<royswift> why do you think Jerom Harrison wasn't used on Sunday?
Adam Caplan: ROY: That's another player they need to get some touches
Adam Caplan: my sense is they don't trust him yet

<tommybo> once Quinn is the starter...will DA stay or be gone?
Adam Caplan: Tom: No way, they can't have Dorsey be #2

<gelsingerj> Adam...the main thing that concerns me about Romeo is it seems he has no FIRE...does he ever get mad at these guys and
Adam Caplan: GEL: Behind the scenes, yes

<Brownsfan91171> Adam: do the players have confidence in Quinn being the starter?
Adam Caplan: BR: They know he will start at some point

<redright> What area of improvement can we expect to see before the bye week?
Adam Caplan: RED: OL should start to get better, Bengals use four man pressure
Adam Caplan: they have to handle that

<ramllov> Adam, did Crennel lose this team after the first game?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Not yet

<ramllov> Adam, were you impressed with the Bengal's defense on Monday night?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Very, tackling was good for a chance
Adam Caplan: and Deltha O'Neal played great
Adam Caplan: after having a bad year
Adam Caplan: Landon Johnson played well too

<grinquisit> Rank the other three in our division. Where does Cinci stand?
Adam Caplan: PIT/BAL/CIN/CLE

<tommybo> DO you see Crennel lasting the year?
Adam Caplan: TOM: You have a better chance at being pope

<gelsingerj> any chance they look to a veteran coach like Schottenheimer or Cowher when they can RAC?
Adam Caplan: GEL: No way on Marty, maybe on Cowher
Adam Caplan: maybe

<ramllov> I thought Cincinnati's defense was under estimated.
Adam Caplan: RAM: Pressure was good, tackling, and coverage
Adam Caplan: they didn't do that once last year in same game

<FunkyDawg> Why can't Savage get along with my man Marty?
Adam Caplan: FU: Control-both want it

<redright> Cowher has expressed a desire to take 07 and 08 off. What will change his mind? Will Randy pay the price?
Adam Caplan: that's why Savage wouldn't work with Cowher
Adam Caplan: but if Cowher wanted in, I would think Savage would go
Adam Caplan: But my sense is Cowher wouldn't come

<FunkyDawg> Follow-up: Would Marty be better at the controls?
Adam Caplan: FU: No

<grinquisit> Savage wants Kirk Ferentz?
Adam Caplan: GR: I would think so
Adam Caplan: or someone he has worked with
Adam Caplan: he's like that
Adam Caplan: he has ties to RACs assistants
Adam Caplan: from what I understand

<nudawg> Adam, how would you assess Savage as a gm.
Adam Caplan: NU: Mixed

<ramllov> Adam, do you see an offensive head coach or defensive head coach for this team?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Can't say at this point
Adam Caplan: they just need leadership from top to bottom

<royswift> Adam, if you say it's a certainty Romeo is gone, is it good we are letting him linger, or should we just fire him and move on?
Adam Caplan: ROY: You have to give him some chance but it would be hard for anyone

<redright> Silly question, but, who is going to tell Randy that he should hire XXXX as coach? Where does he get good info?
Adam Caplan: RED: Owners usually contact league people they know
Adam Caplan: for recommendations

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, Savage seems stressed during his conferences, is he over his head? I personally think he is the right man for the
Adam Caplan: BR: I think he's not prepared to speak in public
Adam Caplan: that's obvious
Adam Caplan: he just wants to do personnel stuff
Adam Caplan: he needs to understand there's more to the job
Adam Caplan: than that

<marinedawg> Adam You read where the Players like Crennel and want to play for him, but it does not show in the games
Adam Caplan: MAR: They need more talent
Adam Caplan: that's obvious
Adam Caplan: I think we all misjudged it
Adam Caplan: OL has to come together quickly
Adam Caplan: running game isn't looking good

<redright> After three years of Phil, shouldn't we be further ahead?
Adam Caplan: RED: Problem is they have turned over so much personnel it will take time
Adam Caplan: but I think he has some issues on short-term vision

<Brownsfan91171> Adam: did the running game even have a chance to click Sunday?
Adam Caplan: BR: Not really since they were behind but Lewis isn't the answer

<dogsqb13> 7,0how do we look worse than lest year, even though its early, when i truly believe there is more talent here now
Adam Caplan: DOG: Talent isn't gelling yet

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, what is your concern with short-term vision?
Adam Caplan: BR: Depth Savage has missed on
Adam Caplan: not getting veteran QB
Adam Caplan: getting depth at WR, I called that two months ago
Adam Caplan: and I think even I underestimated how bad it was

<nudawg> maybe we should have kept Droughns. :-)
Adam Caplan: NU: He's NYG #3 RB
Adam Caplan: demoted before season

<nudawg> we all thought Travis Wilson would be better.
Adam Caplan: NU: I admit that one I was wrong on
Adam Caplan: I know it's year two but it's embarrassing already
Adam Caplan: they need him badly yet he can't get on the field

<Brownsfan91171> Adam. could Turner be on our wish list next offseason?
Adam Caplan: BR: I think Turner will be
Adam Caplan: has to when looking at UFA RBs
Adam Caplan: and they can pay him

Adam Caplan: later all
Adam Caplan: great chat
Adam Caplan: see you next week

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