Wohlabaugh Won't be Left on the Bench

David Carducci reports from Berea on the progress of the walking wounded in Berea. Can Wohlie snap left-handed? Will Cutch wear his team-recommended visor? All the latest from the most recent episode of <I>Berea Hospital</I> here now!

Butch Davis said "there is a good chance" Dave Wohlabaugh will be back in the lineup as the Browns starting center Sunday night.

That means Wohlabaugh, who missed the last three games with a broken right hand, will be snapping left handed.

"I did it early in the first game of the year early in my career in New England," said Wohlabaugh. "It is in adjustment ... Right now there is not a lot of feedback for my body. It still feels a little clumsy."

Wohlabaugh has shown tremendous improvement this week in practice with his left-handed snap.

"I think they didn't have a lot of confidence in my snaps last week," said Wohlabaugh. "That's why I didn't play (against the Steelers). In the last week I've gotten a lot better at it ... It's been tough. Snapping is also only a small part of it. You still have to move laterally and do things after you snap the ball, and that has been a little different (wearing a cast on the right hand."

The biggest adjustment for Wohlabaugh will probably come in snapping in shotgun formations. When asked if the shotgun is difficult left handed, Wohlabaugh smiled for a second than admitted, "When you are used to doing it a certain way, you can tell that it is a little different."

In practice last week, Couch said he could tell the exchange was a little different with the left-handed snap. Now, the quarterback said he is completely comfortable receiving the ball from Wohlabuagh.

"It was a little different when he first came back last week and tried to do it, but I've gotten used to it now," said Couch. "Now you really can't tell any difference. He's fine (snapping on the shotgun) too.

"It's probably (a bigger adjustment) for Dave than it is for me. He's the one who has to get used to snapping with a different hand. It's been fine for me."

If Wohlabaugh is back in the starting lineup, look for Shaun O'Hara to move from center back to right guard, replacing Paul Zukauskas.

VISOR VIEWPOINTS: Butch Davis said in his Friday press conference that cornerback Daylon McCutcheon would wear a visor to protect the right eye he injured last week against the Steelers.

A few minutes later, McCutcheon said he probably would not wear the visor.

The eye is feeling fine, and while McCutcheon has had no problems wearing the visor all week in practice, he said he is worried about the potential for glare in a night game.

"Right now, I don't think I'm going to wear it," McCutcheon said. "

McCutcheon had blurred vision for more than an hour after being hit in the eye in the third quarter of last week's loss to the Steelers last week. He suffered from headaches that night and soreness around the eye in the early part of the week. While McCutcheon says he feels fine and has been cleared to play by doctors, the team's training staff told him they would like him to wear the visor as a precaution.

"I just don't think I'll feel comfortable with it at night," said McCutcheon. "I may test it out during pregame warmups and see how it feels and if there is any glare."

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