Fan Commentary: Where's the Defense?

Jeff Biletnikoff is excited over the Browns victory, but worried about the D...

Let me be clear.  I'm pumped up that the Browns won.  I'm excited that it was the team's biggest offensive output since 1989.
The offensive line looked great.  Anderson threw and threw and Edwards, Winslow and Jurevicius caught, caught, caught, caught....and caught some more.
And Jamal Lewis
200+ yards????
Is that what one of those NFL offenses looks like?
If you would have told me they'd hang 51 on the Bengals en route to a 1-1 start before the season, I would have said, "I'LL TAKE IT."
Ok, I would have taken a 3-2 win.
Of course you knew that I couldn't stay positive all the way through the article.  I would have been on cloud 9 but I got relegated to cloud 6 because of defense and special teams.
What is going on with those 2 units? 
Outside of Josh Cribbs going crazy on kick returns what else did the special teams do?  They acted like matadors and did an "ole'" everytime the Bengals ran kickoffs back.  What was Cincinnati's average starting position?  Around the 40?
Worse than the poor performance on kick coverage was the horrible play of the defense once again.
I thought the Pittsburgh game was bad. 
At least they had excuses in that game because the Browns offense was so inept.  Today the defense put up less of a fight than Mike Tyson did in his last, er, 20 matches.
You half expected Rod Serling to come popping out of the Dawg Pound (soaked in beer of course) and declare:
"The team in question today puts up the greatest offensive showing since 1989 and their at home but they can lose at the end---in the Twilight Zone."
Are you kidding?  They hang 51 on Cincy and it comes down to a last drive situation.
Note to Todd Grantham-------FIX YOUR HOLES, YOUR SCHEMES, YOUR PERSONNEL, ANYTHING.  Get us something that resembles an NFL defense.
Funny how two head coaches who cut their teeth as defensive coordinators in the NFL presided over a 96 point contest.
Ok, enough complaining.  A win is a win and no matter how they got there, the Cleveland Browns are playing .500 ball right now and it feels really good.
Now, can they keep it up?

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