Browns-Bengals: Gameballs and Goats

Browns fans again voted in record numbers, with the major beneficiary being Derek Anderson. Reading the comments, it's almost like we went back to the glory days for a week. What a great week for the Browns and Browns fans!

The Week's Results: Browns fans again voted in record numbers for this week's Gameballs and Goats. There was so much love for the offense and the Browns in this week's comments that it's hard not to think we're back in the 1980s. As always, be forewarned that we relay all the comments here and some of them are rough, especially on some of the folks in the Dawg Pound who seemed to not attempt to cause bodily harm to Chad Johnson. Either way, Ocho Whatevero isn't going to be jumping in the Dawg Pound again anytime soon.

Player Gameballs
Derek Anderson 525
Braylon Edwards 334
Jamal Lewis 330
Offensive Line 135
Entire Offense 132
Joshua Cribbs 124
Kellen Winslow 87

"The new offense", "The guy who poured beer on Chad Johnson" (5), "All us Browns fans who have to work with Bengal fans", Bengals' Defense (2), Sopcast, ME, The Pound (a.k.a The Bird Cage), Da U, Charlie Frye (for leaving), Ted Washington's Belly after the game, Margeaux R., Those of us who knew Frye was a pretender, Rip Scherer. The two cute co-eds that sat next to me in The Pound during the 4th Qtr., Chad Johnson's gold teeth, Orlando Pace, Jay Knecht, Howie Feltersatch, Brady Quinn's Clipboard, Fan Noise, Lesbian Cheerleaders, "Romeo Romeo thats the way.", The guy in the grey shirt, Ghosts of games blown in the past.


Player Goathorns
Entire Defense 202
Officiating Crew 170
Todd Grantham 108
Tim Carter 92
TV Announcers 85
Defensive Backs 73
Charlie Frye 65


"Big Dawg" (10), Chad Johnson (5), Mel Tucker, "Missed tackles in the backfield by LBs", "The media, for not giving us a chance, in your face !!", "Everyone who said the secondary was a strength", Front 7, Chad Johnson's Mouth, Fans that went to boo their own team, STEELERS (2), "The media for not even discussing the possibility of the Browns winning this game", AFN, "The nay sayers", No Goats when we win, "That group of fans that hugged ocho stinko", Big Mouth Punks covered in Beer and Birds, Dawg Pound (3), The refs on TJ's first "TD", Art Modell just cause he's fun to hate, Instant Replay, National Media, Dude who bragged he took Cinci S in FF pre game, "Dog Pound fans who didn't douse 85 with beer", "The refs for blowin 300 calls", "Me for not doublechecking cbs in st. thomas until 5 min left in the 4th quarter!", "Big Dawg and Dawg Pound Mike-loosers", Dwight K. Schrute, Steelers' ugly throwback uniforms, OJ Simpsons stolen goods, "Terry Pluto, Greg "Terry Shiavo" Brinda, and all other Frye supporters in the media", "Big Dawg and the guy next to him for hugging CJ before the game and not ripping off his helmet", Fans who refused to go to the game, "The Bungles, for being The Bungles...", "Big Dawg and Mike Fryefan or whatever", "Chad bitchin about his free beer", Mike Weldon, Ocho Stinko, ESPN, "To the busdriver that forgot to bring the defense to the game.", "Charlie Frye/tim couch", Dawg Pound fans who "embraced" Chad Johnson, "The fans where Chad Johnson jumped into the Dawg Pound. He should have come out drench in a lot more beer (but at $6.25 a glass I guess I don't blame ya).", "The fans in the DawgPound that didn't castrate #85", Dawg Pound Mike, "Refs!!Picking up flags against the Bengals.....that figures, huh??", "All those guys who picked up & played Cincy Def in their fantasy league.", Chad Johnsons Mom, "Chad Johnson's welcome wagon committee in the Dawg Pound", Sean Salisbury, Bruce Arians, Big Dawg Thompson, BoneMike, Art Modell, That CJ loving Bunghole in the Dawg Pound. Big Dawg and that other pansy in the stands,

Gameball Comments
Fan Comments
buckeye4ever Wow, this was really hard. My votes were: Derek Anderson, Braylon Edwards and Jamal Lewis with Kellen Winslow as my write-in vote. But the offensive line and Chud deserve votes too! Oh yea and Joshua Cribbs
tdh48 Hell, gameballs for everyone.
shrooney We lose together, we win together!
arizonadawg Great day on offense. Anderson and Winslow deserve gameballs too!
28stops85 Only 3? Last week I couldn't give out enough goat horns. Now, I can't give out enough gameballs! HERE WE GO BROWNIES, HERE WE GO! WOOF, WOOF!!!
tribecadawg Offense so good
nobloodyname Have to hand a gameball to Anderson 'cos he really stepped up to the plate. Bodden gets one for the fantastic endgame interception. And Braylon... wow! K2 should also earn one and I'm sure he will elsewhere. Finally, I should win a gameball for being stupid enough to fly over from the UK to see the game against the Ratbirds in my first season as a Browns fan. Stupid? Me?!
naxos Great game. The whole team gets a ball.
sincitydawg God that was beautiful! Jamal Lewis welcome to the Cleveland Browns. You've been fully cleansed from your old team... and accepted by the orange and brown faithful. The O Line was awesome. So THATS what a real professional O Line looks like. No sacks, holes for the running game... awesome. Chud... 51 points. I was going to give this to the entire O, but you made the calls. That was fun to watch.
writerdawg The OL was THE reason this offense did so well today. It opened huge holes for Lewis and gave Anderson time to throw. An Honorary Mention to Chud. He called a terrific game for the offense.
idahobrownie Charlie who?
bigdaddy78 Well, they scored and scored and scored. I couldn't be any more happy for our offense, and thoroughly enjoyed this game.
buckeyeindenver There aren't enough gameballs to go around today. An unreal performance by the whole offense, especially Jamal and Braylon--I can't imagine we'll see a better catch all year than his diving TD (and the catch going out of bounds wasn't half bad either). I'll also single out Joe Jurevicius for saluting the fans after scoring that first TD. And give one to Josh Cribbs' for those fantastic kick returns, even if he got so tired on the one that he missed most of the next quarter. Lastly, give a gameball to the fans for finally having a really fun Browns win to watch.
chicagobrown Romeo Crennel, Chud, Phil Savage
meinerding_25 If you can get the Cleveland offense to put up that many points u need a gameball
indybones This game we need about 30 game balls.
ilndawg Entire offense was terrific, and gotta throw Cribbs a gameball too. Shame the one got called back. Great way for Derek Anderson to step up.
shiplett77 Really the entire offense deserves one
phelix17 And everyone else on offense!!!
s4aero A gameball could be given to the entire offensive unit. Today, for a change, we could award more than 3 gameballs! Josh Cribs, DA, Chud, etc. etc.
dklost11 Wow, where did that come from
playbrowns Derek Anderson made a few mistakes and started slow, but he played a HELL of a game and lets give him some credit for putting 51 freakin points on the board. The Brady chants gotta go.

I give a gameball to the coaches because we got beat down last week and the coaches got this team ready to play like they should have last week. Great rebound.

The entire offense clicked and looked amazing. No complaints from me, I just wish we could put up half that many points every week.
gertbfrobe What can I say Anderson looked good 5TDS, Jamal 200+ YRDS, Braylon and JJ 2TDS and over 100 each. And last but not least Charlie Frye for getting traded.
skat007 Derek Anderson made some bad throws, but he was patient while still getting rid of the ball quickly, and he was dynamite in the red zone. - Entire offense has to get a gameball. The blocking was terrific (especially on pass plays), the receivers were huge, and outside of the dropped pass Vickers was terrific. Chudzinski is included in my offensive gameball vote. - Jamal Lewis; I guess he hasn't lost a step after all. Explosive, powerful, all the things I hated about him when he was a Raven are looking awfully good now that he's a Brown. - Joshua Cribbs was unbelievable today.
topdawg29 Total offensive effort. Too many contributors to pick.
brownsjim73 Wow, weird to give gameballs to people that deserved them and not to players who played "less bad"
rutger There aren't enough game balls to hand out on offense today. Anderson, Lewis, Edwards, Winslow, Jurevicius, the entire OL.. WOW!! What a game!!
rubix60 Andersons receivers bailed him out all game. happy as I am with the win, and I do give DA some of the credit those receivers seldom had a ball to catch in stride. Maybe they just try harder for Anderson...I dunno, whatever it is, it works
tomahawkdawg Derek - Wow. Way to step up. Nice game kid. Jamal - Now that's the 8 Ball I know.  Offense - I had to go here, cause there's not enough room for gameballs (4). The OL was awesome, BE, KWII, JJ, etc., etc. 50+ points! Yeah! 
Sopcast - It was nice to have a backup to AFN.
stonecolddawg I can't believe I'm giving DA a gameball! - stonecolddawg
losangelesdawg I just love what the O-line did today...0 sacks and having a runner with over 200 yards....this is one for the fans....we deserve it!
brownsclown Great Job Offensive Line!
lynxis Anderson, Jamal, Cribbs, Edwards, Winslow, JJ, ... everyone did great. ESPECIALLY THE O-LINE !!!! great game
dxdawg This showing was just unbelievable. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come. Hard not to give the O-line, and Winslow gameballs as well, but the top 3 producers get the votes. UNREAL!!!
dp10451 It's good to see Jamal running for us instead of over us. Derek stepped up big time today. The entire team deserves a gameball for this win. Nice recovery from last week.
walldog Lots of props to go around. Oline deserves hurrahs. Joe J.,a round of applause. Kudos to KWII. Give Chud the clap :-). Derek A.,Braylon,and Jamal got my gameballs. Just a phenomenal game by the offense! Oh.......and a shout out to Josh Cribbs.
dawgdc DA, played out of his mind and you can't give him enough props for the game he played today. Except for the interception at the start of the second half where he tired to force it...he took everything the defense gave him! B-Eazy and K2 played like all-pros today and if both of them continue to play like that....see you guys in Hawaii!! Jamal Lewis look like the Lewis of old when he torched us...THANK YOU Phil for knowing he still has ALOT left in the tank. The O-Line from Thomas to Schaffer played there butt's off like I know they did last week as well. God how scary will it be when they actually gel and Bentley comes back!!! Thank you GOD for bringing hometown boy Rob Chudzinski back home...this kid will bring this team back offensively and get us all the respect we deserve!! Great game plan today Chud....I can't wait to see more!! GO BROWNS!!!!! Oh, i Can't forget Josh Cribbs...young LION!!! I almost forgot J.J. two TD's and the classy handing the ball to the pound and saluting them. Classy guy!!!
photocitydawg Ohmigosh. For the first time in ages, I had a hard time limiting myself to just 3 gameballs.
dawgnscarolina Great game! Like Cowher said, "Must be the fear of Seattle."
dirtydave98 Actually the whole offense deserves a gameball today. The o-line did a great job today. Winslow has hands of glue. The defense was shaky today but made the big play to seal the victory.
bluecollardawg Also Edwards, Winslow, the O-line, JJ and last but not least you can flip a coin for either Crennel or Savage!
tosquare flash backs of the 80's
casper99 Total Team Ball
bendal Not enough gameballs to give around, so I gave one to the whole offense.
norcalbrownsfan Awesome effort.
seattledawg2 We need two more boxes, for Kellen Winslow and the offensive line.
tmac1 O-line kept DA clean and opened massive holes for #31.
ravedawg Great win for the Browns and all the fans. Go Browns...
rollred2000 It's hard to believe this is the same team from last week.
plumpgrizzlybear Entire offense and Chud get gameballs for outscoring one of the best offenses in the league. Bodden gets a ball for sealing the deal and setting off a long glorious profanity laced celebration in my household.
rollred2000 Is this the same team from a week ago ?
mythrand you dont have enough selections
slambar Derek Anderson just earned the nickname "Neo" ("When you are ready, there will be no need to dodge bullets") Ok, corny, but well-intended. He earned all kinds of props. Both Edwards and Winslow played like the playmakers they are supposed to be this week
usspargo Anderson settled down and took control. I hope he can keep it up against better defenses. Cribbs is the most exciting player on the team. Braylon kept his head in the game and finally lived up to his potential. If I could vote for six I would also include Jamal Lewis, Winslow and Jurevicius. it would be nice to be able to consistently control a game with a ground attack. Winslow has the best hands on the team. Jurevicius is just steady.
bsuhands88 This was a difficult decision because the Offensive line was extraordinary, as was the performances of Braylon Edwards, Joe Jurevicius, Jamal Lewis, and the continued excellence of Kellen Winslow Jr. I have to give it to DA, as he ignored all the distractions (most notably) my man Brady Quinn and played lights out. Also Josh Cribbs is the new force in the NFL returning kicks (I remember playing him when he was a qb) Kudos to Romeo for hoisting up his skirt and going for the 4th down, although I would have qb sneaked it or gave it to Jamal. Go Browns!!!
azbrowns I didn't want to give it to the entire offense because I want these guys to specifically get game balls and I don't think the ENTIRE offense played well (Vickers and Shaffer lacked here and there but didn't play terrible.
mddawgfan Jamal got stronger as the game went on
yogi8 Not enough gameballs to hand out. Everyone on O deserves one including the coaching staff. I chose DA because he had to overcome this weird week and lead the team. He did. I chose Cribbs because he more than anyone ( though KW2 was close) provided the spark the Brownies needed and RAC because the poor guy gets so much heat, he got a division win against a hated rival!
iupuiguy82 Our offense finally awoke!!!!
griz13 Thank you, Cleveland Browns. I needed that.
jtbmnb KW and Josh Cribbs deserve game balls also
dazedawg Wow. Offense. DAnderson, JLewis, JJ, K2, BE, O-line, CHUD. Wow. Just wow.
timbittner317 Now that is an NFL offense. Finally a running game we can be proud of. It was amazing how well the o-line blocked for Jamal. On his HUGE runs, he was completely untouched as he flew through the holes. AWESOME!
Special teams looked great blocking for Cribbs, who had another exceptional game. Cincy wouldn't even kick it to White when he was back there to start the 2nd half.
gingerdeadman DA Looks like an inexperienced Carson Palmer.
jimdetwiler Excellent play from the receivers specifically and the offense in general.
daddy34 This is the Braylon Edwards that we've all been waiting to see. Great effort & great heart. Way to do it BE!
czar2 A win is a win, but against a team with a defense as bad as ours isn't much to crow about. But I'll live with it and love it.
tenbells If it weren't for the massive display of offense, Bodden's last second INT in itself deserves a game ball.
willw Actually the whole team deserves a game ball coaches included.
ccdawg49 wow, what an offensive explosion! totally unexpected. DA was fantastic. got rid of the ball quickly and recovered well from a slow start. Jamal Lewis looked like the RB that used to run all over us. Could easily give gameballs to BE, KWII, and the offensive line. Great game!
bomeister Nearly everybody showed up today, even that Ewok RAC had some emotion on the sideline. Anderson was spot on except some initial rust and the INT to start 2nd half. The O line was great...NO sacks today from a Bengals D that punished the Ratbirds last Monday. As usual, Carter showed up to collect a check but no catches. Jamal earned his pay big time, and the Line helped with giving him enough to do this thing. D secondary had its hands full, did get 2 INTs but could've had 5 or 6 truf be told! OK, no whining or complaining today, Browns score >50 pts 1st time since beating Squeelers 51-0 in 1989!
dawggonesouth Great game by the O. Hope it was no fluke.
dawglberbarb What a rush!! I gave a gameball to the entire offense because there were more standouts than gameballs. I was very proud to be a Browns Fan today. Our backer club was standing room only which, after last week, attests to the stamina (or craziness) of Browns Fans.
kennethvasek Why be picky-this is the first time in YEARS it was actually fun to watch the game in the bar with all the other knuckleheads.
topdawg21 Job Well Done
mrgrinch one of the few times i want to give a game ball to EVERYBODY! don't know what they did different this week, but keep doing it!
jerseybrownfan Hopefully Charlie Frye has taken our jinx away with him to the Seattle Seahawks!
javorskyou After last week's debacle, I will eat crow. I applaud the efforts of the coaching staff in preparing this team for a marvelous victory. Thanks, Romeo, Phil Savage, Chud, Grantham... and the rest...

Most of all, thanks Mr. Lerner for believing in the staff and the players.
usmcbuck10 Derek Anderson, Braylon Edwards and Jamal Lewis all deserve game balls along with the offensive line. My write in would be Cribbs who almost racked up 200 yards on kick returns. He gave every ounce of lung power he could into those runs, giving us some great field position.
chowdogg I sat their with my mouth drooped open the whole game waiting for DA to turn back into a pumkin.....Thanks team
mulekicker3 Nice to actually have options for gameballs. Nice play calling too.
fladawg1 Winslow deserves one as does entire OL, but there are only so many to go around. Overall a great effort by all. Only one bad pass by Anderson, but i'll take one versus many.
txhabanerodawg OL was tremendous. Chud's game plan very effective and well executed.
breechman The impact Cribbs had on this game is going to be vastly overlooked...
oarzero Cribbs got us great field position all game, Winslow was stellar, no sacks allowed and you can see the numbers the O put up all thanks to great offensive line play.
aqib Anderson showed what the offense can do when you have a QB who can actually throw. The OL was so maligned last week, but they showed today it wasn't them. Robaire Smith gets one for his early sack on Palmer which helped shift the momentum early. The only bright spot on the defense.  Those of us who knew Frye was a pretender get one because we were vinticated today.
rogern Outstanding offensive effort! Bravo to Jamal Lewis and the offensive line. The ability to run in the second half was a welcomed change.
richard0915 WOW I don't have to hang my head as much on monday
sigcleve No sacks, nice holes.
gbeachy50310 LEWIS: Any Sunday with 200+ yards of rushing deserves a gameball. ANDERSON: Way to hang in there, knock the rust off, and play a solid game. A few bad plays, but overall worthy of a gameball. O-LINE: Not one single sack. Can you believe it? Very solid play -- nicely done. Gaps for Lewis to bust out for 200+ yards. Solid pocket for DA. Nicely done.
tutorofthestudents Who would have thought, Winslow catches 6 for 100 and a TD and his biggest fan (me) doesnt give him a game ball. The offensive line gets no love, but we know they made it happen.
dawglbnut The Offense, too many superlatives to mention. Let us hope this is a sign of things to come with Mr. Anderson at the controls. Mr. Cribbs brings it every week. The most explosive return man in the game! For all the crap he has taken, Romeo showed confidence in his players and coached to win.
thejamdawg Derek "Mr" Anderson certainly came through today... The Entire Offense deserves a Gameball. What execution. (...and THAT'S the way you use Winslow!) Josh Cribbs is a Special Teams Weapon.
willy15 The Offense was great.
browns 1950 To all the fans that held in there until we got this win!
spicydeigo Every player and coach on the offensive side of the ball gets a game ball. Great job on the offensive side of the ball. what an exciting game to watch, after last weeks disaster. this is an instant classic. DA looked real good if he plays like this bardy will be sitting for a while. Lewis proving the doubters that he is washed up, out ran a safety. Edwards and Winslow had some great catches. But the big challenge for this team is to, again next week and not lay another egg.
anthonyd Hopefully Brady has time to learn.
browndawgsteve Anderson-After first series, Anderson settled down and did an very good job
Lewis-Lewis ran down hill all day. Nice to see a RB get positive yardage every play
Ol Line-No sacks allowed and well over 200 yards rushing. Need I say more.
Winslow and Edwards-They both deserve gameballs. If Winslow doesn't make the Pro Bowl their is a problem. His hands are incredible.
browngrowler The offensive line opened some holes that I could run through (albeit much slower than JL)
wholesaler1972 also deserving: OL, roye, winslow, JJ
thespazdawg A special gameball to the beer dumper and the middle finger extender that welcomed chad "all bling no ring" to the Pound.
ashvilledawg Big ups to the offense!!!! Where were they last week?
keysdawg What an offensive Juggernaught
magicdog very hard to choose this column
oklahomadawg D. Anderson - For looking like a genius half the time
O-Line - 200+ rushing yards and no sacks speaks for itself
J. Lewis - First real running back we've had since 1999
srunn49 best offensive performance of the new browns
glabonne Are you kidding me? Will the real Browns please stand up!!!!!! Maybe, just maybe they broke the pattern of the expansion era ways of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. I wish I had waited and traveled up for this game instead of the opener
vintage1974 Offense was incredible. DA way to step up, but you need to do it for more than one week. Giving Braylon a gameball, I'm proud of him for the first time in 3 years. K2, what needs to be said, dude is a stud.

Bodden...way to seal it at the end. The D was shakey but in the end we wanted it more. Great Pick! Sometimes an offence is going to go up and down the field no matter how good a Defense is.
oudawg11 We need more spots this week. Anderson, Edwards, Winslow, Lewis, and the entire O line are deserving.
ajhawkrules What a show! It's about time the offense put it all together!
tpostdawg O-Line did a great job today. Joshua Cribbs deserves a Ball, too. For the first time in a long time there are not enough balls to go around for this effort. NOW that being said it will be forgotten if they go to Oakland and lay and egg. RAC needs to show that he and his staff can prepare a team on a weekly basis NOT just one game. If K2 is the only guy to show up, again, in Oakland then RAC goes back on my burner.
kcfan22 Way to step it up we need that EVERY game!!
woodlake Awesome offensive display. The gears all meshed and look at the results.
deathbyeagle Way to go offense!!! That was impressive!!!!!! After last weeks debacle, this feels great! Kudos to Joe Thomas, Eric Steinbach, Fraley, McKinney and especially to Kevin Schaffer for standing up and hitting someone. Braylon and K2 looked great and Anderson kept slinging away....nice.
teedogg NICE job by the O-line. No Jamal stutter-step when there was a hole to hit. Can they play like this consistently? DA played his best game since joining the Browns and deserves an attaboy.
37179 Great game -
dawglberbarb Not enough gameballs to give to offensive stars so I gave one to the entire offense. I am so proud to be a Browns fan.
gilewicz It's hard to overlook the outstanding play of so many of the skill positions on the offensive side, but I think the two keys to letting guys Edwards and Winslow and Anderson and Lewis make plays like they did was the play of the offensive line, and the plan and play-calling of the offensive coordinator. So they get two of my game balls. And the other goes to Anderson -- a gutsy performance considering all of the pressure that was on him from the start.
rattdawg Great game all around. Wish the defense would step up a little bit. RAC coached a great game, even going for it on 4 and 1. Just a stupid play call.
mudmen Most unsung hero: Joe Jurevicius, who quietly kept the Browns in this game early by catching the first two TDs.
weijusdawg WTG Derek for performing under criticism.
vadawglb Braylon and Kellen looked like the players we have all wanted since they were drafted!!! Anderson had a good game, would have been a great game minus the interception and a few passes behind the intended targets. The offense as a whole played the best game yet since coming back in 99. The line opened some holes and kept the Bengals off of Anderson.
dbruns97 Kudos to the entire team. Great effort and a great win against a pretty good Cincinnati team.
rcoleman222 The other teams best player is no longer on our team
froggy60 fans for causing delay of game and time out by bengals. rntire offense for a job well done. coach for getting players to bounce back from week #1
bavarian Too many deserving to list
mmmbrowns I'm thankful Derek Anderson looks like the second coming of Kelly Holcomb.
clevelandcraig I thought I was dreaming, I pinched my self too many times. I am not reading to much into this but that was a FUN game to watch!
eddieshack Offensive line was the Key
sargent3 That is what I now want to see week in and week out. Sure that was a lot of points but I want to see them play as a team.. Great Job..
jimmiller What a game! It's hard to feel good when our defense was THAT horrible, but the win makes it a lot easier! Let's hope the offensive explosion was a sign of things to come and the defensive implosion was an aberation.
1greatscott Glad you guys got your loyal fans a victory at home!
juneaubrown braylon played like we've all been waiting for him to play. laying it on the line to pick up the tough first down near the end of the game was a HUGE play, and exactly the type of play we've not made in the past.
bigdcopfer Good to get the first win of the year at home.
dixiedawg Offense ROCKED! To the fan in the grey shirt how sacrificed his beer on Ocho Stinko - come to Bama and I'm buying you beer.
jdailey23 You had a tough time guarding CJ, he might of had 200yds, but you made the play of the game. Here we go Brownies!!!
glennchannell Give it to the offense. There were problems with accuracy and consistency, but overall it was a great performance...
dayton44 Like the coach says, the calls even out.Thanks to the officials for blowing the whistle on Braylon's fumble and giving us a generous first down spot.
cincione Too few boxes too many gameballs
clockwork Need more gameballs. My 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th game balls go to Chud, Winslow, Lewis, Anderson, Orpheus Roye
dawghowl The entire offense click on all cylinders and came alive. They moved the ball with ease and executed well throughout the game.

The entire OL really stood out to me. Just a superb job all the way around, I dont even remember Anderson getting hit once. And the big gapping holes they provided sprung Lewis to some huge runs. The Left side of the Line especially looked good in run blocking. The pass protect was excellent all the way around, they formed a nice pocket and gave Anderson plenty of time to throw.

Joshua Cribbs wow is he a spark on special teams, the guy is simply a dangerous threat to take it the distance every time he touches the ball. He had some excellent returns that set us up with nice field position
jdavis KW - heart and soul of this football team; Chud - called a great game and trusted his players, especially Anderson; Joe Thomas - FINALLY, we have our franchise left tackle.


Fan Comments
tdh48 The first half was awful
shrooney I'm too happy to pass out goats!
arizonadawg What's wrong with our secondary? Through 2 games we've seen the opposing WRs WIDE OPEN!
28stops85 Hard to dish out goathorns in a game like that, but the D needs to play better.
tribecadawg Defense soooo bad
cavtrooper Those damn refs pretty much sucked
naxos Other than the officials it is kind of hard to fault anyone today.
sincitydawg On the flip side... the D was terrible. Not many bright spots except that we won but over 500 yards offense 6 passing TD by Palmer... yikes. The o scores 51 and has to hold on to win the game. The officials were trying hard to give this game to the Bengals.
writerdawg Even though we won, I did not like how the defense performed in this game. We played, I felt, too soft for the most part. Palmer gets flustered under pressure and we didn't get enough on him. Leigh Bodden's play at the end of the game probably should exempt him from this group...but just barely. He got torched most of the day, too.
bigdaddy78 Big Dawg and all his attention whores fit well with Johnson. What a bunch of douchebags. Coverage was a bit of a problem all day long, but they made the plays at the end of the day.
buckeyeindenver As great as the offense was, the defense really needs to get its act together. This is the second week in a row the secondary has been repeatedly burned deed. Grantham and Mel Tucker need to get that fixed. And what was with the officials trying to keep the Bengals in the game? A blown review on the T.J. TD, a blown personal foul on Brodney, a blown offsides call--the refs had an absolutely unforgivable run there in the 2nd quarter.
meinerding_25 I hate to put Todd grantham in there because i like him as a coach but the bengals had him confused all day
indybones For one week, all is forgiven.
ilndawg The defense was non-existent, which I've almost come to expect against Cincy, but it still doesn't make it hurt any less. Kick coverage was pretty sketchy. The officiating was disgustingly bad at times.
shiplett77 no pressure on the QB at all today.
phelix17 No goats from me except the officials who blew the Housh TD call. Go Browns!
s4aero Great Game - big yards. NO CLASS
playbrowns Vickers damn near cost us the game with his boneheaded drop. Todd Grantham did not do a good job adjusting to the Bengals O. The officiating crew was god awful. We got jobbed A LOT and still pulled it out. Suck on that zebras.
gertbfrobe Refs sucked, Defense sucked, and the TV announcers were terrible
skat007 The secondary got toasted all day long. I've never seen guys as wide open as Cincy's receivers were. Two of Palmer's touchdown passes hung in the air for what seemed like 15 minutes and when they came down the Browns defenders still hadn't closed to within 5 yards of the receiver. - The officials looked like they were fixing this mother in the first half. The Browns were called for three penalties on one drive, lost a challenge they should have won, were called for a questionable personal foul on Pool, and the Bengals had two would be penalties turned into no calls. - The TV crew, as usual, was terrible. - I watched several different media outlets preview this game and all they did was dump on the Browns and try to predict what Chad Johnson's celebration would be when he scored. They treated it as a ridiculous notion to even discuss the actual outcome, as if the Bengals just had to show up to win. Well, the media can just kiss our collective butts.
browniefanman No goathorns this week.
brownsjim73 The Bengals offense is undoubtedly very good, but the D has to play better than that. The D-line I expect it from, but the backfield played as bad or worse than the line.
rutger Hard to believe but the tackling was actually much improved today.. All my game balls went to the offensive side but after last week when only Winslow got a game ball at least no-one got any goathorns today.
paledragon TV Announcers - How hard is it to study the rosters before the game and get the names right? I'm sure it can be confusing to tell Eric Wright from Kenny Wright, but IT'S YOUR JOB
rubix60 we won I refuse to name any goats, although the defense could have played better, and I wish they would have, they still kept The bungholes to less points then our offence scored
tomahawkdawg Todd G - 46 points? WTF? Defense - 46 points? WTF? TV Announcers - Boy do we get the champs for our games. Thank God for our radio announcers. AFN - Way to tease me and then pull the Browns game for the Ravens/Jets game.
brownguy90 Pool because he got knocked out and had a penalty on the same play
rogerrice After so long since a division win, any division win means no goats.
brownsclown Where was the pass rush?
lynxis My god damn defense.... im glad you could stop them those 3 times... Let up one more and you would have made it all for nothing.
brownsfan999 really the whole defense
dxdawg These two units and the coordinator could not create any pressure on Palmer. It seemed to me that every time there was even the least bit applied, Palmer rushed and made bad throws. Where was Wimbley? Where was Peek? We need a pass rush...which in turn will let our secondary make more plays.
dp10451 Only goathorns for today is to the fans who had tickets and missed this fantastic team win. Ya gotta show up because ya can never tell when the team will and ya don't wanna miss it.
dawgdc Why is Tim Carter on this team? Please cut him soon....he's useless, RAC & Grantham have to do better. Someone has to be cut or Phil is going to have to use all our draft choices on the defense next year!!! Andra if you whiff on another tackle please "return to bench" and do not return!!!
dirtydave98 This game shouldn't have been as close as it was. How in the hell does the ref miss the foot out of bounds on the replay. I didn't even have the game in HD today & I could see his second foot was in the white! Vickers catch the ball then run, you should of sealed the game today. Carter, just catch the ball! 45 points given up...not good
bluecollardawg No goathorns on this day!
casper99 Total Defensive effort for goats...
bendal Gave one to the entire defense, and Charlie Frye for not being able to ever do this when he was running the offense!
norcalbrownsfan Vickers: Grow up, young man. You can't get one foot on a key fourth and one? And all that daylight you saw on second down with three and a half minutes left, game on the line...went for nothing, even though a perfect play was let the team down when they needed you most....bring on Ali!
seattledawg2 The defense has to improve. Davis needs to plug the run better, Bodden gave up too much to Chad, and Wimbley needs to supply more pressure.
tmac1 No pass rush. At. All.
ravedawg Hard to pick with such a great win. But the TV Announcers never give us credit. Will ESPN give us props this week. I doubt it.
thewuck Could have doused Johnson much worse.
rollred2000 Do we have a defensive line?
rollred2000 In 1925 the Canton Bulldogs were the first pro football team in America. I believe that our D line was starting in that game.
slambar The entire D gets a goathorn for giving up 500+ yards and 6 TDs. This cannot happen again, ever. Eric Wright just gets a teeny-tiny, non-weightbearing goathorn for getting beat on several occasions, including TJ Housyurmama's non-touchdown touchdown. He's a rookie, he's learning.
usspargo No Goats.
bsuhands88 Although he came up with the game sealing pick, Bodden ran his mouth all week and then proceeded to let Chad have the game of his career. I didn't really want to voted for anybody as I still think Leigh is a great corner! I added Ernster cuz he is still terrible and should not be on the roster!. My last vote was for the announcers on t.v. because they sounded so surprised that we could score (imagine what good qb play can do for an offense) Boo dey to the shitcinnatti bungals!!!!!!!!
yogi8 The entire D gets a horn for allowing that many points and yards. Also, I'll give Grantahm and Daisher horns for leading the D and the ST.
atowndawg I know Wilson was inactive, but he needed goathorns anyway.
iupuiguy82 The guys on ESPN are stupid and ignorant!!
griz13 Defense, please don't give up 40 points a game. I don't want to nitpick, but it's going to be tough to win games doing so.
dazedawg Leigh, thank you for sealing the win with the int. But up to that point... ouch.
timbittner317 It's a little more difficult to pick out some goats, but there were some. The DB's looked lost vs. #85 and TJ Housh-whatever-the-f-my-name-is.
And the ref's...holy crap do they know what penalties really are? From my seats in the pound many of the flags were a bunch of crap. For their sake I hope it was only the distance that made it look that bad.
Did Andra Davis forget how to tackle? I saw several plays the he had the RB in the backfield and either completely missed or had the guy bounce right off. Anyway...thank God the offense was up to the challenge today. GO BROWNS!!
rainstoorm Ernster again for last week.
jimdetwiler He announced he was coming, how does Chad Johnson not come out of the pound with a helmet looking like a 1970s New York subway car.
k2isforreal The fan known as Big Dawg in the pound was a disgrace!!
superfork2002 Chad Johnson for a classless move jumping into the dog pound.
goodreason expected the Pound to do better then a few thrown beers
czar2 What happened to the Brown's defense? Oh, I forgot: Ro-ro Crennel is a defensive genius. Oh, I forgot: the Brown's have a defensive coordinator. Oh, I think both of them forgot how to coach. Good win in spite of bad coaching.
willw None this week.
ccdawg49 defense was weak all day, though Bodden made the big play at the end. Vickers HAS to make that catch so we can ice the game. Grantham didn't come up with anything to stop the Bengals.
bomeister TV announcers just continue to suck on CBS, can we get someone without that pain-in-the-ass, fingernails-on-the-chalkboard East Coast accent to announce?? Ever???!!!
section36rowg/td> DDumb ass idiot. Should be banned from CBS.
dawggonesouth He looks pretty silly now.
rogern No goats in this game!!!
dawglberbarb I gave all three to the officiating crew. Nuff said.
kennethvasek I am writing from exile in deepest, darkest Packerland, and if 85 would have jumped into the stands at Lambeau Field, he would not have emerged. The janitor may have found a few remains, which would have been made into jerky.
topdawg21 Thank you Charlie for paving the way for Derek Anderson.
mrgrinch rreally hard to give out any horns... would have liked to see the defense do better, but they did enough.
akrowdyzip We won! So I can't complain, but you can probably bet we won't win another game giving up 45 points. Defense needs to step up.
jerseybrownfan Not going to give goathorns today to the defense but they need to do better although both defenses were kind of equal today. Nonetheless we won and it feels good.
javorskyou To minor to discuss. Lets enjoy it.
usmcbuck10 The defense gave up 531 yards and 45 points and looked absolutely pathetic with each yard the Bengals gained.
zkramp Adam Schein from Sirius NFL radio is very wrong!!! He is a grade a Browns hater. The pash rush was a close second.
chowdogg Tim Carter can't catch...cut him...or better yet trade him to Seattle. Ernster gets another goat for last weeks game him to vancouver. Friedman for trying to run with the football on the kickoff and almost fumbling the ball
mulekicker3 Defense was miserable....but lets just enjoy this one for a week....
matt_rowk-seat18 Hello? Can anyone here play defense? How about a pass rush once in a while?
fladawg1 The refs did everything they could to sway this Cincys way, hell even Housmanzatta (sp?) knew his TD catch wasn't good when they had the camera on him on the sidelines he was like I'll take a gift.
breechman Who the heck is mike adams?!?!? I hope he gets traded/released next.
oarzero Where was our defense today? Did the offense score too quickly? Wasn't RAC supposed to be some kind of guru in this regard?
aqib Defense gets a goat for its 89 points in two games which is clearly not acceptable. I am singling out Brodney Pool because he couldn't get burned anymore if he was on the surface of the sun. Frye gets one for holding us back for so long. Now for the media members who supported Frye. Pluto ran an editorial last week defending Frye with a sob story interviewing every coach of his from HS. Greg Brinda has never been right about QBs. He said he wanted to draft Adrian Peterson because he was tired of discussing QBs. Well if I spent years being wrong about something I wouldn't want to talk about it either. He said if we started Quinn we would win 3 games but if we started Frye we would 7. Greg to the world a favor and just stick with baseball. You are in over your head with QBs.
richard0915 please tell me that they can stop my great great great grandma when she has the rock.
sigcleve You don't have to hurt the guy, but don't have to invite CJ into the dawg pound. Make a wall, turn around and moon him, something...
gbeachy50310 ALL DEF BACKS: Double goat horns for the DBs & Safeties. So many wide open receivers -- no wonder Palmer racked up 400 yards. ENTIRE DEFENSE: We should NEVER give up 45 points to anybody. Ever.
tutorofthestudents Vickers almost cost the Browns the game when he didnt catch that ball on the last drive. While I nominate the fans, it is directed at a certain group that befriended a certain WR prior to the game.
number1brownsfan Any fan that boycotted the game. Ha, ha!
dawglbnut No goathorns this week! I am going to savour this!
thejamdawg It's interesting how all three waived-off calls would have been against Cincy. (Hmmmmmm!) Brutal Officiating. (But the Browns overcame it.)
jerryst Both Big Dawg and Mike the fyeguy or whatever he wants to be called should both be tarred and feathered on the 50 yard line next home game. These two idiots have the balls to hug and ham it up with dientes de oro? (gold teeth) Strip their tickets and send to Seattle with Frye.....
rjh501td> fafans who embraced Chad Johnson before game and when he jumped into the DawgPound should lose their seats or face criticism from neighbors so they give them up to real Browns fans. Hooray for the one guy who threw beer on him!
willy15td> I I would look for the Defensive Line to do better against Oakland.
eezer Cleveland Rocks!
spicydeigo I know the Bangles have a good offense but our d needs to play better. but we won, and made the plays to win.
browndawgsteve Defense - Allowing that many points and only getting 1 sack. Unacceptable.
Pool - Stop peeking in the backfield. Would be nice to stop seeing the opponents receiver standing alone in the endzone catching TD passes.
Bodden - Had a very tough assignment, but the #1 CB can not allow that much production to a receiver.r> CaCarter - Cut him. Thank God we have Winslow as a #3 receiver because we have nothing else.
browngrowler Defensive scheme was weak, imo
wholesaler1972 Wimbley got doubled all game, but he and peek must find a way to disrupt the QB
brownsdawgfan What a pittiful excuse for football coverage from the "World Wide Leader In Sports"
thespazdawg Seriously, What do we have to do to get a color commentator that is not legally retarded?
ashvilledawg 45 Points!?!?! Are you freaking kidding me? I thought our d-backs were a strength!
snopper That first TJ Husmazedah touchdown that was challenged WAS NOT a TD.
magicdog Can you believe they were making excuses for the lack of defence for the bengals? "Oh, it must be because they are tired from their monday night game..." give me a break.
oklahomadawg D. Anderson - For looking like an idiot half the timer> Defense - Props for stopping them when you needed to, but what about the other 57 minutes of the game?
Officials - 3 massively bogus calls/non-calls
srunn49 mymy only fear is that after this win people will think Romeo can Coach
glabonne I think we need to swap out carter for wilson. If someone needs to drop passes it may as well be one of our own draft picks instead of anothers rejects.
vintage1974 Not a goat to be found this week. Everyone stepped up when it mattered the most. I don't care how many points or yards Cinci got. A win is a win is a win.
wesw590710td> ThThose two are sad excuses of what our fans are really about
ajhawkrules What could possible go more wrong on defense!
woodlake 79 points allowed in two weeks. We need to find a defense. The O was pumped to play but the defense seemed to have vanished.
deathbyeagle A win is a win. Why be negative?? We beat the Bungles by a touchdown at our house!! We led by 13 points with four minutes left...this was a great freakin accomplishment!! Anyways, Brodney Pool is better as a nickel/dime defender.....he is not a starter....yet.
teedogg Can't rely on Carter to catch anything. Savage SHOULD have gone after Reche Caldwell for the #3 slot WR while he was available. Brodney needs to do some homework to correct the mental errors.
37179td> CaCan't give up 45 points too often in this league and expect to win
dawglberbarb Officiating stunk.
mudmen As beautiful as Vickers' spin move was, so ugly was the dropped swing pass in the fourth quarter that would surely have gone for a first down and more. Note to Lawrence: remember, to "pull a Northcutt" is not a good>
cash0047 dedefense must play better!
weijusdawg For not knowing where the Dawg Pound is... idiot :P.
vadawglb The special teams gave up way to many yards on coverages. The announcers on the Direct TV feed were definately Pro-Bengals. The officating crew seemed to make alot of calls in the favor of the Bengals even though replays showed differently. Giving up 500 and some yards says it all!!!
dkline76 Chad should have been beatin and thrown out of the dog pound instead we gave em a beer wth!!!
icrywhenwelose Officials were awful. Why have a review process if the only ones that can't see what really happened are the guys in the booth; with HD replay screens no less. That was NOT a TD by TJ Whoareyou!!
gunslinger19 The Browns defense has to work on form tackling this week in practice.
froggy60 missing delay of game and touchdown was scored. missed calls....just plain clueless.....
need to play tighter coverage on receivers.
he looked lost on numerous plays.....
bernie19kozar How can Vickers Drop such a wide open pass?? Better stick to the 3rd and 1 fullback option pass!!
bavarian Gotta be worried about the defense
mmmbrowns I don't see any reason why Grantham deserves a promotion.
freud Can we have a game without one for a change? This may not happen again for a while.
eddieshack Again no pass rush
jimmiller A BIG goat to the dawg pound for not throwing Johnson back onto the field. They certainly didn't have to hurt him, but there should have been a wall of fans keeping him out of OUR house!
panchoc Paul Ernster for just being on the roster again.
xudawg Shameful showing from the two most visible alleged Browns fans. Anything to extend your fifteen minutes of quasi-fame, right fellas?
juneaubrown How does the league not inform Chad ahead of time that he can't go in the seats? That type of "pre-planned" celebration is not needed, and could have caused an ugly>
jdailey23 WaWay to go pound for letting that fag into the dawg pound! You all should be ashamed!
glennchannell Vickers gets a goat for not getting it done on 4th and 1 and then dropping a sure first down when the team was trying to ice the victory. The defense HAS to learn to tackle. At least 4 times they hit Rudi Johnson 3-4 yards behind the LOS and then let him break away for positive yardage.
dayton44td> MrMr. Vickers, you're my only goat.Your drop almost cost the game. Stop trash talkin' too Mr. Vickers and make a play.
clockwork And, what the hell Romeo gotta give it to ya even thought its not your fault. You're still 0'fer challenges. Z-E-R-O for all freakin challenges all time. And this time you were freakin right!!! Are you kidding me?? Wow you got some bad karma dude.
dawghowl The Defense as a whole struggled getting pressure on the qb, tackled poorly and were bad in coverage. Now granted the bengals have a great offense and I really dont think our D is as bad as it looked. But there are alot of things that need to be shored up before next week.
jdavis just like i didn't give any gameballs last week for the egg-laying against the stillers, NO ONE GETS HORNS FOR A HUGE DIVISION WIN (even though there were a few that deserved it.)







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