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It is October 6th, 2002 and the Baltimore Ratbirds still suck. Our sources deep in enemy territory tell us the Art Modell said "David! Get me some more sausages!" at 11AM. Click for Cleveland Forecast


8:30PM on ESPN. Also carried on WEWS-5 in Cleveland. Paul Maguire, Joe Theismann, and some other dude will do the telecast.

I hope that I have mentioned at some point that the Ratbirds suck, because announcers repeatedly fail to being that up.


Internet: WMMS, Browns Official Site

WMMS 100.7
WONE 97.5
WJER 101.7
WIOT 104.7

WHBC 1480
WKVX 960


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Ratbirds suck.

Injuries / Unlikely to Play

Corey Fuller is out, which pretty much stinks. We're just going to have to deal with that and be hope that the Ratbirds brilliant head coach Brian "Sir Talkalot" Billick lets us get out of the game without rolling up the score. Anthony Henry fills in for Fuller. Tyrone Rogers is listed as questionable. Dave Wohlabaugh is as well, which is the Browns way of saying "We stretch the truth on the injury reports a lot". Cutch has to play with a visor, which I don't think he really likes.

The Rats are fortunate in that they don't have anyone really out or questionable for today's game. They're at full strength, such as that is.

Important Notes About the Stadium

Go early. You can't bring anything in, so don't try. In fact, you should arrive naked and with a recent dental x-ray so that your fillings can be examined for potentially harmful chemicals. Don't do anything to embarrass us on national TV, so buy lots of orange stuff, sit down, and shut up. But be loud, too.

Game Preview Thing

Well, last week we figured out that reverse psychology doesn't work, and my unerring wrongness cannot be intentionally invoked to ensure a Browns win. So, as a result, I'm locked into a case of near rigor mortis regarding this preview. If I say what I think - that the Browns will win handily - I will certainly make that desireable outcome impossible.

As a result, I am paralyzed and unable to offer up any game preview. If someone else wants to write these and save me, please send me an email at

I clearly suck at this and so will now flip a coin. The 50% accuracy of this technique is much higher than my hit rate, so here goes. Heads. Browns win.

Ratbirds suck.

- AB


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