Chat Transcript: Adam Caplan

We had another good chat with Adam again this week, at our regular time of Wednesday at 10PM. Read the transcript of Scout's NFL Insider discussing the Browns offensive explosion last Sunday, and what the team needs to do next...

<calkins14> Adam, thanks for all your contributions. Will the Browns' defense come around this season or will we have to wait for next
Adam Caplan: still see 6-10, 7-9 at best
Adam Caplan: defense is really a problem

<Pagedawg> Hey Adam is J Harrison ever going to get a chance to play?
Adam Caplan: PAGE: They don't trust him to play him
Adam Caplan: that simple

<suggs44> Adam, do you think we will continue to see the Brown's offense be ultra-aggressive on Sunday?
Adam Caplan: SUG: to a point, depends who OL holds up
Adam Caplan: big challenge on the road at the black hole
Adam Caplan: silent counts will be important

<TheNNIE> Adam, what's the best way to attack this raider's D?
Adam Caplan: THE: Run first, pass second

<TheNNIE> A lot of size on their line...
Adam Caplan: THE: Slow front four

<calkins14> What is Derek Anderson's baseline? I say that he'll hold off Brady until the 10th game or so if he manages well and doesn't go for broke.
Adam Caplan: Here's the thing with DA, he played with a clock in his head against CIN, he has to do that on the road
Adam Caplan: three step or five step ball has to come out of his hands

<DaBrowns41> will we take advantage of Wimbley being doubled?
Adam Caplan: DA: Peek and Wimbley have to get more pressure

Adam Caplan: BTW, really good news on Winslow, apparently on coaches tape he looked all the way back
Adam Caplan: before injury
Adam Caplan: and they are moving him around
Adam Caplan: Jordan has a bad back , didn't work today but has been good so far
Adam Caplan: could really do well this week if he plays

<suggs44> Adam, did the Browns play that much better with DA or is Cinci that much worse than the Steelers?
Adam Caplan: SUGGS: protection was great
Adam Caplan: most of them graded out well
Adam Caplan: and JT is improving

<ramllov> Adam, If the offense was a highlight this week, can the defense be a highlight against Oakland?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Not unless they can win up front more
Adam Caplan: it was embarrassing how bad Ted Washington was
Adam Caplan: he can't move literally

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, will we see more of Leon against Oakland's running game?
Adam Caplan: BR: Williams didn't play well

<nudawg> Adam, what's the story with Shaun Smith. I only saw him when they were using 4 lineman. they are over using Washington.
Adam Caplan: NU: Washington seemed to be in more than expected, not sure what's going on there, all I can tell you is I was told Washington shouldn't be on the field

<FunkyDawg> Are we in for a huge letdown Sunday?
Adam Caplan: FU: OAK isn't a let down team but hard to play there

<calkins14> How about Jamal Lewis?
Adam Caplan: Lewis had 4 great runs. He needs to be more consistent though.

<Brownsfan91171> Adam: You mentioned the O-line protection being great. Is this something you think will see week in and week out? How about run blocking?
Adam Caplan: BR: Both areas were really good
Adam Caplan: huge holes
Adam Caplan: to run through

<calkins14> Who will emerge as the #3 WR?
Adam Caplan: CAL: Good question, no one can say
Adam Caplan: Carter is what he is
Adam Caplan: Again, they need to find one
Adam Caplan: I would play Cribbs more as a WR I can see that
Adam Caplan: why they don't I can't say

<suggs44> Adam, When may we see Leon Williams take over for Andra Davis?
Adam Caplan: SUG: Williams didn't play too well but I think long-term, he's better

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, any word on if Wilson is showing any better consistency in practices?
Adam Caplan: BR: I don't think they have confidence
Adam Caplan: on Wilson and Harrison
Adam Caplan: which sucks because they can really use both

<ramllov> Adam, do you know if the Browns had any interest in Tank Williams?
Adam Caplan: RAM: You mean Johnson and don't think so
Adam Caplan: By the trading deadline Savage must get a veteran WR in there

<TheNNIE> Chris Chambers is balling in Miami. Is he still on the block?
Adam Caplan: THE: No one will take his salary
Adam Caplan: He's staying in MIA and they have no one else

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, with your comment about Harrison and consistency, is this blitz pickups?
Adam Caplan: BR: Knowing what he's doing
Adam Caplan: overall
Adam Caplan: I just don't sense they want him in there.

<ramllov> Adam, when is the trading deadline?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Next month, middle I think

<DaBrowns41> Any way we ever move to the 46 D? I think if we get a dominating DT, we have the personnel, would really help Wimbley and Jones also
Adam Caplan: DA: They don't have the personnel
Adam Caplan: DA: And BAL scrapped it so that tells you something

<grinch> if they dislike Harrison so much why did they keep him ?
Adam Caplan: GR: I was thinking that the other day, Barclay should have been kept if they thought Harrison couldn't play

<TheNNIE> Is Darrion Scott a 3-4 DE?
Adam Caplan: THE: 4-3 DT or DE
Adam Caplan: possibly DT in 3-4, would have to see

<suggs44> Adam, Any clue which Browns team shows up in Oakland?
Adam Caplan: SU: Only they know, but you'll know a lot about them early in the game
Adam Caplan: if they are flat last week meant nothing

<iconoclast88> Adam, if Anderson continues to play as he did against Cincy . . . does Quinn still eventually get the nod? How long do we sit him?
Adam Caplan: IC: They will stick with Anderson for one bad game, but probably not two
Adam Caplan: Anderson played as well as possible or capable of
Adam Caplan: And so did OL, very encouraging
Adam Caplan: if you give him time and he gets rid of the ball quickly, he an make plays

<iconoclast88> What if Anderson turns into a great starter?
Adam Caplan: IC: Can't see it, doesn't have makeup for it
Adam Caplan: to be consistent
Adam Caplan: not an accurate enough passer

<suggs44> Is it safe to say next offseason with be spent shopping for d-line, d-line, and more d-line help?
Adam Caplan: SUG: A lot more than that
Adam Caplan: RB, WR depth, LB too
Adam Caplan: based on run D
Adam Caplan: They have to get physical

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, any news on Bentley or Baxter?
Adam Caplan: BR: Nothing new, I don't see Bentley back this year

<grinch> Did the Cincy blitz a lot and OL pick it up or just not a lot of blitzes ?
Adam Caplan: GR: They have a higher than average blitz % but I don't think they went nuts with it

<ramllov> Adam, when do you think they start Quinn?
Adam Caplan: RAM: After two bad games in a row for DA

<weDEYbrowns> Adam, are the Browns being creative enough with Wimbley? Could he move around like Keisel in PIT or Thomas in NE?
Adam Caplan: WE: I would like them to do more with him, yes

<ramllov> Adam, what do you think of the new and improved Boller, Balt QB?
Adam Caplan: RAM: They should stick with him but they won't do it
Adam Caplan: BAL down field passing game isn't there with McNair

<wskeezer> Adam: Are there any players that you see the Browns trying to target via FA or trade? Is it even realistic that they would make a significant move?
Adam Caplan: WS: I think Savage makes 1-2 moves by trading deadline
Adam Caplan: WR and DL help

<nudawg> Why is the Raiders having problems on defense?
Adam Caplan: NU: Burgess got hurt last week and pass rush was bad

<TheNNIE> I saw McGinest used as a DT in nickel at camp this year, when do we expect him back?
Adam Caplan: THE: They hope in 2-3 weeks

<ramllov> Adam, Is McNair done?
Adam Caplan: RAM: I think so but they won't pull the trigger

<ramllov> Adam, What about Sapp, DT/NT, does he have a good season ahead of him?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Moving well but he's not the player he once was

<jdawg26> What do you think of the job Kiffen is doing out in Oakland ?
Adam Caplan: JD: I like his approach and OL coach Tom Cable has done a great job
Adam Caplan: Jordan had huge holes last week

<PlayingInJan> 3-3 at the bye - what do you think of the possibility?
Adam Caplan: PL: 2-4 makes more sense
Adam Caplan: if they win this week, yes, 3-3

<nudawg> I don't see Savage making any trades. he has nothing to trade besides draft choices and we don't have enough.
Adam Caplan: NU: Couldn't disagree more, he's smart enough to see what they need
Adam Caplan: He's creative enough to do whatever he needs to do
Adam Caplan: anyone can see their issues

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, is our offense closer to the one we saw the first week or last week?
Adam Caplan: BR: If OL does well, Lewis will do better and so will DA, trickle down
Adam Caplan: but the problem is on the road, we have to see that
Adam Caplan: Huge test

<ramllov> Adam, Do you know if the Browns are going to make Bernie Kosar their team president?
Adam Caplan: RAM: I'd love that
Adam Caplan: Savage needs a real football person over him

<TheNNIE> Does Tucker infiltrate our o-line in 2 weeks? If we're 2-2? 3-1?
Adam Caplan: THE: Shaffer will keep job if he grades out well

<weDEYbrowns> Adam, Any chance McGinest moves inside? Size, Speed is less of a factor
Adam Caplan: WE: Makes no sense
Adam Caplan: has played outside all career

<PlayingInJan> if our OL can play like they did Sunday, we can beat Oakland/Miami and maybe Baltimore.... I think 4-2 is a possibility, 3-3 likely - either way, at least our season wouldnt be over in early November for once =)
Adam Caplan: PL: It's good to dream

<ramllov> Adam, could Savage work with Bernie Kosar?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Depends on if Savage would lose power or not
Adam Caplan: My sense is he won't want to give up final call on personnel

<DaBrowns41> 1,0adam, why isn't smith getting more NT reps? Washington is just getting man-handled
Adam Caplan: DA: I would have to think this week he will

<Brownsfan91171> Adam: is Tucker possible trade bait?
Adam Caplan: BR: Can't see it with his history
Adam Caplan: issues
Adam Caplan: that kosar stuff is interesting though

<calkins14> How about a smaller, quicker DE for passing situations?
Adam Caplan: CAL: Peek and Wimbley have to at least make QB throw ball faster than he wants to
Adam Caplan: that's the problem

<nudawg> Isn't Kosar as team president a bit of a reach? He hasn't served in a FO on any level.
Adam Caplan: NU: All you need is a football person do direct football operations
Adam Caplan: There needs to someone between owner and savage
Adam Caplan: been saying that for two years

<Brownsfan91171> What is the problem with Peek and Wimbley so far?
Adam Caplan: BR: Not getting off blocks consistently

<TheNNIE> Where's Gallery playing on the oak-line? How's he look?
Adam Caplan: THE: Guard and much better
Adam Caplan: Barry Sims too at LT
Adam Caplan: has been good
Adam Caplan: coaching is much better
Adam Caplan: too

<ramllov> Adam, Is Shaun Smith ready to be the starting NT?
Adam Caplan: RAM: He's a rotational player now but needs to be on the field more
Adam Caplan: that's obvious

<TheNNIE> You said that Winslow looked all the way back on tape. Who covers him this Sunday?
Adam Caplan: THE: I don't have access to their playbook but I would think Huff some
Adam Caplan: Who he would beat all day

<ramllov> Adam, What is your opinion of Oakland's defense?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Secondary is underrated
Adam Caplan: LBs are solid
Adam Caplan: and athletic

<weDEYbrowns> Does Oakland have anyone who can match-up in single coverage with Edwards or will they double?
Adam Caplan: WE: Asmomuhga will likely see him

Adam Caplan:
all, see you next week, good chat
Adam Caplan: later

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