Couch Upset with Fans After Loss

A visibly upset Tim Couch tonight offered his opinions on his treatment at the hands of Browns fans, some of whom appeared to cheer when an injury resulted in his exit from the game.

On a rough night for Browns fans and players alike, Tim Couch was visibly shaken this evening by the rough treatment he was accorded by the crowd at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

After being booed much of the night, particularly after an ineffective first half, Couch at one point egged on the crowd while trotting out on the field to a chorus of boos. The low point of the evening was undoubtedly reached when Couch was given a mild concussion due to a blow to the back of his head, an event which appeared to prompt some fans to cheer.

Couch told reporters afterward that the "last thing he remembered" as he was helped off the field was the cheering of fans.

According to our sources, when asked his feelings on the matter, an upset Couch referred to the fan's reaction as "bull***t".

"They have their opinion, that's all", Couch reportedly continued, "I have been here going on four years now, laying it on the line for this team and this city. For them to turn on me and boo me is a joke. It's a (expletive deleted) joke to me."

Couch noted that he had "worked his ass off" and that the fan reaction was resultingly "hard to take". 

When asked by reporters, if the situation was now one of "me against them", Couch unsuccessfully fighting back tears replied, "I don't know. It's not the way I want it, but maybe it's the way it has to be".  

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