Jeff B: An Agonizing Afternoon

Fan commentator Jeff Biletnikoff has the sound of a loss ringing in his ears...

No, it wasn't the timeout that beat them

I'm sure a lot of people will be pointing at Raiders Coach Lane Kiffin's last second timeout that nullified what would have been a Browns game winning FG as the reason the Browns lost.  Since Kiffin lost in a similar manner to the Broncos last week, he probably felt justified in dropping the Browns into the loss column with the move.

As I was leaving the bar, the buzz of "not fair," "dirty pool," "they can't do that, can they?" were ringing in my ears (including the loud drunk woman yelling "wooo" in my ear all afternoon). 

Apparently Steeler Nation doesn't have the market cornered on loud, obnoxious fans based on what I saw today.

Oh, note to women.  Your voices are naturally higher and when you scream "wooo" at the top of your lungs it makes me wish I could be in an isolation chamber with a lion scratching a chalkboard because the sound would be less irritating. 

"Woo" is fine but try to turn down the volume.  Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Back to the game.  The Browns lost today not because of Kiffin's last second shenanigans but because of the usual suspects:

  • No pass rush

  • Lack of key stops at key times on defense

  • Dug too much of a hole at the beginning of the game

  • Missed opportunities on offense whether they be dropped balls or missed receivers

  • No run defense

  • Blown coverages in the secondary

Cleveland, coming off all that emotion of a week ago, goes out to Oakland and does what?  They break the NFL's longest losing streak and hand the Raiders their first win since 10/2006.

You can't beat the Raiders when the best they have to offer at QB is a combination of Josh McCown and Duante Culpepper?


I suppose we got another "moral victory."  I can't wait for Crennel to talk about how hard they fought and how close they came to being 2-1.

So, let's celebrate Browns fans.  Another hollow victory for Browns Nation!


Er, I mean....woooo.

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