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Adam Caplan:
Hi all

<BleedingOrangeandBrown> Welcome Adam. Are the Browns going to pick up some players that can help the D line in FA or is this going to be something we have to look forward to in the draft? Is there any 3-4 D linemen that would be a great fit, namely a permanent Nose tackle to replace Big Ted? Why hasn't Shaun Smith been in there more?
Adam Caplan: BLED: I would expect them to get a DL soon.
Adam Caplan: Big Ted needs to play less

<bohns75> any ideas on who they will bring in?
Adam Caplan: BO: I would expect one to be signed by next week
Adam Caplan: no names yet

<ramllov> Big Ted needs to go away
Adam Caplan: RAM: He's done
Adam Caplan: I would think they know that

<BleedingOrangeandBrown> Any word on KW2?
Adam Caplan: BLE: He will likely wear a shoulder harness
Adam Caplan: is my understanding on the injury

<bohns75> Adam .. do you think they will cut Big Ted when they sign someone?
Adam Caplan: BO: No
Adam Caplan: he'll just play less
Adam Caplan: with smith playing more at NT

Adam Caplan: BTW, Derek Anderson didn't play as bad as some would think
Adam Caplan: bad first half but some really good throws in the second half

<FunkyDawg> Do our Browns have a shot Sunday, or will this be another Steeler-like killing?
Adam Caplan: FUN: Rolle is out again
Adam Caplan: I will say this, if they don't turn it over more than 1 time, they will be in it

<BleedingOrangeandBrown> Do you feel DA will calm down and play more like he did in the second half in the future?
Adam Caplan: BL: He needs to get off to a better start
Adam Caplan: both INTs were bad
Adam Caplan: and he should have had a third in first half

<Brownsfan91171> Adam: Have you heard anything about the defensive changes being made?
Adam Caplan: BR: I may know something after tomorrow's practice
Adam Caplan: today was installation day

<ramllov> Installation day? please explain
Adam Caplan: RAM: WED isn't a normal practice day
Adam Caplan: Thursday is when we get a better idea on lineup changes
Adam Caplan: although they will try to keep that a secret

<ramllov> Adam, When will Brady Quinn be ready for a full offense and start?
Adam Caplan: RAM: He won't play until Anderson has two bad games in a row

<BleedingOrangeandBrown> Do you think Willie McGinest will play Sunday? Word has it he practiced today
Adam Caplan: BLE: He didn't practice, was limited
Adam Caplan: big difference

<Brownsfan91171> Adam: if you were picking our linebacking crew, who would you start?
Adam Caplan: BR: Jackson
Adam Caplan: Wimbley
Adam Caplan: That's about it
Adam Caplan: Peek is clearly limited
Adam Caplan: by injury
Adam Caplan: Williams isn't playing that well

<ramllov> Adam, when they say more players in the rotation, does this mean the backup players get more play.
Adam Caplan: RAM: Most likely

<ramllov> Does McGinest play this weekend?
Adam Caplan: RAM: I doubt it
Adam Caplan: he will have to do more the next two days.

<ramllov> Does Gary Baxter play this weekend?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Lets see what happens the rest of the week
Adam Caplan: too early to say
Adam Caplan: Wednesday is a light day
Adam Caplan: for work

<amore> DQ and Pool - wasted high 2nd round picks?
Adam Caplan: AM: Jackson is a decent player
Adam Caplan: Pool is struggling

<iconoclast88> Adam, do we refuse to blitz our linebackers because of the inability of our d-line to open holes for them to penetrate? The only
kind of pressure we have is either from Peek or Wimbley on the outside. Never both either.
Adam Caplan: IC: I would like to see them move Wimbley around more

<BleedingOrangeandBrown> Do you feel once the DL is beefed up the rest of the Defense will be able to make plays?
Adam Caplan: BL: They need to tackle better, LBs as well
Adam Caplan: ILBs especially

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, it seems last week the pass protection was good, but not really clicking on opening up for the running game. Is this
something you seeing improving?
Adam Caplan: BR: Inconsistent a little on OL
Adam Caplan: BR: Holes where there for Lewis, he did too much line dancing again

<bohns75> Adam ... not too encouraging when you look at our defense up the middle
Adam Caplan: BO: Not at all
Adam Caplan: that was a problem in preseason too
Adam Caplan: but DL has to hold up too

<NattyDawg> Why not use Cribbs as our 3rd WR? He has size and has to have better hands then Carter
Adam Caplan: NAT: I agree that he needs to get involved at WR

<broelf> Adam, what is the status with Al Wilson? Still hurt?
Adam Caplan: BR: Hasn't gotten any Dr. to clear him

<ramllov> Adam, when is the secondary going to get their act together?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Safety play and Wright is the problem
Adam Caplan: They just have to play better, no where else to turn
Adam Caplan: despite all that, if that kick isn't blocked, they might have won last week

<BleedingOrangeandBrown> How do you think Jamal Lewis will fare against his former team?
Adam Caplan: BL: Not well
Adam Caplan: hard to run against BAL

<redright> With good coaching and sufficient reps (starting qb reps) how good can Anderson become? this year? future? what kind of a player
do you think he can grow into?
Adam Caplan: RED: Solid #2 QB
Adam Caplan: doesn't have the best mechanics

<ramllov> The team has not turned the corner, but they are definitely better than 2006
Adam Caplan: RAM: But I think a lot of areas have been exposed
Adam Caplan: that's the problem

<Brownsfan91171> Adam: Are Pool's problems correctable? Do we need to look for a safety in the future?
Adam Caplan: BR: He needs to be in the right place
Adam Caplan: Get lined up correctly and understand what he's doing better

<grinch> comments on the Browns OL so far this season ?
Adam Caplan: GR: Solid for the most part, JT is improving

<bohns75> Adam ... if Anderson still has bad mechanics is that a reflection on the type of QB coach we have?
Adam Caplan: BO: No, it's about Anderson
Adam Caplan: he's not consistent in reading coverages
Adam Caplan: both INTs were the same issue, OAK dropped 7 and he didn't see the LB
Adam Caplan: same on the third one that was dropped by OAK
Adam Caplan: But there's no question he gives them the best chance to win

<zunit4> Where will Tucker play when he comes back??
Adam Caplan: ZU: Backup
Adam Caplan: I can't see them giving him RT job back
Adam Caplan: would make no sense

<ramllov> Adam, When will Brady Quinn completely understand this offense, so that when and if he starts he will play with a full package not a
cut down version?
Adam Caplan: RAM: He has a decent understanding

<amore> Was Wright put in a starting position too soon? Will he turn out OK?
Adam Caplan: AM: They had no choice
Adam Caplan: he had a good preseason for the most part

<Brownsfan91171> Adam: Do we have too many holes to fill in one more offseason?
Adam Caplan: BR: 08-DL big areas and LBs
Adam Caplan: ILBs
Adam Caplan: I think Wright will be better
Adam Caplan: RB-Michael turner

<zunit4> Are the MLBs that bad or does it all have to do with the NT play??
Adam Caplan: ZU: Davis is too small

<iconoclast88> Adam, I would assume that d-line is going going to be our #1 priority if the offseason . . . it doesn't look like there are many
answers in the upcoming free agent class and without a number 1 pick, is it wrong to prepare for this unit to be below average for a good
Adam Caplan: IC: I would think so
Adam Caplan: they have to reevaluate ILBs too

<berben> According to ESPN they think the browns should switch to a "bears defense" like what Buddy Ryan ran. Do you think the browns will be doing this in the coming weeks to stop the run?
Adam Caplan: BER: I can't see them running the 46 now

<zunit4> D'qwell doesn't seem to fit either.
Adam Caplan: ZU: most around the NFL think that Jackson is better

<iconoclast88> I will go cry now. I didn't want to believe you last week when you said Anderson would not remain consistent. What a believer
one game does make
Adam Caplan: IC: I wish I was wrong but he wasn't that bad last week, he didn't lose them the game

<bohns75> Well, it's obvious after 3 seasons the 3-4 isn't working either -- and under a coach who was supposedly an expert in that defense
Adam Caplan: BO: Personnel is the problem

<amore> Any validity: Savage drafts players for a Baltimore type 3-4, but RAC and Grantham play a New England type 3-4?
Adam Caplan: AM: They drafted for 3-4 for RAC
Adam Caplan: That's why Wimbley was taken and not Ngata

<ramllov> Adam. The offensive line, Lewis, Edwards, JJ, Heiden is about all the positive things for the Browns. Derek is improving, but still
inconsistent. What positive things can we say about the defense?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Wimbley obviously
Adam Caplan: Wright will be good in time
Adam Caplan: Sean Jones is a good player, just needs to be more consistent

<dogsqb13> Any knowledge to why granthan/crennel have continued to play a non blitzing defense the entire season thus far.....other than Wimbley we get no pressure...and apparently we cant least we could get some pressure and hopefully have our corners have to cover for a shorter amount of time?
Adam Caplan: DOG: You're right to a point, pass rush is very weak

<grinquisit> Pitt and Balt: what is greatest factor in their ++ run defenses? Coaching, DL, LB's?
Adam Caplan: GR: Personnel to fit scheme
Adam Caplan: and coaching

<zunit4> How would you grade out Bodden so far......doesn't seem like he's holding his own either??
Adam Caplan: ZU: Not playing as well as last year

<iconoclast88> I don't know how any cornerback could be graded well in our defense. When the opposing quarterback has three quarters to
throw to a receiver, there isn't a CB in the league that could cover
Adam Caplan: IC: The pass rush must be addressed

<ramllov> Adam, I thought the defense was going to be the strength of this team. Is there just too many young players?
Adam Caplan: RAM: There's some truth in that
Adam Caplan: but vets aren't doing too well either
Adam Caplan: but again, they're almost 2-1

<BleedingOrangeandBrown> Adam, why do you think Bodden hasn't fared as well as he did last season?
Adam Caplan: BL: Injured for one

<amore> If Savage hires a new coach for '08 will he make it mandatory that Chud and Grantham are kept on as assistants?
Adam Caplan: AM: Too early to say, could come down to who he hires, most coaches won't go for that
Adam Caplan: if they have a lot of cache

<Brownsfan91171> Adam: has Wilson improved at all lately in practice?
Adam Caplan: BR: Not enough to play

<redright> Any WRS available that could help
Adam Caplan: RR: Corey Bradford Rod Gardner

<BleedingOrangeandBrown> Could the Dl problems be a coaching problem Adam?
Adam Caplan: BR: Talent

<zunit4> Any word oh how Brady is progressing in practice??
Adam Caplan: ZU: He's doing well as could be expected

<redright> If Romeo is such a defensive guru, why can't we get our defense to play?
Adam Caplan: RED: Personnel isn't good enough

<dogsqb13> What are the chances Quinn sees the field this week if Anderson stinks it up early?
Adam Caplan: DOG: If they get behind like 20-0, sure

<redright> Is the poor personnel all on Phil or Rac or both?
Adam Caplan: RA: Problem is Lewis isn't consistent enough

<zunit4> What are the chances the Browns will try to sign J. Lewis for a couple more years??
Adam Caplan: ZU: Can't see it
Adam Caplan: he is what he is
Adam Caplan: won't get any better

<Brownsfan91171> Adam: If Anderson plays OK, will the front office sit Brady the whole year?
Adam Caplan: BR: Depends on their record
Adam Caplan: At worst, once they are out of the playoffs, he would play

<DawgHowl> adam: What's the word on Winslow? how likely is it he will play Sunday
Adam Caplan: DA: as I noted at the beginning, good chance, will wear shoulder harness likely

<ramllov> Adam Do you admit that Derek Anderson is a better temporary solution than Charlie Frye?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Admit? What have I been saying for 6 months?

<ramllov> I know, I was just trying for some excitement
Adam Caplan: Ram: I think the Browns really showed what they felt like after one game
Adam Caplan: he can't play-Frye
Adam Caplan: I'm not usually that outspoken
Adam Caplan: unless I see it and those who know what they are talking about see it as well

<BleedingOrangeandBrown> Adam, do you think DA will be able to torch the Baltimore secondary like Kurt Warner did?
Adam Caplan: BL: Doubt it but he can do ok with Rolle out again

<nudawg> Adam, you changed your mind about Anderson during camp. Should have stayed with your instinct. :-)
Adam Caplan: NU: I didn't change my mind at all, what I said was I was surprised at how bad Anderson was in the preseason

<redright> AT this point doesn't Anderson need a little extra time to make his reads and throws?
Adam Caplan: RED: No, he takes too long
Adam Caplan: he needs to process information quicker
Adam Caplan: that's really evident

<zunit4> Have Steinbach and Thomas been holding their own??
Adam Caplan: ZU: Pretty good
Adam Caplan: Thomas is getting better each week

<zunit4> Closer to Boselli than Gallery?
Adam Caplan: ZU: YEs

<ramllov> Adam, is it accurate to say Derek cannot read defenses?
Adam Caplan: RAM: No
Adam Caplan: he just needs to be better at it
Adam Caplan: I think Anderson can get better the more he plays
Adam Caplan: this will be a really good test on Sunday

<wsu99> wouldn't it be smart to go after Scott Pioli from the Patriots and let him run things the right way instead of the hacks we have now, pay him what he wants and sell the soccer team
Adam Caplan: WSU: Yes but he wouldn't take it unless he got full control of everything, coaches, personnel
Adam Caplan: etc
Adam Caplan: I know for a fact he likes Cleveland

<ramllov> Adam, can this defense stop the run?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Not from what I've seen

<wsu99> give him anything he wants
Adam Caplan: WSU: Pretty much agreed

<amore> % chance Savage will be gone in "08
Adam Caplan: AM: 10%
Adam Caplan: Lerner backs him well

<Butzmark> How many other GMs have final say on the rosters?
Adam Caplan: BU: Most
Adam Caplan: if not all
Adam Caplan: unless the HC is the GM-Andy Reid, Shanahan

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, who really controls everything in New England? Does Pioli really have that much control?
Adam Caplan: BR: He's not the GM with NE

<DawgHowl> if Pioli wanted to come here, I would fire Savage and make way for him lol
Adam Caplan: DA: That would have to happen if he came there
Adam Caplan: no way they would work together
Adam Caplan: as Savage wouldn't do it

<redright> Do we develop DA or develop Quinn to play at KC?
Adam Caplan: RED: It's not about developing DA
Adam Caplan: it's about him giving them the best chance to win now

<bsuhands88> Do you think BQ should start, why not we already basically have a rookie starting?
Adam Caplan: BS: Why play him now when they are 1-2?
Adam Caplan: makes no sense
Adam Caplan: veterans would not go for it

<DawgHowl> Adam: how secure is Crennel's job right now?
Adam Caplan: DA: It's a week to week thing
Adam Caplan: if they're 1-4, he's in trouble
Adam Caplan: 1-6, he may be gone

<amore> Money aside -is the quality of the personnel and the way the front office works good enough to attract a top quality HC?
Adam Caplan: AM: Yes

Adam Caplan:
Guys: Good chat, see you next week

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