Browns-Raiders: Gameballs and Goats

Fans got behind kickoff returner extraordinaire Joshua Cribbs and battling tight end Kellen Winslow with this week's Gameballs, and turned their ire on the team's defense and quarterback when it came to handing out Goathorns.

The Week's Results: This week's results were down a little bit not only because of the loss to the Raiders, but because the webmaster in charge of this site doltishly didn't put the voting booth up until Monday afternoon. A game moves from early to late and it screws the nerds up. In any event, those fans who did vote got behind kickoff returner extraordinaire Joshua Cribbs and battling tight end Kellen Winslow with this week's gameballs, and turned their ire on the team's defense and quarterback when it came to handing out goathorns.

Player Gameballs
Joshua Cribbs 188
Kellen Winslow 154
Braylon Edwards 145
Kamerion Wimbley 68
Scott Player 587

No one" (4), Appalachian State, Ted Washington's jock strap, "Fans for putting up with crap", Beer, Old school facemasks, "No gameballs for a loss!", "The footprint on Nat Dorsey's back", Jim Tressel, "Scott Player's Fu Manchu and one-bar", "Browns Fans who attended the game in COLORS", Scott Player's stash, James Barski, "Brady Quinn for being patient", "Tim Carter (in jest) for finally catching a feakin' ball!",
Scott Player's Old School Single Bar Mask Helmet, "Superstar" Billy Graham, "Moo - Sopcast backup!" (2), "Me, for watching all of that!", "My friend, Woody", Orlando Pace, Jay Knecht, Grady Sizemore, "Every Referee on the take, Easy money"


Player Goathorns
Entire Defense 139
Derek Anderson 111
Romeo Crennel 69
Nat Dorsey 62
Todd Grantham 57

GOATHORN WRITE-INS: Darth Vader, Ghost of Olines past, "NFL Rules committee", Darth Raider, "The Philadelphia Eagles throw back uniforms", Butch Davis, Mike Shanahan, Blind QBs, "Derek Anderson's imaginary WR", "Last second time outs!", "Me for getting my hopes up again!", "Playing football on a baseball diamond", CBS (2), "Field Goal blocking unit" (4), "Derek Anderson... again. (he's that inaccurate)", "Special teams but not Cribbs", "Ted's chef", Gerard Warren, TV Announcers, EVERYBODY, "That Wilson dude from Channel 10 FOR PICKING THE BENGALS over the Browns", "The Denver Broncos for putting the "Time Out" tactic in the Raiders Heads.", "Me, for thinking this team had turned a corner in week 2", Lane Kiffin (3), "Ted Washington's two-step with the center", "Steve Beurlein - That guy needs to shut-up", Bruce Arians, "The #86....every player with #86 seems to drop balls", "Me for watching this whole thing", "Not Phil Dawson", "Everyone Connected with this 'Team'", "Left side of the field goal unit", "Romeo's par for the course-dont joke about it-fix it!", "Players Agents, and Referees", Tim Couch


Fan Comments
jcosu86 A loss to the lowly Raiduhs? No game balls.
billybongwater Sweet goatee there Scott Player. Sweet Merciful Crap that thing is ridiculous.
number1brownsfan Edwards, Winslow, and Cribbs are all Pro Bowlers. Besides the first series, the starting OL played great. Player played great!
deathbyeagle K2 and Braylon are finally coming into their owns--at the same time!!
Wish DA was more consistent. Oline pass protected well...I guess
griz13 K2, Braylon and Kam were all studs. Now if we can just get five more first-round draft picks in the offseason...
iwillpierceyou Winslow gets one every week. Braylon is becoming an elite WR. Cribbs needs to ALWAYS be on the field.
bavarian Winslow is the real deal. Needs to quit with the dumb penalties though
ditzman Winslow and Edwards are starting to look like the players the Browns drafted in the first round. The O-line is finally starting to look like an NFL offensive line. Even though they abandoned the run early, Lewis is looking like his former self.
cortkdad Dude can play some special teams. We need more players on this team with his heart and desire. HE ALWAYS SHOW UP!!!!
dkallay Also the O-Line did a good job
ccdawg49 Cribbs may be the team MVP. Edwards and Winslow are starting to live up to the hype, though BE can't drop first down passes.
vintage1974 2 W's (Winslow & Wimbley) and Cribbs get my gameballs. Hopefully the team ends up with more than 2 W's but with RAC at the helm, who knows. Prove me wrong Romeo...believe me, I want you to.
browniefanman Fans should get a gameball, and possibly a prescription medication to deal with the schizophrenia that is the Cleveland Browns.
tomtrojan Cribbs is the best return man in the league. Winslow is the best TE in the league. Braylon is getting there
topdawg21 There shouldnt be gameballs when we lose but whatever
playbrowns Cribbs continues to amaze. How did this guy not get drafted? BE is making catches this year that seemed impossible based on his play last year. Keep up the good work Braylon! Player looked like a player in the punting game and with his facial hair. Watching punts just got a whole lot more entertaining.
czar2 You've got to be kiddin' me! You want me to vote for a player deserving a gameball? Not on your life.
mikehey Its time to start Quinn
samatlanta O-Line had another very good game, against a much better defense than Cincy. Jurevicius was open...too bad our QB was the only one who didn't notice. Scott Player gets a gameball for punting well, and having the stones to wear a loose single-bar!
srqdawg The way Cribbs is playing, Maybe he should play QB and Cornerback. The OLine seems to be the only decent unit on this team - go figure. The fans get a gameball for dealing with more heartbreak.
sg2431 A special game ball to Raiders offensive lineman, Cornell Green, who on 3 different occasions became the Browns best defensive player.
salesman217 Cribbs is a football player with high standards for himself and for the team. He goes all out. What he lacks in talent, size and speed, he makes up for in effort and heart.
shakadawg Section 328 was ROCKIN' - even in the first and third quarters when we sucked. We put up with a LOT of verbal pounding from idiot Raider fans too.
ruffrog I almost gave a game ball to the whole special team.... but I can let myself due to the fg block. If i could just give it to the punt/kickoff teams I would
brownbill These three receivers are studs, but the QB is a dud!!! If Quinn can get them the ball, were going to have a great offense. Too bad were going to waste this entire year!
browndawgsteve Winslow - Best TE in the NFL. Incredible
Edwards - really coming in to his own
Cribbs - absolutely amazing return man.
Rob Chudzinski - Once he gets a real QB at the helm and a #3 receiver. Watch out.
dawgdc DA played a bad first half, but he atoned for that in the second half. He drove what 55 to 60 yards with 1 minute and 13 seconds on the clock and put us in a position to win can't ask for much more than that. K2 is a Warrior I just hope we can turn this around so we can keep him for his career. No matter what people say this Offensive line played well except for McKinney's gaff's on back to back plays....they are keeping DA's jersey clean.
rollred2000 Nice job Josh too bad it was a wasted effort for that waste of a team you play for.
rutger Cribbs, Edwards, and Winslow plus the OL get game balls..
jerseybrownfan Thank god for Josh Cribbs. He comes to play every week. Winslow too. Edwards I definitely see improvement in this year. It is time to give Quinn a shot I feel.
bigdaddy78 We lost another game we should have won. No Balls at all.
vadawglb Cribbs is awesome on special teams and hopefully we can get in in to the offense a little more. Winslow Jr. enough said, the man is a stud and has a heart of an Old School NFL player. Player did a great job for only being here a week.
skat007 Braylon and Kellen are our playmakers, and they are making plays. Chud is putting guys in the position to make plays too, but bad QB play cost us the chance not only to win but to blow this the Raiders out. Kamerion Wimbley is a force on D, too bad him and Peek are the only ones in the front seven that are playing worth a crap.
mmmbrowns Its nice to see some first round picks looking like first round picks.
shrooney Cribbs proves he is one of the premier return men in the NFL. Braylon still showing he can make some great catches
lynxis Scott Player, for having the coolest look ever. Wimbley for his 2-3 sacks. Edwards for his effort.
gbeachy50310 NOBODY gets a gameball for a loss, generally. But I'm making an exception in this case for JOSH CRIBBS who did everything in his power to help the team. 99yd KO return for a TD, killer tackles on special teams, took a snap on a trick play and made positive yards. OK, and one more SCOTT PLAYER for coming in off his couch on the unemployment line and playing A-level special teams effort. Nice work. Sorry the rest of the team was crap.
clevebrowns19 Cribbs=STUD Winslow=MONSTER Edwards=MONSTUD
brownsdawgfan Pretty bad when the punter gets one of the three gameballs...
mtsames Nobody gets gameball in a loss
shegalofus Scott Player's single bar face mask !!!
chowdogg Tim carter catch a pass....did he drop any in this game
willy15 Joshua Cribbs is amazing. I hope the Special Team Member stop committing penalties, so his great plays are not called back.
thejamdawg You do have to give credit to Anderson for that last minute drive.
phelix17 Adios, Romeo.
tomahawkdawg Josh - Should be Pro Bowl bound. Should. Be. Braylon - Another solid effort.  Kam - Almost up to your expected per game total. Now you need 2 next week. Moo - Thanks for the sopcast was not working, but you kept me "in the game".
fanofbrwns Just clone Cribbs and Winslow! Its our only chance. Maybe its time to give the rookie qb a few snaps in the junk time( first half ).
apvic hey we scored 24 points and had a chance to win... not pretty but we still had a chance.
gertbfrobe Cribbs he needs to play more. Moohead for putting the game on his site, Thanks Moo.
tdh48 In spite of the results, Cribbs is amazing. Winslow and Edwards always play with intensity and if DA improves his consistency we could become a very difficult team to defend. Now if we could only inject the entire team with their passion and desire.
delwork7 Same every week
bulldogdad Wimbley is the only pass rush we have. Anderson struggled but put us in a position to win. Winslow is a flat-out, Pro Bowl-caliber stud who consistently wreaks havoc on defenses; now if he would just eliminate the mental mistakes...
dawgonit0207 Thank god this team has a "few" playmakers
josh19 Kellen Winslow is a true warrior. That catch at the end of the game was amazing. Its scary, and good for a Browns fan, to think what this guy would be like if he ever got to 100% or if the team had a half accurate QB throwing to him.
dixiedawg Had to give my friend Woody a Gameball this week - he is 100% cancer free!
mrhowley He recovered after a shaky start and almost brought home the win.
dazedawg Braylon and K2 are men among boys.
brownsclown The team hung in together, even though they did not play well and gave us a chance to win, on the road, at the end. We may have to live with the ups and downs of Derek Anderson, but his guts and leadership are unquestioned.
vtbrowns Cribbs, BE and K2 were the only players to show up and actually wanted to play. BE is turning into a great WR.
c0loradodawg Only players I saw a true effort from.
buckscobrownsfan Winslow leaves it out on the field every game. He is an awesome TE. Edwards is starting to show signs that he can consistently catch passes of all types in games. Signing Player was a good move by Savage. It will give Zastudil plenty of time to fully heal so that he doesn't re-injure himself.
juneaubrown player steps up and shows that even at age 39 he's still a playah! got to like the effort braylon and kw2 keep showing.
gdnelson57 start brady!
bsuhands88 Not much needed to be said about K2, he just does it week in and week out. The same can be said for J.Cribbs he is really turning into an elite return man (who would love to see him with more chances on offense) I have to also vote for the O-line, minus the stupid penalties their pass protection was near perfect! I also have to give Scott Player a lot of praise for stepping in and doing a phenomenal job (plus gotta love the Hulk Hogan look)
houndfromhell After every game, lets grill the zebras the way they do the coaches. This would be called BEING ACCOUNTABLE. I would bet, a good 25% of those flag throwers would not even be able to show us where the foul occurred. 1 referee can in fact control the points scored thussly they can control who wins and by how much. Thank You...
jdavis Cribbs is the MVP of this team; BE, despite a key drop on 3rd down, is still showing that he's ready to backup his off-season chatter; Scott Player deserves a gameball based simply on appearance.


Fan Comments
sfanbeck DA has to start seeing his open receivers, of which there were many.
billybongwater Well, we almost won a game that we should have lost. And did. Defense anyone? Por Favor?
number1brownsfan Too many. The entire defense, including staff. Our run defense is pathetic!!!  Will the real Anderson please stand up. Why is Tim Carter on this team? Romeo needs to go by season's end. Can we please get Marty, a proven quantity?
deathbyeagle Defense flat out got embarrassed. The Raiders were calling pop warner-like sweeps to the left and right. And we had no answer!!!! Yikes!!! Eric Wright needs to sit back and learn a bit. Daven Holly needs to start---that might sound strange but he is a ballhawk. Ted "Washed up" Washington is awful!!! Travis Wilson must really suck if he cant beat out Tim "Dropcutt Part II" Carter....that number 86 is a curse.
dawggonesouth That time-out rule is lame-o
scoobdogcsu20 Phil Dawson SUCKS
griz13 Romeo Crennel - You don't know how to prepare your teams to play. Which seems weird. What's your job description again? Defense - You're terrible. Fix it. Seth McKinney - All it took was one game for you to go from all of us thinking you were great, to you being a poor man's Cosey Coleman. Good job sucking all day.
iwillpierceyou STOP THE F***ING RUN. Why can we not figure out how to do this? We suck and I'm tired of sucking.
bavarian This guy is a joke. Once he's on the ground they have to roll him over before he can get up. Just like a turtle. Let someone with some athletic ability play. Whole defense basically sucks. They should return their game checks
ditzman If not for a Bush league time out, we might have forgotten how bad the defense looked. Thanks Shanahan!
cortkdad This defense REALLY SUCKS. I have been a Browns fan since 1960 and have NEVER seen such a PATHETIC group of wimps. PUT YOUR HATS ON SOME PEOPLE AND STICK 'EM FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!
yardman9 How can a former Defensive OC with the Pats become the HC for the team with the WORST defensive in the NFL?
dkallay Savages missed draft picks are killing us.
ccdawg49 DA, a starting QB can't throw 2 INTs and miss wide open WRs. Run defense is horrible.
vintage1974 Outside of Wimbley you are all a sorry excuse for a defense. All we hear are excuses, excuses, excuses. Especially from our D mastermind RAC. Our D couldn't stop my grandmother from putting up a hundred.
browniefanman CBS gets goathorns for going directly to 60 Minutes instead of switching from the just-finished Bengals game to the not-yet completed Browns game.
tomtrojan The defense needs to man up. This is getting pathetic. They need to look at themselves in the mirror and be honest with what they see. as bad as the offense played the defense made me think we were playing against JIM BROWN. i hope romeo starts kicking someones a##
topdawg21 We are a horrible team that is badly coached.
playbrowns The entire defense is the worst defense I have seen in a long time. Where is the creativity? Anyone saying Grantham for replacing Romeo needs a serious re-evaluation of their mental status. Nat Dorsey had to have bet on the Raiders because there is no other explanation for his pathetic attempt at blocking on the FG attempt. Same goes for Seth McKinney. He had a horrible game, that's his one mulligan. Bentley come back soon!
appraiser Stop the run! Wow, that was easy.
czar2 Maybe one day Savage will awaken from his world of delusion and kick Ro-ro Crennel and his merry band of ne'er-do-well coaches out on their a**es and bring in people who can coach. The rot starts at the head, as in all stinking fish. Ro-ro must go, NOW! It's a firing that should have taken place along with Mo-mo Carthon. Kiss Cleveland good-by as long as Crennel waddles along the sidelines.
slick74 That product on the defensive side can not be called a defense. Its time to purge the defensive coaches.
samatlanta Grantham and Romeo, don't get too comfy in Cleveland. You're both defensive coaches, and our D is pitiful. Either fix it, or you're done. Derek Anderson, here's a tip... if you find yourself thinking about throwing to a guy with more than one defender covering him, SOMEBODY ELSE IS FREAKING OPEN, YOU DOLT!!! Oh, and those kinda big guys wearing the different uniforms with number in the 50's are called "linebackers". Please learn to recognize them on sight, because YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO THROW THE BALL TO THEM!!! I hope Jurevicius kicked you in the nuts after the game for missing him EVERY TIME HE WAS WANDERING AROUND IN THE SECONDARY, WIDE-FREAKING-OPEN!!!
djw333 We all wondered if the offense could continue the momentum created vs. CIN. About 5 plays in, it was clear to everyone that last week was indeed a fluke. And don't even get me started on the D and their inability to tackle running backs.
hoggirons Krispy Kreme for turning Crennel into a mindless turd.
srqdawg Honorable Mention goes to DA - if he can just have a consistent game then the last second heroics (or lack thereof) would not have been necessary. DA's 2nd half play nullifies his sucky first half enough to avoid the goat horns but not nearly enough for a gameball.
sg2431 Enough of Crennel and Todd Grantham, the Laurel and Hardy of the NFL.
salesman217 Nat Dorsey is a tub of goo (field goal blunder). The defense is in it's third year in the system and should be playing better together. McKinney jumped offsides a few times and is guilty by association with Dorsey on the FG.
ruffrog When the only thing the broadcasters talk about is how fat ted is and how he can move.... and they laugh on air.... something has to give??? Romeo's cousin's belly must die... (bad spinoff of a bad movie title)
jab Does the D realize that this is not 2 hand tag at an intramural HS setting. They are getting paid ungodly $$$ for that putrid display. DA should move to the D side with his 2m manly attempts of tackling(he must coach our tackling drill practices)
brownbill disgusting display, time for new direction at the top, Marty ball may have been boring, but we did compete! these guys looked like they wanted to be at home, not fighting for a share of second place in the division!!!!!! I hate the owner who is supposed to be a fan for what he has done to this team. A little emotion from the coach would sure be nice. I think there is an old Pittsburgh coach available, I would get him at any price!!!!
browndawgsteve Dline - Can't stop the run and can't rush the passer - worthless
Grantham - He is ultimately responsible for this D and it is terrible
LB unit - Ever RB we faced this year is over a 100 yards. Would be nice to fill the hole every now and again
Anderson - Someone let him know that LBs do drop into coverage and some can even catch the ball.
dawgdc RAC and Phil Dawson are terrible period. Tim Carter need to be in the arena league he sucks!!!! The defense needs to be dumped period..they couldn't stop a POP Warner club. Grantham need to go too
rollred2000 Auuuuugggggggaaaahhhhhhhh. The most hapless looking football team I have seen. Forget about last week This is the real CLEVELAND BROWNS !!!!!!! Hey Todd your defense stinks!
rutger Crennel, Grantham and the entire defense get the Goathorns.. To even call these guys defensive players the way they duck away from tackle attempts is an insult to every high school and college player in the country that actually does show a desire to put a shoulder in wrap up and bring a ball carrier down.. And to think I actually said that the tackling improved during the Cinci game in spite of the score..
brownsfanmn13 This defense is one of the worse I have ever seen. Is it me or every time the other team has the ball, it appears that we are always 1 or 2 men down. Complete areas where we have no one near the ball. Pretty sad
jerseybrownfan Defense stinks, Offense other then the Cincy game isn't a who lot better. Maybe it is time to give Quinn a shot since Anderson is not consistent.
bigdaddy78 I give Leon Williams the horn for this gem when asked why they can't stop the run..."we did some things good, we did some things bad." Hey MORON, you are dead last in Defense, its ALL BAD.
vadawglb The coaches have to take the blame for the team coming out so lethargic and confused. The defense which was to be our strength looks terrible and I'm not sure if any of them no how to properly tackle. Phil has to get us a good D-lineman soon or it will be a long season. His 3rd round and later picks have to start producing or we may never get back to respectability in the league.
skat007 To paraphrase Dennis Green, Derek Anderson is who we thought he was. Inconsistent, ridiculously inaccurate and unable to read a defense, and turnover prone. Three good drives a game isn't good enough in the NFL. This kid will never be a starting QB. - Grantham is probably the most overrated member of the reincarnation of the Browns. For all the fuss made about him, all I can see is a defense that seems to be getting worse each year under him, despite an increase in talent. - That said, the entire defense is at fault here, because playmakers make plays, and outside of Wimbley and (gulp) Daven Holly no one is making plays. - The TV Crew sucked, as usual.
mmmbrowns If the Browns D can't stop the Raiders, what hope is there?
shrooney Ugh - Defense was HORRIFIC!!!
alaskanbrownsfan God, Does Romeo know how to get on players for not producing?????
lurp2k Maybe Derek Anderson should get a gameball instead since he's guaranteeing that we see Brady in week 8.
lynxis Nat Dorsey because he is only asked to give effort for one play and collect his paycheck and he cant even accomplish that.... All the coaches because IT WAS F***ING OAKLAND THAT WE JUST LOST TO.... Who the f*** starts out down 16 to OAKLAND...... The entire defense, D coaches included for absolutely sucking ass 3 weeks straight. GREAT JOB YOU F***ING HACKS... Tim Carter could very well have the worst hands in the NFL. Play Wilson or Cribbs.
tosquare Am tired of the announcer, who is blasting the weight of Ted Washington. Last week, at the cinny game, he drew a basket around his abdomen, and said, how many burger kings do you think can fit in this basket. AND HE GETS PAID, for comment like this. It continued this week at the Raiders. He needs fired!!!!!!!!!!!
gbeachy50310 ROMEO for not being able to get the team prepared to play. Why does it take an hour before the team finally gets into any kind of rhythm? 3rd and 40 on the 1st possession? Are you kidding me? What in the hell is going to happen when we play NE in a couple weeks? ENTIRE D for a crappy effort overall. And DA for overall poor decision-making. Too many poor throws to open guys. Damn, just hit 1/2 of those missed throws and we win the game running away like last week. 18 of 37 is less than 50% completion rate. Pathetic. Just hit a 60% rate and that is 22 completions. Those extra 6 completions, even the least significant ones, would have changed the game in a huge way. Get your mind straight, man.
brownsdawgfan Hey DA, You see that guy standing there wide open?...No..not that one, the one in the Brown Jersey....throw him the ball!!!
i4browns991 Retire you pig you are an embarrassment to the team and the league, so long ted
mtsames The whole team for thinking they are something that they are not being winners . The defense is putrid and totally disgusting. The screen pass by the Raiders on third and 23 says it all.
shegalofus I can't believe Ted Washington can move with that gutt. Does he get something special if he goes over 400 lbs ?
P.S. Romeo makes Charlie Weiss look svelte.
ikoiko Nat Dorsey should suit up in a matador uniform next week.
willy15 Nat Dorsey can't even block on the one play that wins the game...shameful.
thejamdawg So, Romeo is supposed to be a Defensive Genius? YEAH, RIGHT! He is just not a good NFL Head Coach.
phelix17 Defense is pathetic. Coaching is horrid. These guys are never ready to play football. More of the same from Romeo.
tomahawkdawg Romeo - I thought you were a DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR on a Super Bowl team? WTF? Was Bill carrying you? Todd - Where is your defense? Defense - Where are you? Lane Kiffin - You just had to do that. Not that I wouldn't have, but, hey, thanks A-hole.
fanofbrwns The principal of playing defense is to STOP the opposing team. 3rd and 23!!!! 3rd and 23!!!! and the get 27 yards on a simple screen. Can anybody tackle?
apvic how in the f@#$ can you not hold a block for 2 seconds?? Anderson is so damn streaky...the "D" really, really blows.. and when is the media going to get Grantham up on stage and skewer his "ass" ??? how about asking the "d" line guys in the locker room what the hell is going on?? are you reporters scared???
gertbfrobe Dawson's kick too low, Crennel did not have them ready to play AT ALL. Kiffin is a dick. Can Anderson not throw behind his receivers and please don't throw into double and triple coverage, you're gonna give a freaking heart attack!
tdh48 Admittedly the defense could be decent with improvement on the line but the way they've been playing a decent high school team could score against them. STOP THE RUN!!!
delwork7 Again, same every week.
bulldogdad Pool and Wright need to grow up fast: all the physical tools are there, but they have not demonstrated any mastery of the mental side of the game. For the love of Pete, get washed-up Ted dietary counseling and get his mammoth, immobile ass into retirement. Live and die with Kelly or Smith or somebody that has some glimmer of upside - we can't do any worse.
mas1369 Most thought the defense would be a strength. They have been absolutely terrible!!!! Nate Dorsey fell on his behind letting the last FG attempt get blocked.
dawgonit0207 where's the passion? Where's the pride? It starts with the coaching!
josh19 Those freakin announcers are flat out terrible. I enjoy watching the game until I hear one of those idiots start talking, then its painful. My mute button is my favorite button during gamedays lately.
mrhowley 3rd and freakin' 23. Nuff said!
dazedawg Can I vote more than three goathorns for the defense?
cortkdad How many times will you have to "look at the film" to see that you suck at coaching this team!!! The re-runs have to be getting old, Romeo. I sure as heck know they are to me. I record games for my library of games I started in the 80's. Now I turn of my recorder in the second quarter just about every week. Your team preparation and execution is absolutely terrible.
brownsclown The bottom line is, if we can't stop the run, or apply any better pressure on the QB, it will be a long season for Browns fans. Hopefully, whoever the team leaders are on this defense will step up and get everyone to play with a little attitude.
hardy921 special teams place kick oline !
vtbrowns Derek Anderson tried to do way too much, and started believing his hype after one game. His accuracy is absolutely horrible.
writerdawg Why is Nat Dorsey playing on one of the game's most important squads? Why don't we have our BEST blockers out there? This is a total indictment of this coaching staff. The defense in this game was putrid. Absolutely putrid. I had a hard time watching them, especially in the second half. Anderson was his usual schizo self in this game, and I gave him a goathorn. However, the guy hasn't even started 10 NFL games, so I'm not giving up on him yet.
c0loradodawg Run defense is broken!! Special team breakdown.
timrick How can Tim Carter get hurt every week, he doesn't do anything.
tmac4 CBS for not having games in HD!
fletch416 For adopting the same "don't give a crap" attitude that his coach has. I'm so sick of supporting an average team. I sure hope that the defense has a pulse by the end of the season. We play very soft.
grouse This mess has got to end!!!!!!!
cortkdad The more I read post-game comments each week, which are usually after another loss, I continue to see players, coaches, front office personnel (that be YOU Phillip) make excuses and tell us that losing just 'happens' some times. That is no longer a satisfactory response!!! A drastic change in the mindset of this organization must take place and IT MUST HAPPEN NOW!!! That means that WINNING IS THE ONLY THING and losing IS NO LONGER AN ACCEPTABLE OUTCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
buckscobrownsfan Grantham has yet to have his defense ready this season. Crennel does not have the ability to be a head coach period. Genius as a DC, less than average as a head coach. Nat Dorsey should be either placed on the practice squad or cut after letting DT Tommy Kelly through to block the kick. Dawson does not have what it takes to win games in pressure situations. His initial kick had a higher trajectory than the second kick. That is a hallmark of a kicker with a suspect leg and no confidence.
srunn49 The win against Cincy didn't mean that he could coach
juneaubrown at the start of the year i kept saying that our d will keep us in wrong I was. How could our d-backfield fall apart so drastically from what was a pretty good unit last year this.
gdnelson57 Get some d players!
floucka Successful conversion of 3rd and 23... Relaxing on game winning field goal attempts
bsuhands88 I honestly believe DA is a good QB, but he isn't a starter, not yet anyway. He is young and has plenty of potential, but to start in the NFL you have to be able to hit the easy throws consistently, especially when you have plenty of protection. E.Wright needs to step his game up big time, I know he is very young and raw but this what he asked for and he needs to learn from his mistakes faster! I have vote for Romeo again this week because he needed to pull DA and give Quinn a shot to lead this team back from the 16-0 deficit. If Cribbs doesn't return that kick we would have been blown out. I mean we get the fumble right after that and we do the same old Browns routine of not being able to finish the drive, even though the play calls were right on, DA just couldn't hit the simple wide open throw to Heiden with great protection! Put in Quinn!!! Wow did we really lose to the Raiders???
rbj40 Same 'ol ..... same 'ol!
houndfromhell This is only my opinion, I have no article on the subject, I guess I'm saying that I'm just spouting off at the mouth.
jdavis Defense - is that rotting flesh I smell?; DA for coming back down to earth and putting the team in major holes; Tim Carter, because now that he actually caught a ball, RAC might continue to play him.



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