Jeff B: Perfect Storm

The good feeling after the Browns victory over the Ravens should last a while, according to fan columnist Jeff Biletnikoff...

Does it get any better as a Browns fan?
*Cleveland won.
*They won because they beat Baltimore.
*Brian Billick looked stupid during the game (especially when he tried to throw the challenge flag too late).
*Ray Lewis didn't get to pull out his "in your face dance" much today.
*Todd Heap wasn't a factor and had to finish the game on the sidelines.
*Steve McNair couldn't lead a comeback for once.
*Braylon Edwards, Kellen Winslow and Joe Jurevicius came up big against a quality defense.
*Braylon Edwards made Chris McAlister look foolish on his TD.
*Ed Reed may have gotten an interception but he couldn't help his team win.
*Kamerion Wimbley made the Ravens offensive line look foolish in the latter part of the game.
*"Super rookie" Yamon Figurs didn't help Baltimore to a win.  Instead he mightily contributed to the loss with his key fumble.  Tell me you didn't cringe everytime a writer or announcer would talk about Figurs speed with awe this week.  It was sweet to see him look like a rookie out there.
*The Browns offensive line looks like the real deal, doesn't it?
*The Browns are 2-2.
*The Browns are 2-2 but are 2-1 in the division.  Would you have thought that possible when the season opened?
*The Steelers lost.
*The Steelers lost to (chuckle) the Cardinals.  I chuckle not because the Cardinals are a bad team but because the script was set up perfectly for the Steelers to roll since they were facing a team they looked to have superior firepower over.  They were SUPPOSED to go 4-0 and couldn't seal the deal.  Beautiful.
*The Steelers aren't going to go 16-0.
*Hines Ward and Troy Polamalu were forced to watch the loss from the sidelines.
*Coach Tomlin didn't look like a genius this week.
All in all a GREAT DAY.  Cleveland beats the Ravens.  The Steelers lose.  Many of the characters that have TORTURED the Browns in recent seasons (Ed Reed, Chris McAlister, Ray Lewis, Steve McNair, Todd Heap, Troy Polamalu, Hines Ward, Brian Billick, etc.) were either non-factors or had a bad day.
How sweet it was.
I can suffer through a lot of sub-standard performances if the football gods can give me a day like this once in a while.

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