Gameballs and Goats: Week 4

There is love for the Browns and the opposite-of-that for the Ravens. The Browns fans have spoken!

The Week's Results: How strange is it to see the offensive coordinator and offensive line both getting a huge share of the gameballs in a given week. Well, given the events of the past eight years, it's really weird. It's not "Terrell Owens bringing you a nice cup of tea and asking to make sure you use the doily" weird, but it's weird. The rejuvenation of Braylon Edwards on the field and in the hearts of Browns fans continues, as the WR places first in the gameball voting. After a good win at home, it's nice to see fans using their goathorn allocations to get some long-overdue revenge. Brian Billick got most of the scorn this week, but spots were reserved for old nemesis like Art Modell, Carmen Policy, Dwight Clark, Maurice Carthon, Ray Lewis (he's retired, right?), and even Lane Kiffin and Ickey Woods. Browns fans have long memories.

Player Gameballs
Braylon Edwards 194
Kellen Winslow 160
Derek Anderson 148
Offensive Line 75
Leigh Bodden 63
Rob Chudzinski 63

Brian Billick's Slow Release (5 votes), "Braylon Edwards for doing the O-H-I-O when hearing Hang on Sloopy!" (2 votes), Matt Stover (3 votes), Scott Player's pornstache (2 votes), Arizona Cardinals (2 votes), Redzone/Goal Line Defense (2 votes), Steve McNair, State of OHIO, Miller High Life (Orange Cans Only), Every d*** one of them, The officials for finally calling a fair game, The Season of Dreams , Nachos w/ Cheese, "Section 135, Row 10: Seats 20, 19, 18", ALL THE FANS THAT STAND UP AND CHEER!, Ralph Brown, Shannon Dawson, Sam Rutigliano, blind officials, bkirby, Orlando Pace, Jay Knecht, Grady Sizemore


Player Goathorns
Defensive Line 73
TV Announcers 50
Tim Carter 41
Ted Washington 35
Lawrence Vickers 29

GOATHORN WRITE-INS: "No goats" (6 votes), Brian Billick - Offensive Genius (10), Art Modell (6), Triple coverage, "Dawg Pound Mike and Big Dawg for high fiving the enemy", Sopcast, "Refs for depriving us of another bottlegate on Billicks slow flag", "Art Modell, everyone who works, plays, coaches, or roots for the Ratbirds", Rushing Defense (2), Bart (Landfill) Scott (2), CBS for not having the game in HD, Ravens!, "All's Forgiven, for Now ", Anderson Haters, "Those Sissy Players that Can't Tackle!!", Defensive Pass Rush, "All the fans that gave up after week one", "Nat Dorsey- I am still pissed about the Oakland Game", Lane Kiffin, The City of Baltiwhore, "Many of the Ravens...Thank God", Luke Perry, Steelers, Art Modell, Negative Nancy Fans-Just Go Away!, Linebackers, Matt Stover's boyfriend, Ray Lewis (4), "ALL THE FANS THAT WANT TO GO TO A GAME AND SIT ON THERE HANDS!", "Inactive Wilson and Harrison scrubs", "Only getting to vote for 3 gameballs", Stadium Security, Carmen Policy, Sloppy tackling, Bruce Arians, "5 missed tackles BEHIND the line on ONE #$@&ing play", Fat Groundhogs Everywhere, "Mr Hyde in advance for next week!", No HD broadcast, "the prevent defense we were in during the 4th quarter", Maurice Carthon, CBS TV Time-Outs, "Carmen Policy and Dwight Clark", The smokers, "The refs, submitted by Brian B.", Icky Woods


Fan Comments
yogi8 RAC had them fired up. KW2 is our inspiration. The OL didn't give up a sack. Need to play a little better on the goal line though
mas1369 O-line was excellent!!
frumanchu These boys came ready to play! DA played smart, Edwards had a great day, and Bodden continues play as a top NFL CB. Lewis did his job grinding out tough yards against the #1 run D in the NFL, and the coaching staff clearly had a plan and had this team prepared. What a great game!
brownsfan1313 Two division wins! Chud's offense is looking better. O-line has been fantastic in pass protection.
saurus Thanks Moohead for the stream but you a self important ignorant tool!
iupuiguy82 The team rallied and we came out attacking...Steelers here we come...
jmiller40 Chud for the first half. The receivers for obvious reasons
jerseybrownfan The whole team and coaches deserve a gameball for putting it to the Ratbirds. More then anything this was something I really wanted to see today. Can't wait for the day for the Browns to do the same to Pittspuke!
writerdawg A very special write-in for Chud. This offense is a pleasure to watch. Also, I'd like to buy some polish for the smoke and mirrors the D used to hold of Baltimore all day.
muskiebuck Our two #1 draft choices Edwards and Winslow are finally panning out for us-and Joe Thomas looks like a keeper at LT.
shrooney On the fence w/K2 for missing that block on a Lewis run but kudos for his toughness and getting out there to play. O-line kept the QB clean and made some holes running the ball.
suzi_q Everyone gets a gameball when you beat The Illegitimate Franchise. Old Skool facemask gets two.
gruff OL for pass protection. OL Minus points for running game.
tdh48 Could have given many more game balls. Now if we can improve as much this week as we did last week, this season could become fun.
lynxis edwards and pool for 2 good plays.... all players get one for a good all around effort.
vadawglb O-line kept Anderson clean most of the day. Winslow is just a monster out there, even though he missed a block. Edwards playing like the player we all had hoped for when he was drafted
dawgfather The fans deserve a gameball today. The fans were loud.
tomahawkdawg Derek - rating over 100, and you are 2-1 this year.
Leigh - Nice pick.
Braylon - Looking for pro bowl votes.
O-Line - Way to not give up any sacks!
Moo - Thanks for giving me a chance to watch the game from Japan.
cawahoo Sorry but 3 was not enough spots....
buckeyeindenver For as much grief as we give him (usually rightfully so), Romeo should get plenty of praise for having the Browns ready to play and getting their 2nd division win. The defense played a quality bend-but-don't-break game, especially in the 2nd half, letting the Rats burn clock but not score, and the O-line was rock solid against an active (if seriously overrated) defense.
seattledawg2 The quarterback and receivers won the day, with steady help from Jamal Lewis, but the defense pulled together with a lot of leadership from returning veteran Willie McGinest.
ravedawg It is great to see our team beat the Rat Birds. The Orlando backers where going wild today. Great effort by the whole team. Go Browns...
vintage1974 wow. don't really know what else to say. K2 is a stud, I love watching him play. braylon...props good game. Chud...great game plan, but the second half was a little choppy. Romeo...ummm win 2 or 3 in a row and you might get a game ball from me (don't hold your breath).
brownnoser Brian Billick for throwing flags slowly.
tdh48 You can give Edwards and Winslow a gameball every game but DA played great and the O-Line gave up no sacks once again so I wanted to reward them. Also, RAC has taken heat all year and deserves credit for preparing this team.
danamob Anderson did a much better job of avoiding the panicked mistake. As for the Soldier - I admit to not being a big fan of his when he was drafted. He has since shown a great deal of maturity and leadership that has earned my respect. He has grown up a lot the last two years. Can't believe I'm giving a gameball to a scUM grad, but Braylon is becoming the bigtime receiver we need to have to win ballgames.
dirtydave98 Cribbs got the game started off on a good return and the offense made good use of the return by putting 7 on the board. Chud is calling good games, if DA can be a little more accurate we would of had 30+ points today. Overall a good day for the offense. Keep it going guys.
usmcbuck10 The offensive line continues to improve as the season goes along. They played great today.
slambar Good Derek showed up. I'll take a 2-1 TD/INT ratio from him every week. The O Line, ZERO sacks in 3 games, only one since DA has been QB. Makes you say, "Charlie who?" Willie McGinest gets one for putting at least a little starch into the D. Still gave over 400 yards, but 13 points is excellent!
timbittner317 The Stadium was rockin'! The whole team decided to show up. GREAT!!! The few things that made me worry aren't even worth complaining about. If I could hand out another gameball I'd give it to Balt's coaching staff. They had no clue how to come back. But isn't that great!!!!! GO BROWNS!!!!!!!!
bomeister Give the coaches their due this week, finally had a winnable game plan, I can't remember the Browns leading 14-0 in the 1st Q and 24-6 at half time, during the regular season in a LONG time.  Offense and D gave us enough to win. One game away from tying to lead the AFC North, who'd thunk it??
dawgdc You can't say enough about our Offensive line. They done a great job even in week one....There keeping DA clean. B-Eazy is turning into our Chad Johnson great game. There is noting more to be said about the "Souilja" K2 is a beast period. Busted shoulder and he plays like he did...make him the face of the Browns along with Quinn. Shaun Smith played a good game and I'm glad he started along with Ethan Kelley....the best thing Kelley did was not dance with the Center today something TED BIGS has been doing lately. DA for managing the game except for that forced throw for an interception. Duh Raidahs for the wake up call because we should be 3-1 Kam for the 4 quarter pressure and Todd with a great defensive game plan.
losangelesdawg The defense did enough, but what a difference a good offensive coord. means...Chud mixed up the plays so both the passing and running game is working...we're scoring about 27 points per game...that's allowing us to be competitive....
dapound That's the way you come out swinging. Nice play calling. A little more Winslow would be nice.
grouse DA's pants weren't even dirty. He's got to feel in heaven compared to Couch and Fry
number1brownsfan NO SACKS TO THE RAVENS!?!? I'm starting to love our new OL!!!
ritterhe Braylon is coming up big in every game. Wish I had another gameball for Joe J. & Kameron Wimbley.
spicydeigo The team is starting to gel and turning the corner. Good win in all phases of the game.
fanofbrwns "Bend, but Don't Break"!!!!! Great When We Win! CBs Wright & Holly the only ones on DEFENSE who can TACKLE!!!!!!!
gbeachy50310 ENTIRE TEAM: Nice work across the board, Offense, Defense, Special Teams, coaching, play calling. Looking at the stats, I have no idea how we won this game. Yards, time of possession, rushing yards, passes, passing yards, first downs -- on paper it looked like we got manhandled. But I watched the whole game and we dominated on the field. Nice win, boys.
fanofbrwns Just a Happy Fan!!!!!!! One game at a time.
topdawg21 Job well done as a team
spicydeigo Great win, this team is starting to gel and is turning the corner. We played good in all phases of the game.
rogern If I had room, I'd add the entire offensive line for kudos. Geauga Dog
mfabrams Best Conference Win in Years!!! No Offensive Goats. I can actually face others with a respectable game to stand behind. This is a great day for Browns football.
chowdogg Willie McGinest played a good game after watching him last year I not sure where that came from. Mike Adams for his enthusiasm and interaction with the fans...he hugged one of the beast cancer ladies and it made her day. Edwards/Winslow combo is getting sweet
playbrowns I could give out more gameballs than this. The performance made by the entire Cleveland Browns organization and nation, from Randy Jammies himself down to the masses in the Muni lot, this was a sweet tasting victory. All Hail Phil Savage and Romeo Crennel! At least until the next loss and subsequent 'Cooler meltdown.
irishjt I voted for Anderson for forgetting last week. He had 2 TD passes in the first quarter which led us to a great start. I gave Edwards a game ball because his TD was huge. His TD came right after Leigh Bodden's pick which was key because Baltimore was driving. I gave a write in vote for the offensive line because they gave Lewis and Wright a few nice holes. They also kept Anderson clean yet again. Joe Thomas held Terrell Suggs in check. He is really coming along.
dawghowl Major props to the OL once again as they came up big in pass protection. No sacks allowed against a tough ravens D, very impressive and a job well done! Braylon came up with big as he has done in each of the last 3 games. He keeps it up and he will find himself in the pro bowl. K2 had some clutch catches that set up scores for us. And for him to come in and play with a bummed shoulder and play well, major props to him. And for a bonus I'm gonna give Crennel a gameball. He had the team fired up and well prepared for this game. Nice job today RAC!
tutorofthestudents Give the o-line the love it deserves, they made it possible. Braylon is coming into his own, couple nice catches paired with his huge TD reception. K2... what else can you say about a guy that just shows up to play with passion every week.
ccclay57 Bodden played great, covered, tackled, broke up passes. Although Pool gets an honorable mention with that end zone break up. Edwards keeps getting better. Winslow was cutting and running like a receiver, all with a banged up shoulder. Could his knees be healing?
brownsfanmn13 Was great to see a solid performance on offense. It was even better to see the defense put up a little bit of a fight. They still can't stop the run, but they did enough today. K2 & Braylon are studs. One has to wonder how dominating K2 would be if he hasn't been injured all those times.
willy15 The offensive line did a great job. Game Balls should go to many more than the 3 allowed. Good Job...Browns.
strobedog Great production from the o-line. We moved the ball against a stout defense.
browndawgsteve Oline - Getting better every week.
D. Anderson - Still worried about how he continues to throw the ball into double and triple coverage, but gets the ball away quick and continues to get better.
Winslow - Best TE in the league. incredible hands and can not be covered
Edwards - Cut way down on the drops and continues to come along.
bulldogdad Solid team effort - a true pleasure to see the offense come out of the gate ready to play ball. I think the o-line is playing at a level we haven't seen since the late '80s: DA has hardly been touched the last 3 games. The d-backs really tightened things up, and BE and K2 are becoming premier weapons we hoped they'd become.
anthonyd They were not great but did enough to when.
troodawg Winslow plays after the seperated shoulder and has a very good game; How much is Zastudil making? Leigh Bodden was all over it.
brbbva Its great to have some real players to root for!
bsuhands88 The o-line in my opinion is slowly becoming exactly what I expected after all the off-season moves. For them to keep DA on his feet for the third straight game is amazing. I would still like to see DA complete a higher percentage of his passes when receiving such protection. Kellen Winslow, enough said, he is through the truth when you talk about real football players, and BE has slowly started to become the player we envisioned when we made a #3 overall pick. Keep it up fellas and lets get ready for the Patsies!
keysdawg Unbelievable.......... No sacks from the ratt D??????? We have something special here guys!
dawgpoundr Looks like Edwards has finally realized that he'll have a lot more fun with the fans on his side, and he's not in Michigan anymore. Keep it goin!
griz13 Braylon continues to play like one of the best WR in football. What a nice surprise. The offensive line has been first-class. How refreshing. Kellen Winslow is the biggest Cleveland Browns badass since Eric Turner. I don't think I could love this guy more.
dawgonit0207 Way to go O'line. No sacks from Baltimore... Incredible!
pissonpitt Willie for making it back and making a leadership difference.
iwillpierceyou So this is what it's like to have a line that protects!
mulekicker3 The O-Line played brilliantly against a great D. I actually saw Hank Fraley on Ray Ray at the 2nd level. Even after 12 years, I still love you Matt Stover.
rollred2000 One of the most enjoyable games I have see in quite a while. Thanks O line for a great job blocking, kudos to Joe Jurevicius' touchdown catch, Jamal Lewis' great running, Kellen Winslow Jr's timely receptions. Joshua Cribbs is always an exciting player to watch. Derek Anderson is going to stroke me out. Looks like a world beater then average, then bad, then back to good. Will you please cut it out! This team stresses me out enough as it is. Hank Fraley's great tackle. Do ya think he might demonstrate that to the defense? Thanks for an enjoyable Sunday at Cleveland Browns Stadium.
deathbyeagle Thanks to Ralph Brown for that INT.
K2 and Braylon are really playing well. Credit to DA and Chud for the playcalling and execution of the offense.
dawglberbarb I also think the officiating crew deserves a gameball for not letting Billick get away with his nonsense of throwing the late flag.
brownsclown I was at this game. When the defense needed a play, Wimbley made it. Jamal just for beating a team that gave up on him. Kellen because he is the best player on this team period. We did not play great again, but we held home turf and beat Baltimore by 2 touchdowns. Impressive!
muddydawg67 K2, BE, JJ... We have some tough, badass weapons... And the way this O-line is playing, and DA is getting in the groove, it is a TREAT to finally see them being used.
weijusdawg Maybe Romeo has figured out that division games matter?
gingerdeadman Entire Offensive Line - No sacks in 3 straight...WOW
confuseddog Phil, thanks
gilewicz I think you have to give one to the coaching staff. I think they stuck one in Billick's ear (other orifice if you prefer). Hopefully more to come.
sincitydawg Gameballs all around in this one. Braylon gets one, KW gets one for playing through his pain and having a big day. The O line gets one, opening up holes for Jamal and protecting our QB all day. Props especially to Joe Thomas.
glabonne If I had a 4th is would be Wimbley. He was relentless in the second half
froggy60 DA is doing a very nice job.... Braylon has come into his own now. Kellen is becoming a very good team player.
sfanbeck The best all around TEAM performance in a long, long time. the fans even stepped it up a notch, making CBS a very loud place for the rats.
appraiser Thank you and I hope you are here to stay, Cleveland Browns Football!
ditzman Can you say O-line? The Browns finally can. Offense is looking more consistent than they have since the Browns have been back. K2 and Edwards are the real deal.
brownbill good times!!!!!!
roshjizor How good is this O-Line!?! This is what we have been dreaming of for years. A REAL NFL line that actually protects and creates holes for runners. Besides the Steeler game, how many sacks have they given up? One? And they can't be held accountable for the Steeler game since Frye held onto the ball waaaaaaaay too long
brownsman2002 Gameballs all around for the oline, Edwards and especially Winslow.
juneaubrown got to love the Anderson - Edwards connection!!! and BIG gameball to bkirby who's making me a copy of the game!
apvic If eveyone on defense was as tough as KW this team would be undefeated.. B.E. is really starting to come on... keep it up brother !!!!!
bigdaddy78 I'm willing to pony up and give them all a game ball, they did well, and played to win. I think the fans did a great job as well.
dp10451 The O-line is playing well and starting to get that cohesiveness that is needed for a good line. The team has scored more points than I've seem from them in a while. That has to be Chud. The "D" seems to give up a lot of yards but that don't win the game. They did an excellent job of keeping Baltimore out of the endzone and that does win games. Great team win!
englishdawg Fans - listening on the radio CBS sounded the loudest since the Atl game. The crowd noise seemed to cause some penalties. This is claiming back homefield advantage. All players - this was a team win. All of them deserve credit - bigtime. Radio Announcers - these guys have had to cover some bad times and it was so good to hear how they covered a game that always felt like a Browns win. The radio coverage was great. Scott Player - We didn't punt much but when we did it was effective
hawaiimike Hank Fraley, for the best tackle of the day. Can you play Ironman, Hank?


Fan Comments
yogi8 none today
azbrowns No one played bad enough to get any goats. Some people could have improved, but I can't give a goat to a team the continuously executed on both sides of the ball when needed
frumanchu None.
iupuiguy82 We need a pass rush...badly
jmiller40 Why ALWAYS go completely conservative once a lead is established. D-Line Sop the run.. Linebackers-make the majority of tackles in ONE game for God's sake. The secondary always leads in tackles. The safeties need to learn how to pass cover.
jerseybrownfan None
writerdawg No goathorns for a win over Baltiwhore.
muskiebuck Goathorns to Rob Chudzinski for taking the air out of the football during the 2nd half-a dangerous strategy when our overmatched defense began to tire.
gruff 2-2, imagine if we had a D. Grantham move Wimbley around, get creative ,earn a paycheck dude
srunn49 Great win still doesn't make him a head coach
hockeyman88 If defenses didn't play so many darn triple coverages, we'd quit throwing so many Ints. Triple coverages get the big horns. Nat Dorsey for last week's "block" keeping us from 3-1
tdh48 No goathorns. Nothing outstandingly bad.
lynxis grantham still needs to get his head in the game... adams and anderson also get goats... adams for 1 boneheaded play, and anderson for another mind numbing pick.
gadzookie1979 No real pass rush throughout the game. Still lack the ability to stop the run.
vadawglb When will they learn to wrap-up when tackling? Grantham needs to ensure his defense learns to wrap up and stop playing that sorry prevent defense TV announcers were just waiting for the Browns to fold and I didn't here too many compliments about the Browns. Give us a break for a change!!!!
gentlemanjim I know he's not with the Browns, but I picked Billick on principle, just because he's a douche bag.
tomahawkdawg Safeties still need to step it up. D-Line you worked with the LBs to give up another 100 yd rusher. Shore it up boys. Sopcast - what was reliable is now turning into yesterday's news. Screw you NFL.
other bjk Got to vote for Art as a goat -- not enough bad plays to single out a Brown.
buckeyeindenver Other than Anderson's horrendous interception (and that's obviously something we'll just have to accept with him), nobody on the Browns did anything to remotely deserve being a goat today. CBS did, though, by assigning Kevin Harlan to the game again--that moron's brainless bellowing makes my ears bleed. And make Baltimore a goat for being the most overrated media darling in the NFL. If you struggle to beat the Jets and Cardinals, you're not going to the Super Bowl. Deal with it, Ratbird fans.
seattledawg2 We have to stop the run much better.
vintage1974 no goats. solid game.
brownnoser Rich Gannon for sucking horribly at his job.
tdh48 No goathorns when you dominate the Ravens.
dirtydave98 the defense is still an issue for this team. We can't keep giving running back 100 yd games. The secondary needs to break up passes, enough of this let em catch it and we'll tackle them. Knock the ball down.(Pool did make a nice play in the EZ). Not sure what TG & RAC defensive game plan is but they need a new one. We won't beat NE if the defense plays the way it did against the Ratbirds
usmcbuck10 The defense is going to kill us in a close game sooner or later. There seems to be no improvement. Missed tackles are still a big problem as evident especially on the McGahee run.
slambar Robaire Smith for being offsides, Mike Adams for some stupid penalty. Ted "It was not me that did it" Washington for wasting a roster spot.
bomeister Art Modell sucks, and now so do his pretender "Baltimore Browns". Defense played as well as it has all year, maybe changing DL was a needed change. DA's biggest mistake was throwing that INT into coverage but it didn't hurt us in the end, Laus tibi Christi!
dawgdc Tim Carter for still being on the team and Phil Dawson for missing field goals again!!!
walldog Boo to all fans who left early.
dapound Ratbirds had 300 yard passer a 100 yard rusher are were never forced to punt. Yet we won the game handily. amazing.
grouse Ted needs to retire
networkned Linebackers for still missing tackles and not shedding blocks in run defense
rottnmoore He's a tool
number1brownsfan WHERE IS THE PASS RUSH?!?!? Why can't Phil Dawson make every easy FG? I hope we can pick somebody up better next season.
ritterhe Hard to give out a goathorn when defeating a hated division rival. Would be nice for the "D" line to start either getting pressure on QBs or stopping th run.
fanofbrwns Sleep well tonight men, you deserve it. The Patriots are around the bend, time to step it up some more!!!
gbeachy50310 First off, props to ANDERSON for a solid game. However, he gets a goathorn for again throwing into triple coverage. Triple coverage means someone else is wide open! Find that guy, and we'll be unstoppable. And goathorns to the TV crew for continuing to dredge up how poorly we did last week after every great play this week. No don't review how great we executed that play right after it happened, go back a week and show something crappy. Idiots.
fanofbrwns Broke-Arm Whimps!!!! Old-Farts on the D-line, let it go and retire! Time for Purcell and Chase, Fraser to start and develop by playing and gaining experience.
topdawg21 Travis Wilson once again inactive. What a waste
rogern no goathorns for this game!!! Geauga Dog
mfabrams Rich Gannon - You're starting to sound like another Theismann. We need to keep winning so we can actually here some respectable announcers. Gannon is annoying.
jmates there is none-The team and staff did the big one BEAT RATBIRDS ha ha ha
chowdogg Tim Carter ...I wouldn't throw to him either
playbrowns If it wasn't for these clowns, we would be 3-1. Lane Kiffin might as well just join Mike Shanahan's black market blumpkin ring cause he's a nickel and diming bas***d just like him. Oh, and Baltiwhore, karma is a bitch. fArt won't ever see the Hall while he breathes a breath out of that stinkhole he calls a mouth.
irishjt I couldn't vote for any goats. I guess I could have said the defense again but it's hard to nit pick after a division win.
dawghowl Hard to give out goats with a nice win like this. Yea the defense gave up a bunch of yards, but we held the ravens down in points and only allowed one td on the day. The D still needs a lot of work but showed improvement today and was good enough to win the game.
tutorofthestudents Bottom Line? This defense can't tackle. Period. Brian Billick gets a write in because he sucks.
ccclay57 Davis is not the play maker, I don't care how many tackles he makes, he's seldom at the line of scrimmage, Dawson got lucky after he missed a chip shot. Jackson needs to lose the 15 pounds he's gained. He's slowed down to much
brownsfanmn13 Not much to write in today. D-line still sucks. Would like to see us get someone who can make a difference in there. We allow too many yards on the ground.
willy15 No Goathorns this week for the Browns. Some could still play better, but the Win and the effort are appredciated. The Ravens had a number of players deserving Goathorns.
strobedog Of all the great people from Ohio that could come in and sing Hang On Sloopy, they bring in Luke Perry? What's wrong with you people???
browndawgsteve Dline - Yet another 100 yard rusher and until last drive absolutely no pressure on the QB. Brady is going shred us.
LB - See above. Grantham - We have discussed personnel issues, but all of our blitz are being picked up, etc may be a design issue. Washington and Carter - Why are these 2 still on the team. The only space Washington takes up is cap space and the only thing Carter can catch is a crap from the fans.
bulldogdad TV announcers for laughably commenting that the Browns were letting the Ratbirds "hang around". I have to give DA a mini-horn for that flat pass that could have been picked off and taken to the house: that could have been a huge momentum swing. No other horns!
troodawg Mike Adams had McNair on the safety blitz and whiffed. Did Kam play today?
smithlel How can we have goats when we beat the Ravens?
brbbva It did not count because of the penalty, but Dawson missed one he should not have. It could have been costly.
bsuhands88 First I had to vote for Nat Dorsey again, just b/c that lazy a***ole cost a chance to be 3-1 last week against the horrible Raiders. Secondly, Zastudil is really starting to irritate me with this out of nowhere back injury, but thankfully we picked up a solid punter in Scott "Hulk Hogan" Player, the mustache is really awesome. The biggest goat in this game was our linebackers again, I getting so sick and tired of watching opposing running backs bounce off of pathetic tackling attempts. These guys are young, fast and talented, so it baffles me to try and comprehend why they can't get off blocks and make consistent tackles. All I do know is that they have to really step up this weekend or NE will have a field day like I hope they do tonight on the Bungals! Go Browns!!!
dawgpoundr Great win, but continue to give up an awful lot of running and passing yards.
griz13 Run defense could still use a little work. I don't think that's an overstatement.
dawgonit0207 I've seen better tackling at high school games. Get back to the basics.
pissonpitt Vickers really needs to quit the high school first down celebrating.
mulekicker3 Daven, despite this better game, NOBODY on this defense has the right to dance after ONE tackle. Get back to the huddle!!! Kellen, please take the chance to light up the OLB on a counter. Z, I don't know why your back hurts, the one-bar wonder hatin Player Scott is carrying YOU.
tromick1 Its apparent now Ted Washington is here to just collect a pay check, 400 lbs and still getting blown off the ball
rollred2000 I would give a Goathorn to the D line but having watch the Browns play four games I am now sure we don't have one. Does anyone on this team know how to tackle? Hank Fraley had the best tackle all night and he's the center. Not a good sign.
deathbyeagle We beat the Bengals at home by 1 TD and the Ravens by 2 TDs at home....we should be freakin thrilled!!!!!! No horns! Although, we do need a #3 WR. Tim Carter is invisible out there. Is Travis Wilson that bad??? Oh yeah, refs were awful again.
dawglberbarb Against a better offense, our tackling (or should I say lack of) could have cost us the game. Make those guys who miss tackles practice til their arms are ready to fall off.
brownsclown Pool for terrible tackling again. Carter because he does nothing, and the D line for no pressure and very little help against the run. This week the goathorns are small and hard to find. Pool made a great play in the endzone, so he never got down on himself.
muddydawg67 Hard to bitch at an overall solid performance, but tackling has GOT to improve. I counted 5 misses behind the LOS on a play that ended up as a long Ratbird run.
gingerdeadman I'm not giving any goathorns..that was an awesome game.
sincitydawg I'm too happy to give any goathorns today. But our Run D and no pass rush is a real problem.
glabonne When will the "D" start tackling? McGahee would have had about 30 fewer yards if everyone tackled the way Wright did.
froggy60 Come on coach your playing your db's way to soft.... Hey Tim come join the party and do something positive.... Brodney you still need to cover better....
appraiser No goats today!
ditzman Washington looks like a statue out there. He was great in the day, but we need more. The D-line needs to come together. Next week will be a huge test for the entire defense.
egillen None this week. I don't recall a stupid play, except for the interception. Since Anderson played well overall, no goats today.
brownsman2002 Brian Billick is a horses ass. The guy will blame anyone and everyone if his team loses. Next time, keep the red flag in your pocket not your dirty disgusting sock you moron! Besides you would lost the challenge anyway dipshit!
djw333 Nat Dorsey gets goathorns again for making a 3-1 team into a 2-2 team.
juneaubrown How does that vaunted defense feel today? What was that Ray, "there are no weaknesses and this defense"...really? Still stand by that?
apvic Damn........ the browns better hope and pray Kam does not get injured... he is our " pass rush " !!!!!!!!
bigdaddy78 None to speak of. Although DA still tries to get a ball into one guy on 4.
dp10451 Romeo has to understand ya don't want to kill the enthusiasm. Calling T.O. when the crowd is at a roar with the opponent at the line of scrimmage is a no-no. And where were all those 73,000 fans? Come on people, this is our team. Show'em ya care!
toad The end of the game was horrendous with 20 minutes of TV Time-Outs, just so we could fill 3:40pm to 4:00pm. Heaven forbid we should get done early!
englishdawg Nobody on the Browns team, coaches or organisation should get goathorns after a win like this. While some performances may not have been perfect the result was and that's what counts. We spanked the forces of evil in a game where the lead never changed hands. Now let's build on it. Billick gets horns for being arrogant, classless and overrated.
dawgin can't believe i don't have anything negative to say
hawaiimike Tim Carter, for still taking up a roster spot.
floucka The part of Derek's brain that compels him to throw into triple coverage




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