Hanford: What a Win!

Top Dawg looks back at the Browns victory over the Ravens

Boy, what a win, dawgs, what a win! What a way to get back to .500.

To beat a team like the Baltimore Ravens. Who would have thought the Browns would have won this game? Especially the way they did it. They played well in all phases of the game, particularly on offense and defense.  

Derek Anderson . . . what can you say about this guy? I know all you fans you there have the Brady Quinn watch going and everybody's wondering when we're going to see Brady, Brady, Brady with chants from the fans.

But you've got to give Anderson a lot of credit. This kid is starting to play well and win games. He's starting to look good with this offense. And defensively, we did everything we were supposed to do in order to stop the Ravens.

It was great to see the fans into a ball game again. It was good to see us win as a team. Even though it's still early in the season, there's hope again I'm telling you. There's hope with this team.  

The difference today was we came out from the gun and took it to the Ravens right away. And we took it to them in all phases. Today, this team was ready to play. The players took it upon themselves to be ready and it showed.  We were up, 14-0, before we blinked an eye.

I was really proud of them because last week in Oakland, I was disappointed that nobody was ready to play. It was the second half before we were ready to go.

At no time did I think it was just a matter of time before the Ravens would come back. It was a wonderful feeling sitting there watching the game. Pure enjoyment.   

We had control of this game from start to finish. That's a great feeling.

The players were focused, they were ready to play, it seemed like they were well coached, the game plan was all good and they did their homework on the Ravens.

Now on the other hand, the Ravens have to be really disappointed. This was a big, big win for us in the division.

Individually, a lot of people stood out. Derek Anderson . . . you guys have been giving me a hard time about this kid, but I told you from the start he could play. He's starting to do the things he needs to do to win games.  

Look at him. He's starting to use all the weapons he has. Braylon Edwards . . . here's a kid who's doing everything right this year. He's making the big plays. Look at the big, big, BIG touchdown catch he had. And what can we say about Kellen Winslow Jr.? Again, this guy's having big game after big game.  

The defense showed up today. That's where we were having our problems these last two games. Even they played well.

Next week, we go to New England and frankly, I'm scared. I don't know what to think. But at the same time, I'm excited about this team because football again seems like it's alive and well in Cleveland right now. 

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