Sponsor Love: Howards Jewelers

Wherein we again bow down in awed wonder before the greatness of our advertisers...

Here at OBR headquarters, we have just completed our six-foot tall sculpture, made entirely out of now-empty beer cans, in the image of Howard, of Howard's Jeweler's fame.

Why do this? Because only the most brilliant and perceptive companies deserve such respect. And because we have a lot of empties.

Howard deserves such an honor because Howard's Jewelers has stepped up to sponsor the OBR, as well as other fan-run local sports media powerhouses in SportsTalkCleveland.com and Serious Fans.

There's also an important message Howard is trying to get to the most crazed fans on the planet which is, of course, "Why Pay Retail?".

Since a lot of us here are guys, and guys need to buy jewelry for their significant others, who do things like tolerate the presence of six-foot tall beer can sculptures in what was once a formal dining room, he's created some special deals for OBR visitors.
Check it out:

1. You can get a $50 gift card just for stopping in to any of Howard's three Cleveland area stores (located in Maple Heights, Mayfield Heights, and Parma)

2. Howard has special sales events that are coming up over the next two weeks. Check out what he's got cooked up.

3. There are some incredible loose diamond prices that are on the second page of the special OBR page that Howard's has created. They really did search the net to set the lowest price they could find on those diamonds. If you need to buy a diamond, you'll get the best deal there you can find.

4. One of our own can help you out. You've a friend in Scott, who hangs out with us here at the OBR, who works at the Parma store and can help you out with any jewelry need.
In the coming weeks, Howards will have special sales going at all three of their locations. Here are the dates and times:

Mayfield Hts  Friday 10-05    10am -8pm
Maple Hts     Saturday 10-06  10am-8pm
Parma Hts    Saturday  10-13  10-am-8pm

Let us once more bow in reverence towards Howard, a man of unchallenged vision and low, low jewelry prices.

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