Adkins: Quick Hits from the In-Box

Lane replies to questions from fans about what's happening with the Browns...

From the forums of The Orange and Brown Report, my PM (private message inbox) has been filling up with questions regarding the team, specific players, and what is transpiring with the team. Here are Quick Hits from those the PM messages:

Q: Derek Anderson is playing well, what are the odds that we see Brady Quinn anytime soon, as in the next couple weeks as many have speculated?

LA: I do not see Quinn getting on the field anytime soon, unless Anderson is injured. Anderson is playing fairly well and playing with confidence. The team is supportive of him and he is making plays. If he begins to play poorly, then I believe we will see Quinn, but something tells me Anderson is going to continue to play well in this offensive scheme.

Q: Is it me or does Jamal Lewis appear to be a little slow to hit the hole. It just appears to me that he is indecisive, do you see the same thing?

LA: Jamal Lewis was never the quickest in the backfield, but he was better than average. I have some concerns in regards to how quick he hits the hole and as well as his vision. He looks to be attempting to make something out of nothing on occasion, while there are lanes fairly close to him. Another issue of note was how quick and decisive Jason Wright was on his couple carries against the Ravens. At this time, the Browns run blocking is not nearly as effective as the pass blocking has been and may take awhile to come around. In the meantime, expect more of the same from Lewis.

Q: With the state of the defensive line being so poor, why don't the Browns sign someone or call a player or two up from the practice squad?

LA: Too bad the Browns do not have the talent available on the practice squad to immediately improve the run defense and pass rush. The two rookies on the practice squad (Pittman and Purcell) have some ability, but are raw players. They do provide an energy this defensive line lacks and may be an alternative later in the season, or if injury further hampers this line. As for signing a player, the available talent which could come in would be limited.

Q: Why is Jerome Harrison on the roster if the team does not intend on playing him?

LA: It's called depth and development. Right now, Harrison is not in the position to replace Lewis or the reliable Wright.

Q: You noted in a thread in the ATI that you believe the Browns defense will improve in the coming weeks. Where are you getting this thought from?

LA: It's coming out of that dome on top of my shoulders actually. Seriously, Willie McGinest may not make big plays at this stage of his career, but he knows how this defense works and is great at getting guys pumped and into position. If there is one man on the defensive side of the ball that can make an impact other than Wimbley, it is McGinest and his knowledge. Watch him closely on the field, he is always talking and moving guys into position (or out) due to the play.

Q: Why does Tim Carter have a spot on this roster? Why does Travis Wilson sit on the inactive squad, and why isn't Steve Sanders playing?

LA: The staff likes Carter's speed and quickness and Savage traded the 2006 starting running back for him. Wilson needs to focus on the finer things about receiving, like catching the ball and limiting his mistakes on routes, etc. As for Sanders, if/when the other two players mentioned he finally move to the side, Sanders, a very hard and dedicated player will get an opportunity.

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