Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

Another well-attended chat on Wednesday night with NFL insider Adam Caplan. Here are Adam's thoughts about the Browns upcoming game with the Patriots, and more...

Adam Caplan: Hi all

<Mark_Zickefoose> So Adam, Browns win by 20 or 30 points?
Adam Caplan: Mark: Have a party if they lose by 10 or less
Adam Caplan: Anderson will throw at least three INTs
Adam Caplan: he won't handle it

<ramllov> Adam, how much do Willie McGinest bring to the defense?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Good leadership and pass rush

<Mark_Zickefoose> So you're calling for an unmitigated disaster from the Browns, then?
Adam Caplan: MARK: this week, yes
Adam Caplan: no reason to think they can hang with NE
Adam Caplan: with that defense

<DawgHowl> Adam: do feel this team is much improved over last season?
Adam Caplan: DAW: Much, no, improved, yes in a way

<suggs44> Adam, how do we get any pressure on Brady?
Adam Caplan: SUGG: No reason to think they can
Adam Caplan: NE plays 70% shotgun
Adam Caplan: BTW
Adam Caplan: same as GB

<nudawg> Adam, after Roye comes back do you see Shaun Smith going to NT? If so do you see Washington sitting permanently?
Adam Caplan: NU: Look for smith to play more at NT Sunday
Adam Caplan: rotating and some at DE

<ramllov> Adam - Does Crennel have them play the game and just try to keep improving.
Adam Caplan: RAM: I think this week will be an aberration, no one can compete with with NE
Adam Caplan: really except IND

<tutorofthestudents> Adam, from an individual standpoint, what does Braylon need to do to improve his game? He seems to have improved on his consistency.
Adam Caplan: TU: Route running
Adam Caplan: but he's doing well though
Adam Caplan: in most phases

<timrick> Adam, with Carter being so ineffective, any chance we will see Travis Wilson any time soon? If not, is he that bad?
Adam Caplan: TIM: No indication for him and Harrison to play
Adam Caplan: pretty telling
Adam Caplan: in year two both are inactive

<suggs44> Adam, will Tucker be used at Guard now more than Tackle?
Adam Caplan: SUGG: Probably swing in some roles

<DawgHowl> adam: why does tim carter continue to get playing time?
Adam Caplan: DAW: They need to use Cribbs more

<BleedingOrangeandBrown> Adam how's KW2's shoulder. Will it be a lingering injury?
Adam Caplan: BLE: He's doing the best he can
Adam Caplan: He will be in some pain every week with that injury
Adam Caplan: he's tough as nails

<DawgHowl> I agree
Adam Caplan: DAW: I really like the way their OC is moving him and Edwards
Adam Caplan: around
Adam Caplan: especially Winslow
Adam Caplan: OL is really doing well now
Adam Caplan: Thomas graded out well last week
Adam Caplan: good sign

<timrick> Any information on possible DEF help via trade or free agency?
Adam Caplan: TIM: Haven't heard anything, that usually happens closer to the trading deadline-10/16

<ramllov> Adam, Do you have any updates on Bentley and Baxter?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Nothing new
Adam Caplan: Bentley is less than 50-50 to play this year
Adam Caplan: they have until week 10 really
Adam Caplan: he won't play in week 7
Adam Caplan: Baxter could start practicing fully starting next week or so

<ramllov> Adam, Do you see Ryan Tucker at RG or RT?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Backup at both spots
Adam Caplan: he would be a solid swing OL
Adam Caplan: they could use one
Adam Caplan: too

<ramllov> So he fills in for the first one who goes down with an injury
Adam Caplan: RAM: Pretty much
Adam Caplan: If they can just fix the defense
Adam Caplan: secondary did better last week

<ramllov> Adam. Are you still doing Friday night on Sirius?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Yep, every Friday though week 17
Adam Caplan: then I'm on weekends etc March-August

<MoggSquad> How many points do you see us scoring against NE on Sunday?
Adam Caplan: Mog: 14-17
Adam Caplan: NE-40
Adam Caplan: sorry
Adam Caplan: You know me, I'm always honest. I hope I'm wrong

<suggs44> Adam, How do we get more physical on D especially against the run? Do we completely lack the personnel?
Adam Caplan: SUGG: Personnel is a big part of it
Adam Caplan: I would blow up the front seven after the season

<dogsqb13> I smell real trouble for Anderson this will confuse the heck out of him........i hope chud makes the game plan simple
Adam Caplan: DOG: Agreed

<ramllov> Adam, when you discuss Eric Wright and Pool, they both need experience to get to the next level?
Adam Caplan: Ram: Wright was better last week
Adam Caplan: Pool is too inconsistent
Adam Caplan: but he just needs to keep playing
Adam Caplan: scary when Brady says they didn't do well at CIN in the first half

Adam Caplan:
Guys: Don't think this week's game is what they are, they really don't have a shot but they can compete against most teams now
Adam Caplan: that's the point

<suggs44> Is the front 7 something Savage can realistically fix in 1 year. At least enough to be competitive on D?
Adam Caplan: SUG: Older guys have to get lesser roles or go
Adam Caplan: Bottom line

<timrick> Adam, what are the chances Romeo is still here in 2008?
Adam Caplan: TIM: 50-50
Adam Caplan: they have a long way to go
Adam Caplan: They have to go 7-9 for him to stay I would think

<ramllov> Adam, Do you like Chud's game plans and scheme?
Adam Caplan: Ram: like what Chud is doing so far
Adam Caplan: Offense is about the best to expect

<jimherbert> Jamal Lewis...contract extension?
Adam Caplan: JLewis is what he is
Adam Caplan: can't get any better
Adam Caplan: he has to go next year
Adam Caplan: Turner they could target

<ramllov> Adam, Is Roye now healthy?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Better

<suggs44> I love the size we have at receiver with JJ and Braylon who has really matured. How good can he be?
Adam Caplan: SUGG: Edwards just needs to control his emotions

<tutorofthestudents> 80s, Adam picked the browns to win this weekend
Adam Caplan: Tu: It's the Costanza pick

<DawgHowl> Adam: will Chaun Thompson get a start, he seems to get more pressure on the QB than Peek
Adam Caplan: DAW: Peek shouldn't play as much with McGinest back

<ramllov> Adam - When are they going to cut Washington or will he actually be able to make 5 to 10 good plays per game.?
Adam Caplan: Ram: No way he's back next season
Adam Caplan: can't see it

<ramllov> I was thinking he would not last half the season.
Adam Caplan: Ram: He has to weigh close to 400

<timrick> do they regret letting Baba go?
Adam Caplan: Tim; Too bad he wasn't on their practice squad

<ramllov> He appears to slow out of the stance to do anything.
Adam Caplan: RAM: When Fraser gets the snaps he does, you know something is going on

<suggs44> Adam, look into your crystal ball...... The Browns starting running back in 2008 is......???
Adam Caplan: SUGG: Turner makes a lot of sense
Adam Caplan: No way Lewis is back
Adam Caplan: if Savage has a clue to what he's doing
Adam Caplan: They are so limited running the ball

<DawgHowl> can turner carry the load?
Adam Caplan: DAW: SD thinks so

<ramllov> Adam, do you like Fraser?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Good hustler
Adam Caplan: gets all he has out of his talent

<suggs44> Is Turner worth franchise money?
Adam Caplan: SUG: Good enough to be the RB for a while

<nudawg> There too much gravimetric attraction between Washington's gut and the earth for him to move fast from his stance.
Adam Caplan: NU: Great guy but can't play
Adam Caplan: any more
Adam Caplan: back in the day he was a dominant NT

<ramllov> Adam, When is Shaun Smith going to make an impact?
Adam Caplan: RAM: When he plays NT exclusively

<iconoclast88> Then I think we're in trouble. lol
Adam Caplan: IC: He's not that type of player
Adam Caplan: he has a good first step and can play their scheme well for 20-30 plays if all goes well

<DawgHowl> Adam what do you think of Robaire Smith so far?
Adam Caplan: DAW: Not much
Adam Caplan: thought he would be better
Adam Caplan: againt run

<suggs44> Adam, what more can you say about the o-lines pass protection of late? Seem like DA has a lot of time.
Adam Caplan: SUGG: Totally
Adam Caplan: he still makes bad decisions and footwork isn't the greatest

<tutorofthestudents> Adam, Wimbley has been better than average, but not great. Chalk it up to poor help around him or other factors?
Adam Caplan: TU: Doesn't play run well
Adam Caplan: goes up field too much

<jimherbert> Does Cleveland have a chance to get Turner? What other teams will be looking?
Adam Caplan: JIM: Yes, they should be in good cap shape

<clebrowns80> Adam, do you think we will see Brady play at all this year?
Adam Caplan: CLE: Yes, once they are out of playoff race
Adam Caplan: if not before
Adam Caplan: two bad games for Anderson could get him in there

<ramllov> Adam, Who is going to provide the pass rush to offset Wimbley?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Peek once foot is 100%
Adam Caplan: McGinest a little

<suggs44> Adam, just your opinion. How good would Brady be right now if he were starting?
Adam Caplan: SU: Not very good
Adam Caplan: rookie QBs rarely do well
Adam Caplan: Manning had a terrible first half of rookie season

<ramllov> Adam, Now that McGinest is back, and Chaun Thompson, why not sit Peek to get him healthy
Adam Caplan: RAM: Kind of agree to a point there

<osubuckeyes76> What did you think of the Steelers loss - does anybody realize thats how you beat them that game tape should be stolen by CLEVELAND
Adam Caplan: OSU: They lost some players in the second half and that was an issue
Adam Caplan: ARI D is good though

<Fog_Dawg> Is it true that Romeo blocked the release of Ted Washington?
Adam Caplan: FOG: Can't say but I can tell you it could happen at some point during the season
Adam Caplan: if all of their front seven is healthy

<timrick> Adam, why play Tucker? OL is meshing real well
Adam Caplan: TIM: He won't starter
Adam Caplan: start
Adam Caplan: swing or backup
Adam Caplan: would make no sense to start him
Adam Caplan: that's what I said two weeks ago

<Chidawg> Adam, if Ted goes, who takes his roster spot? Sign Baba off daaah Bearce PS?
Adam Caplan: CHI: I would imagine they would sign a younger veteran who fits their scheme
Adam Caplan: could be NT or DE
Adam Caplan: either or

<osubuckeyes76> Adam how's Quinn's progress coming?
Adam Caplan: OSU: Good knowledge of offense

<dawgIN> how bad is Winslow's injury
Adam Caplan: DAW: He will have to deal with it for a while
Adam Caplan: BTW, Heiden is one of the better backup TEs
Adam Caplan: no one talks about him
Adam Caplan: but he's solid
Adam Caplan: Heiden can really block
Adam Caplan: and has good hands

<iconoclast88> Adam, have any input on the best available free agent 3-4 DL going into next season?
Adam Caplan: IC: I'll look at that later in the year

<Fog_Dawg> How's the rest of the league regard Josh Cribbs? I keep waiting for the direct snap to him and then he sets up to pass.
Adam Caplan: FOG: Many think he needs to get plays on offense every week

<tutorofthestudents> Adam, do you see Brodney Pool improving with time?
Adam Caplan: TUT: Yes, the more snaps he gets

<osubuckeyes76> Why don't the browns do more of a move around the defense to confuse teams
<osubuckeyes76> have guys come to line and then back off
<osubuckeyes76> somewhat like the stillers or pats
Adam Caplan: OSU: I see what you're saying, they done zone blitz like PIT who you can't figure out what they are doing

<Chidawg> Anything to the rumor that TB wants McKinnie & Taylor?
Adam Caplan: CHI: None
Adam Caplan: MIN wants to deal Moore
Adam Caplan: I could tell that when I talked to Childress at owners meetings

<suggs44> Adam, how much better are the Steelers than the rest of the division, and do you like coach Tomlin?
Adam Caplan: SUGG: Not that much
Adam Caplan: like Tomlin

<ramllov> Adam, do you see any trades in the league before the 16th?
Adam Caplan: RAM: A few
Adam Caplan: minor ones

<ramllov> Browns
Adam Caplan: RAM: DL or WR
Adam Caplan: They need both badly

<ramllov> Or Both
Adam Caplan: yep
Adam Caplan: Savage knows it
Adam Caplan: just a matter of finding the right fits

<suggs44> Adam, Indians or Yankees?
Adam Caplan: SUG: Yanks
Adam Caplan: go tribe
Adam Caplan: and I'm a tribesman
Adam Caplan: lol

<clebrowns80> Adam I heard a rumor that Savage was talking to Urban Meyer? Any truth to that??
Adam Caplan: CLE: None

<osubuckeyes76> until we beat Pittsburgh
<osubuckeyes76> we wont get any respect
Adam Caplan: OSU: Probably so

<timrick> any truth to Kosar being Pres?
Adam Caplan: TIM: No
Adam Caplan: but they should bring him in for a role
Adam Caplan: would make some sense

<royswift> when you say our Defensive front seven could get blown up this offseason, who will stay? Wimbley and Jackson?
Adam Caplan: ROY: Both

<suggs44> Adam, we all know you are an NFL expert, but how closely do you follow college football?
Adam Caplan: SUGG: Not much until bowl season

<tutorofthestudents> is DA a starter somewhere next year?
Adam Caplan: TU: can't see it
Adam Caplan: he's what I thought he would be, big arm
Adam Caplan: not accurate as much as you would like and mechanics aren't consistent
<tutorofthestudents> he is what he thought you would be? there's a dennis joke in there somewhere...

<Chidawg> Do you see Williams in the front 7?
Adam Caplan: CHI: rotational
Adam Caplan: backup

Adam Caplan: Good chat, later all

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