Fan View: Sick of New England

Jeff Biletnikoff isn't fond of Browns opponents being regarded as the zenith of NFL accomplishment. Like the Patriots. Today.

First Half

Why do I have "first half" italicized?  Because I'm SO ANGRY that I'm writing the article as the game is going on. 


I'm tired of New England and their pristine success.  It's been one thing to watch them from afar as they've rolled through the NFL this season (and for many seasons) but it's quite another for them to put it in your face playing your favorite team.

I knew on a intellectual level that the Browns didn't stand a chance.  I've been telling people all week that New England is going to get the W in a big way.

However, secretly, I've been hoping they make Belichick look like a moron for just one game.  That Brady would get put on his butt more than once by Wimbley and that Randy Moss would fall down hard a few times courtesy of Sean Jones steaming up from the secondary.

More of the same, though.

Poor QB play.  Derek Anderson, where are you throwing it?  Don't toss into the middle of the end zone when you're rolling around.  Don't act like it's the bottom of the 9th and you need another strike when you're setting up for a flat pass.  Have you ever heard of touch?

Poor pass rush.  They could bring Mike Pagel out of retirement and he'd be able to achieve Brady's QB rating today.  No, strike that....Eric Zeier could compete well against the Browns D today.  (To the younger fans reading this, if you're not sure who Pagel and Zeier are, then just think Kelly Holcomb and Spurgeon Wynn and then you've got their approximate abilities).

So, not only are the Patroits beating the Browns but Cleveland is doing an excellent job of shooting themselves in the foot.

Ok, "The Chin" is about done spitting through the halftime highlights so I'm going to roll back to the game.  I hope that the Browns make me EAT MY INSULTS and come roaring out in the 2nd half to win this thing.

We'll see..............

2nd Half Update

Game isn't over yet and I had to get some things of my chest.  There's about nine and a half minutes left and the Patroits are up 27-10.

  • I'm SICK, SICK, SICK, SICK of the spoiled Boston-Area fans.  They've won a series, multiple Super Bowls, are off to a 4-0 start with the Patroits AND the Sox are kicking butt in the ALDS.  After all that they BOO in this game?  I hope a curse befalls that city that causes no playoff appearances for ANY of their teams for the next 2 centuries.

  • I'm TIRED of the Belichick genius talk.  Just wait until Tom Brady retires.  Ask Mike Shanahan how he's doing without John Elway.

  • How different could this game be if Anderson could have gotten at least a FG on the first drive? 

  • Never mind.  Scratch the thought above.  The Cleveland D will fold anyway just like they did when the Browns closed to 20-10.

  • Can we stop with the Bob Kraft shots?  I DON'T CARE TO SEE THE OWNER--------EVER.  I especially can't stand how they talk about him like he's a super genius.  He's got a lot of money and spent it on a team.  So what?

  • Is it just me or has Brady gotten more time than the Enron CEO so far?

End of game

Predictible.  How can you win when you turn the ball over, have no pass rush and make key mistakes all day?  You can't.

Do the Cleveland Browns belong with the elite teams of the NFL? 

Uh, no.

Onto Miami.  Let's hope for an even 3-3 record heading into the bye.

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