Week 5 Gameballs and Goats

Here are the Gameballs and Goats results for Week 5, as Butch Davis ascends to the throne of Goathood and Kelly Holcomb holds off a hard-charging Dennis Northcutt in the season-long MVP voting. <I>Try to imagine reading the above back in August. What a weird year.</I> Check out this week's voting, the season-to-date totals, and your comments!

Here are the results for Week 5 of the season, as well as the Year-to-Date scores and comments we got via email to gameballs@brownstng.com.

Week 4 Results

Gameballs (Votes)
1. Andra Davis
1. Jamel White
7. Dave Wohlabaugh

Goat Horns (Votes)
1. Butch Davis
2. Browns Fans
3. Quincy Morgan
4. Offensive Line
5. Tim Couch
6. Bruce Arians
7. Anthony Henry

Year-To-Date Leaders

Team MVP: Gameball Points
1. (1)
Dwayne Rudd (-7)
5. (4) Run Defense (-7)

Method: Gameball or goat points are awarded to the first through seventh place finishers in each category. (Seven points to the top gameball vote-getter, six to second place, etc). Goat points are subtracted from gameball points to calculate a total.

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Your Comments in Week 5


Anthony Henry (horrible game, manhandled twice by a little wide receiver, now we know why he wasn't a starter) - Matt W.

Holcomb- Great leadership limping his team down the field on two excellent drives...came very close to pulling off an amazing comeback!! 2 QB system please!! - John T.

Tim Couch - Not his fault receivers dropped balls and fumbled!  Plays through adversity. - NS

Tim Couch - Why?  Because he took a brutal beating from poorly blocked defensive backs and still made it almost the whole game, all the while hearing it from fair-weather "fans" in the stadium (see the goats).  If our receivers had softer hands, we would have scored long before the fourth quarter.  Tim had some bad plays, but this loss was a lot more than just him. - Phil S.

Gameball goes to Couch and Holcomb...two fine quarterbacks that will hopefully feed off each other. - Dave S

Defense-If it wasn't for the offenses turnovers, the Ratbirds don't score 26 points.  Kept them out of the endzone at the end of the game to give the offense a chance to win. - Eris S.

WR Dennis Northcutt- Stepped up and made some played when the team was really struggling. He almost had more receiving yards than the Ravens Entire Receiving corps. Scored 2 TD's and showed remarkable progress for a young played that hasn't gotten much playing time. - ClevDawg

Dennis Northcutt: this guy is is for real. Play him every down. He's the only receiver that seems to have any attitude. - Scott C

Northcutt - Poor man's Peter Warrick my butt, how about PW being a Poor man's Dennis Northcutt. - Upperdawg

K Phil Dawson - What an EFFORT!! Kicked a beautiful onside kick and recovered it himself, and gave the Browns a perfect chance at another awesome comeback. - ClevDawg

Morons in section 515 - Thanks guys.  That fight was the best thing goin' for 3 quarters.  Next time pick someone in purple to hit instead of turning on your own the way our team does. - Mike J

Dennis Northcutt - In front of God and man I want to admit that I wanted you exposed in the expansion draft.  You are just out of control, where would we be without you? - Mike J

Jamel White - Doesn't complain even if Will Green is still getting practice time during the game. - Brad B.

Dennis Northcutt - The guy was written off as dead in camp. Yes, I had him written off, too, but he has stepped up and made big play after big play. Props to ya Dennis. - WRH

Northcutt - He could have cried and bitched after games the last couple of years too but he sucked it up and is a becoming a true STAR in the making. Way to stand up and turn it around and ON!!! - Ron B.

Andre Davis - This guy has been phenominal so far. He was practically the biggest offensive threat for the Browns all night. The catch on 4th and 15 which got a first down late in the game was a thing of beauty. - FGMDawg

Special Teams - The onside kick team worked their magic again.  How many times will we have to rely on our "secret weapon" this year? - HTownDawg

Andre Davis - What a set of hands on this receiver!!! They need to get him the ball more often!!! - VaDawgLB

Kelly Holcomb - Did a nice job trying to redeem a nearly irredeemable situation and extra prop's for gritting the game out with a fractured leg! - Dave H.

C. Brown: Seemed like ever time there was a tackle he was in on it. - Chris P.


ESPN announcers- It's Phil DAWSON!!  Not hanson, not Gardocki.  I'm surprised you got any names right.  I mean, I'm just a casual fan whose job has nothing to do with football, but I know the KEY players' names.   Ray Lewis is a felon, not a messiah.  The idiots couldn't shut up about the guy until he takes himself out of the game by injuring his shoulder. - John T.

Fans - I am totally disappointed in the way the fans acted who were in the stadium. To boo your starting QB when he wasn't the only player looking bad, and then cheer when he gets hurt, is pathetic and inexcusable. It shows a lack of class that some other teams such as the Eagles and Raiders have had in the past. I thought that the Browns had better fans in the stadium than that. Apparently not, and I just hope Couch recovers soon and the fans realize how classless their actions toward him really look. - John L.

Browns Fans - Those fans who left the game early and were cheering when Couch was injured.  What kind of a fan gives up on their team and cheers when a player who gets leveled on a weekly basis and gets up and asks for more has to be helped off the field.  These fans are a disgrace! - NS

Joe Theisman is the biggest idiot.  I can handle most broadcasters, but he just sucks...he's my goat. - Dave S.

William Green:  STOP THINKING AND RUN!!!! - Eric S.

Quincy Morgan - Please, please, PLEASE don't go back to being Mr. Dropsy!  We need you..keep your head! - Phil S.

Defensive Secondary - The ratbird's receivers were basically left wide open for the 1st 45:00. - ClevDawg

The "fans" - Would you walk out on your own children?  Evidently.  That stadium was just as loud when it was half full, so those suckers that left early weren't cheering anyway.  Also, until Timmy gets Jamel in the backfield full time don't you dare call for his head. - Mike J.

Butch - boy, that big nasty offensive linemand you could have had at #16 of the first round looks good. Did Fonoti help Tomlinson get over 200 yard last week? If you are truely about winning games, put White in the game and spell him with Green. White needs the ball at least 25 times a game. Be a man and admit Green is not ready. - UpperDawg

Tim Couch - Once again you continue to throw late, throw into coverage and after the game whine about the fans turning on you. If you play better then it would not have happened.  Grow up Tim or Get out. - Gene G.

William Green - He has really hooted this year.  He reminds me of Charles White in a way.  Tons of talent but no production.  Butch really needs to start riding Jamel White and let Green take a back seat for a while. Sheesh... would you rather have Duckett or Green now or, better yet, would you have paid the price for Preist Holmes when the Browns were trying to get him as a free agent? 

Pete Garcia.....OK, brainiac, you are supposed to be the talent wizard, and your main assignment for the past two years has been to locate offensive linemen and running backs. The OL ranks among the three or four worst in the NFL, and the running attack is arguably the very worst in the NFL. And we have wasted lots of free agent dollars and high draft picks on dog food. We start after this season at square one. Good work, ace. - Bob M.

Butch Davis- This is the second year in a row where you've had the audacity to criticize the fans for not being loud and rowdy enough at home games. And for the second straight year, you didn't do your job to have your team ready to play. - FGMDawg

Tim Couch..   Cheering an injured player is as low as it gets. But booing an under performing millionaire who's too good to sign autographs for the fans... get used to it. - Ron B.

O-Line - OLE' should not be a term in your vocabulary, boys. - Mark D.

Offensive Line - No holes to run through, the great Jim Brown would have trouble running behind this line!! Let's try to block for the quarterback since you can't block for any of the backs! - VaDawgLB

The fans who cheered when Timmy went down - No wait they don't deserved to be called Browns Fans.  In fact, give all three of my Goats to these scumsuckers.  Go root for the Yankees or something dirtballs. - Dave H.

D. Bush: Hey buddy thanks for the pass interference call on the 18. We needed that... I'm not going to claim to be a CB coach or anything but aren't those guys suposed to know where the ball is before they make the hit???? - Chris P.

Kevin Johnson ....he had several balls he could have caught & i assume he turned the wrong way & DIDN'T TRY on the last pass of the game. He's not a winner, He doesn't sign autographs, He's short & we should have traded him to Philly - MidJersey Dawg


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