Gameball and Goats: BE Up, DA Down

Braylon Edwards gets the love from Browns fans, but quarterbacks who throw picks do not...

The Week's Results: One of life's fundamental facts, along with death, taxes, and the inevitable end of happy hour is this: "You throw the picks, you get the goathorns". They should make a poster of it, with Derek Anderson's picture, much like those posters of cute little kittens hanging on a ledge that say "Hang in there". Or the one they made of me that said "Dorkiness: There's no way drinking cheap beer, eating Doritos, and playing Command and Conquer is cool, even if you wear an army helmet you got from a flea market while you do it". But I digress. Braylon Edwards continues to show up at the top of the gameball listings, which is also something that's pretty much certain to happen if you gain 100 yards, score touchdowns, and make acrobatic catches every week. Which is a pretty good thing to do, but I bet he would get totally pwned by me and my clever "Blow things up with a lot of big-ass tanks" strategy.  

Player Gameballs
Braylon Edwards 125
Jason Wright 76
Josh Cribbs 42
Eric Wright 37
Joe Thomas 36
Tim Carter 28

"What does DA stand for?", Kenny Lofton, No one (3), Pass Rush (when we get one), Tom Brady, NE O-Line, Indians, Red Zone Defense (2), Appalachian State, That streaming thingie rocked this week!, Bill Belichick, Patriots cheerleaders (3), The Spy in the sky, Orlando Pace, Bill Cower, Jay Knecht, Grady Sizemore, Maine Midges, "The whole team for never saying never!", Vegas oddsmakers, Canadian Soldiers,
Redzone Defense.


Player Goathorns
Derek Anderson 150
Defensive Line 75
Sean Jones 27
Todd Grantham 19
Linebacking Corps 19
Entire Defense 19

GOATHORN WRITE-INS: Whoever was guarding Watson, Dan Dierdorf (4), Ryan Tucker (5), Barry McBride, the 3-4, Dan Dierdorf's Kneepads, Westbrook(just gave up a 3 run dinger), Diminishing skills, Rodney Cheapshot Harrison, Mike Vrabel (2), Defense!!!!, The Injury Bug, Pittsburgh Steelers, Derek Anderson apologists, Lewis's ankle, "Big Dog" and "Dog Pound Mike", My wife, "Nat Dorsey still for missing the block in Oakland", Bruce Arians, Chad Johnson, Howie Feltersnatch, Artificial Turf Injuries, Charlie Frye, Knees and feet!, Tackling sbility, Patriots videographer interns, ALDS game three plate umpire, Junior Seau, My co-worker Barry


Fan Comments
bhodosko Does DA stand for Dumb A*&
iupuiguy82 Chud puts us in position and we still cant pull through...
rutger Gary Baxter gets my only game ball because I can't believe that he tackles piss poorly as those (Quincy Morgan) equivalent at tackling that he was at catching the ball.. Maybe he is but it's been so long since we've seen him play that I can't remember.. So he's gets the gameball..  This team will NEVER be a winner let alone consistently one until someone MAKES them learn to tackle..
tomahawkdawg Braylon - A quiet 100 yard day. Amazing one hand diving catch going out of bounds. Needs to be recognized as one of the elite WR in the league. Robaire - Step up from Big TED IMO. Good Game, to bad the other DL couldn't do as well. Joe - Manhandled whatever the Pats threw at him. He is one of our best draft picks since the return IMO. Wright - Decent showing finally.
aqib Edwards gets a gameball for just flat out making plays and catches no human should be able to make. Eric Wright made some plays today, hopefully thats a sign he is turning a corner.
lynxis Robaire Smith for playing like a man, Player for looking awesome, and Edwards for making a couple really nice catches.
playbrowns Edwards continues to make nice catches. Cribbs is a valuable part of our team. Thomas is going to be a stud for the next 10 years.
dirtydave98 The offense had a few good plays, but not enough for anyone to have earned a gameball. Chud is calling good games, the O just needs to execute a little better. They're on the right track.
dawgdc I'm giving a game ball to RAC because the Browns actually play a decent game except for the turnovers that lead to Pats should have been only a 13-0 half time lead but Seau's pick hurt. Chud's offense is amazing and will be even better if we can keep from shooting ourselves in the foot!!! Keep up the GREAT WORK CHUD!!!! K2 is a beast and and it's a pleasure to see him in a Browns uniform...the same for B-Easy. Yeah Tim Carter for catching a TD
fairwayseeker Difficult choosing gameballs in a loss, but you have to give Edwards & Winslow credit - they show up & deliver every week. With a more accurate passer, they would really be thriving in Chud's offensive scheme!
dawghowl Braylon Edwards had another great game, he caught everything thrown his way and made a great one handed catch along the sideline. He really has matured and is playing up to the level expected of him. Joe Thomas held up very well once again in pass protection protecting Anderson blindside. He held his own and did not give up a sack. Eric Wright did a very nice job for a rookie going against Moss for much of the day. At first seeing him matched up on Moss I thought it was going to be a tough day for Wright. But he really held his own and continues to get better on a weekly basis. And he clearly is the best tackler of our secondary, maybe even the best on the team.
fanofbrwns A bitter loss, Turnovers killed any chance we had. That is saying something. They always make the "Spread", Vegas connection, HMMMM?
deathbyeagle Braylon is doing real well. Other than that it seemed like Thomas & Steinbach are becoming a solid duo on that left side. DA is hot and cold, but who thought we were going to win this game??
jmiller40 Braylon for growing up and become a team player. His skill and ability were without question. Derek, for hanging tough and learning patience. Joshua Cribbs for the excitement he brings to special teams play.
fair hooker Honestly, the only Gameballs I could give out for the crap I saw today would be one to backup RB Jason Wright for filling in admirably for Lewis...CB Eric Wright for holding Moss in check...and one to that guy sitting by himself in the stands with the rubber dog mask.
naxos BQ for giving me hope that I will see better football soon. Braylon for playing good. Jason Wright fro stepping in and doing OK.
jerseybrownfan Brady Quinn gets a game ball since he threw no interceptions. A game ball for being patient waiting his turn whenever that will be. Hey Romeo maybe you should of put Brady in when DA got racked up don't you think? The game couldn't of been any worse for giving the kid a shot.
dawgedue Carter gets a game ball for actually showing up on the stat sheet. Thomas is the real deal.
saltlakedawgs This is the future.
gbeachy50310 While an almost respectable performance against the best team in the league, I still stand by my practice of awarding NOBODY a gameball for a loss. We were really still in the game into the 4th quarter by decent play all around, even with the numerous mistakes. But winning teams know how to make a comeback. We had a chance.
bigdaddy78 No gameballs this week, They played like 16 point underdogs
polluted Scott Player for the face mask! I vote to allow him to wear a leather helmet next week with a ball in his mouth. I love him for the freak he is.
browndawgsteve T. Carter - I hope he continues to come along. Missed one on the post, but overall caught the ball well. He has been in the goat category every week so I hope this is a change for good. B. Edwards - Once again looking like a real threat. creating space and catching the ball well. J. Thomas - I haven't watched the game again, but I don't believe he gave up a sack. That requires a little attention when you are a rookie and just played the patriots. D. Anderson - Yes I know he had three picks and the first one was unexcusable. But he looked good in the second half and against this defense helped put his team in position for 17 points. He is progressing and turning into a very good QB.
yogi8 gameballs to Vickers (great lead blocking) Jason Wright (did very nice with the extra carries) and Chud (for his game plan - made a top ranked D look average today!)
griz13 I would have said Winslow previously, but Braylon Edwards, after Sunday, has become our most-consistent offensive performer. Welcome to the Pro Bowl, Braylon. This is where you belong.
bulldogdad The Wright Brothers: Eric did a creditable job on Randy Moss, and Jason showed a lot of heart and some ability in filling in for Jamal Lewis. BE has taken it to the elite level this season, fulfilling his promise: now if we can just let the BQ era begin...
shrooney Ugh, no rush defense or pass rush... I guess that becomes the biggest need next season. Big Bill gets a write-in for going for the TD on 4th down late in the game.
sooner dawg Despite the miscues, I finally believe that are offense is not only competent, but has the potential to be in the top 10 of the league and this is a direct result of Chud's efforts related to the installation of the offense, game planning, and play-calling. GO BROWNS!!!
number1brownsfan Anderson for the 2nd half of the game. Def backs for having to defend the pass for 10 sec./pass. Coaches for keeping players fighting.
snoopdawgydawg Braylon Edwards played a great game and made one of the better catches I've seen with his one-handed/left-handed catch. And I give props to Carter for getting involved in the offense with his TD reception. Jason Wright held his own running the ball.
wholesaler1972 BE, great one-handed grab!
cecretiree This is the best all round football player this team has. Skill, guts, heart, and determination. Fifty two more like him would produce a Super Bowl ring.
rollred2000 Nice try fellas, good hustle ya played with heart and passion. Now if DA can just remember what color uniform he's supposed to throw to.....
dixiedawg Braylong had a very nice game and Jason Wright did as much as he could with the talent he has. Scott Player just makes me freakin laugh looking at him.
cortkdad Chud, you have my permission to keep a copy of the Pats offensive film and pirate everything you can! Add some of their schemes to your already aggressive playbook and we are gone!!! Nice game plan regardless of the QB miscues
cortkdad Joe T. way to stand up for yourself and your teammates after that bum Vrabel went cheap shooting. Guess his highly educated parental units forgot to teach him about fair, tough AND CLEAN play.
clevelandcraig They gave their best and never gave up.
dawgpoundr Game did stay closer than it should have despite spotting the Pats 21 points off turnovers
chowdogg Thomas and Steinbach for their OL play and taking out Vrabel and Cover. I've been giving goats to carter all year ...Who caught that pass...who rolled into the enzone TD...Carter?
vadawglb Edwards is playing like the receiver we all wanted when we drafted him. Cribbs seems to always give us decent field position and is becoming a threat on offense now. Chud came up with a good game plan now to get the players to execute better.
agent34 Shutting Down Randy Moss was a huge statement for Wright and Bodden
mtsames no game balls for losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
depardo Anderson, in the second half (a goathorn for the first half), was excellent once again. I gave the whole coaching staff a gameball because the Browns came to play and played hard even though down 20-0. Edwards must have learned something from last year because he's making the plays, AND keeping out of the media.
skat007 When no one was looking, Braylon Edwards turned into an elite wide receiver. He's having an outstanding year. Joe Thomas is playing great, and I loved seeing him stick up for his guys when Mike Vrabel went back to his Pittsburgh Steeler days and gave the finger to sportsmanship. Chudzinski has made such a huge difference for this club.
docsmity Ted Washington - the best game he's had this year.
kevinmrohr I just can't believe we released my favorite player, Scott Player.
sincedayone Good signs coming from our young players.
dawgonit0207 Scott Player is a good kicker. Better than Zastudil?? Braylons becoming a stud receiver. Jason Wright did enough to keep the D guessing.
optidawg Thomas is becoming an outstanding left tackle very quickly. Edwards is beginning to show me that he can be a No 1 receiver. Eric Wright was the steal of the draft. Coach Chud is doing a good job of putting the players in position to be successful. That's all you can ask of a coach. Great addition to the coaching staff.


Fan Comments
iupuiguy82 Once again our pass-rush is extinct...
rutger The entire defense gets my only goathorn.. They continue to be the equivalent at tackling the Quincy Morgan was and is at catching the ball.. Simply PATHETIC!! Start benching one after the next till they get the message.. Either that or fire the whole damn coaching staff on defense.. And if McGinest is going to try and tackle that high and be out of position on reverses then bench his ass too and play Thompson at least he's got some speed to try and recover from his mistakes.. Man I can't believe I just said to play Thompson.. That's how bad this defense is..
tomahawkdawg Derek - Let's try doing well in both halves.
LBs - Can we please a) Tackle and b) Put some pressure on a QB?
Safeties - I know, Moss is a beast. But, NE did have a TE, right?
Dan - I used to like you on MNF. Now, I think you're a blubbering fool in the color analyst seat.
aqib This is the DA we were afraid of. His leash just got a little shorter that first INT was inexcusable. If we get 3 in that spot its a different ball game. Two of the sacks a guy came straight up the middle and Fraley didn't touch them. Bodden was getting burned and missed a key tackle. Why is Ryan Tucker on the roster much less on the field. He got blown up on that INT where Anderson's arm was hit. Barry why wasn't Tucker in the menu for me to give him a goathorn. You get one for not being on top of it.
goodreason Twice Fraley let a man come clean up the middle while he remained unengaged. Not a good showing today
lynxis Anderson for just pissing us all off every damn weekend with his rediculously bad throws. Bodden for not being able to tackle. Jones for being slow and not knowing wtf he is doing out there.
playbrowns Anderson killed us in the first half with poor decisions and tried to do way too much. Hank Fraley had a terrible game and looked clueless on 2 delayed MLB blitzes that resulted in sacks. Grantham's scheme sucks. Can't stop the run, can't pressure the QB. Awful and frustrating.
dirtydave98 Backs go through our defense like water through a broken damn. Can we keep a back from gaining a 100yds on us? DA forced a ball into coverage at the 1 yd line. No points, throw it away and take the 3! LB go backwards while making tackles instead of knocking the runner backwards. Watson must have been invisible to our DB's as wide open as he was all day. Notice how NE DB's knocked the ball out of our receivers hands, why can't our guys do this? This is going to be a frustrating year watching these guys play defense. TG either needs to come up with better game plans or move on. We had no pass rush, TB had all day back there to throw.
dawgdc Tim Carter for being on the team still. Seth for jumping of side and DA for his mistakes....
fairwayseeker Anderson is giving his all BUT, he still loses his poise & his accuracy has been off all year! The lack of a pass rush is totally unacceptable - every team we play only has Kam Wimbley to worry about. How did Hank Fraley not see the man in front of him as he gave up that last sack?
dawglberbarb Refs, do you not know a 15yd. face mask penalty when you see one? Also, I wish to file a missing persons report for our pass rushers. Where are you? Also, how come Dawson can no longer put the ball in the end zone on kick offs?
dawghowl Too many costly turnovers in the first half doomed us. Anderson had 3 Ints and I know not all of them were entirely his fault. However he was throwing the ball where there was a lot of coverage and forcing the issue a lot in the first half. To Anderson's credit he was much better in the second half and did not have any turnovers. But the turnovers dug us too deep of a hole to overcome. The front seven on D failed to get any kind of push or pressure on Brady all day. You cannot allow a qb to sit back in the pocket all day and expect our DB's to cover the receivers. We have got to find a way to get pressure or opposing offenses will continue to pick us apart.
billlatham Dan sounded like he was in love with Tom Brady the whole game
fanofbrwns Hitting with power, Tackling for a loss, Intimidation!! Things our defense lack!!!
deathbyeagle The defense allowed another 100-yard rusher....geeeez.. This team seems like a mismatch for a 3-4. Dline gets knocked off the ball and the ILBs can't penetrate the line of scrimmage.
jmiller40 Titanic Ted for not knowing when to retire. Kevin Shaffer for slowing the progression of out line play by being suspended. Linebackers HAVE to make plays!!! I know the D'Line is part of this, but we are led in tackles by the secondary constantly.
dayton44 Leigh Bodden can't or won't tackle. He got the contract and now he's a slacker. Maybe his true vocation is parking cars at Hopkins. Sean Jones has taken a big step backward from last year.
naxos Well this one is easy. Derek Anderson for putting us in hole that we couldn't get out of.
jerseybrownfan When will the Browns have a pass rush? When will DA stop throwing interceptions? When will Brady Quinn get a shot at Quarterback? Will Crennel be coach of the week this week? I don't think so the way the Browns played today and today I think the Patriots could of been beaten. They didn't impress me one bit. They just capitalized on the Browns mistakes. I have a feeling Dallas will put it to them.
appraiser Would someone just put the Patriot cheerleader uniform on Dierdorf. What an absolute idiot! Perhaps a pair of Tom Brady needs pad to match.
phelix17 Dierdork is the least insightful color man in announcing. There are WNBA announcers who are better...I would imagine.
dawgedue I gave DA 3 goats, one for each pick. Yeah, one wasn't his fault, but who cares. He lost us the game.
saltlakedawgs Wipe your snot before you throw.
gbeachy50310 Horns for the D-LINE for no pressure. And even though he's a Canton boy, goathorns to the TV CREW's Dierdorf and his inane rambling today. Blah, blah, blah. There's a good reason you aren't on prime time anymore. And a goathorn to the OFFICIATING CREW for an overall lousy job.
bigdaddy78 No Goathorns either, they never had a chance in this game, and played to their ability.
polluted D-line looked like highschool. Pat fans booing? Time for their era to end. Today's game looked like a grown man kicking a retarted kids butt in a school yard for no reason and sill only 10 points down in the 3rd qtr.
browndawgsteve S. Jones - I wonder if uor safeties know they also have pass coverage responsibilities.
LB Unit - Late in filling the holes for the most part(another 100 yard rusher) and little to no blitzing pressure
S. Mckinney - I believe three weeks in a row is is costing us yardage on penalties.
Dline - I don't think the did terrible, but again a 100 yard rusher and very little pressure.
yogi8 DA cannot turn the ball over like that. Time for him to sit. Grantham and the D get horns as well. The only time we stopped them was when Brady made a bad throw to a wide open WR on 3rd down.
griz13 I don't care what the apologists say. I don't care what the Oregon State alumni say: Derek Anderson was the single-biggest reason for the loss... or at least for not putting us in a position to win it in the 4th quarter. You cannot give the ball away in the NFL. You certainly can't do it against teams that have seem to win every other Super Bowl this decade.
apvic What the hell is wrong with Sean Jones ?? he is always behind playing catch up??? we were supposed to have the best set of young safties in the league !!! our safeties suck !!!! McGinest sure looks old and creaky !!!!
bulldogdad D-Line: among the worst in the league, if not the worst. Grantham: the D's tackling has got to be lain at your feet. Does anybody notice how the Pats tackle below the knees, and how rare YAC is? And this entire stink bomb has to be lain at RAC's feet. Mistake after inexcusable mistake, and he stands on the sideline like his thoughts are centered around what he wants on his pizza after the game.
sooner dawg Could not protect a cut if he had a box of bandaids.
number1brownsfan Anderson for the 1st half of play. You throw 3 INTs, you're going to get a "Goat". D-Line for being pathetic. K2 for fumbling, and helping the Pats beat us by 17.
markfranzen Does she always have to run errands during the game leaving me to "let the kids watch the game with you"
snoopdawgydawg Winslow, albeit he has a bum shoulder, made little effort on a catch near the 10 yd line then fumbled in a lazy effort to secure the ball. Fraley got blown up through the middle a few too many times. D-line had no push all game. They got dominated.
clevthom D-line x 100
wholesaler1972 dan dierdorf has to be the absolute worst announcer i have ever heard. can we get brian russell back? willie mcginest, time to hang up the jersey and call it a career.
cecretiree Ryan Tucker has hurt this team on numerous occasions. Most recently, he did a stupid by taking substances and deprived the O line of his services through the toughest part of the schedule. Then, against NE, he gets bull rushed by LB Vrabel and contributed to one of the turnovers. Bad, very, very bad!
rollred2000 If you can't tackle, and can't pass rush you can't win. Has anyone explained that to the defense yet?
dixiedawg Winslow gets a goat from me for crocodile arming a TD pass and for getting punked at the end of the game.
cortkdad DA, you're starting to stare again !!! Get back to looking off the defenders. All the INT's suffered were helped by you looking at the intended receiver and a flock of Pats following your lead.
clevelandjim Where do they fined these announcers. All they keep talking about was Tom Brady. It sounded like they were in love with him. God forgive they talked about the Browns. Never did they mention any of our injuries. Also when are we going to get a pass rush.
fevah GOATHORNS = The photographer who took the OBR photo's during the game. That person needs a swift boot in the a$$ for a very obvious Pats highlight slideshow.
dawgpoundr I can't come up with a valid explanation how videotaping our sidelines netted the Patriots 4 turnovers, so maybe they're just that much more clever than me.
thehollismaniac Tucker got beat and let DA get hit, causing the third interception. Good job on the roids dude. 2 wrongs dont make a right. The announcers were slobbering over every Patriot in uniform, the man love made me vomit.
mulekicker3 Officials get one for calling the same exact play a false start when the Browns have the ball and encroachment when the Pats have the ball. Color me confused. Leon Williams under-bit harder on the PA leaving Watson for a TD than Cowher's bottom jaw.
chowdogg Harrison for not being ready to play. Quinn for thinking Anderson would come out for a play. Did Washington play
vadawglb The defense needs to learn to tackle better. This has been a problem for years. Two out of the three interceptions were his fault by him trying to force the issue. Grantham needs to teach the fundamentals of tackling to these so called Pros. You didn't see the Patriot defense missing tackles like we did!!
agent34 What was Junior "I fake retirement to get out of Miami and play for the Patriots" Seau doing show boating?? Pats should cut him! then Vrabel trying to break linemens knees on a spike with 10 seconds to go! come one!
mtsames Everyone on the team especially the D-Line they suck.
depardo Anderson deserves both a gameball (2nd half) as well as a goathorn (1rst Half) as you CAN'T throw a pick on the one yard line. Our defensive line HAS to muster some sort of pass rush or at least the linebackers need to step up and put SOME sort of pressure on the QB. Giving the opposing QB too much time is killing us.
skat007 If this offense looks good now, just think how good it would look if DA was out and Brady Quinn was in. A QB with accuracy and good decision making would make a big difference. I mean, really, why does everyone think DA is so great? The defense has got to get better against the run - period. Did Dan Dierdorf actually belch into his mike during the broadcast? Come on!
redright When does KW II begin giving his best on every play?
wardydog Wilson for not stepping up to the plate and being the man, wr that we thought he would !
kevinmrohr Derek Anderson is the only player I can remember giving consideration to for a gameball and a goathorn in the same game. And it's kinda normal for him.
sincedayone First and goal at the one? Two passes? On the road? Against the best team in football early? Football 101, pound the ball in there three, maybee four times. What was that throw? Across the body, against the grain. Will someone please tell DA that you don't make that throw.
brownsdawgfan Yes, DA gets 4 goathorns for this one...I'd give him more if it would let me.
dawgonit0207 Bad Derek showed up again this week. If he makes better decisions... the Browns are in this game the whole way.
optidawg The only real concern I have is with the defensive line. Until we get pressure on QB's we will continue to play on our heels...especially against the good ones. Giving Brady that much time to attack our secondary made sure the game was never in doubt. First priority this spring at the draft has to be the defensive line although we could use another running back and maybe a receiver. 2 more good drafts and this team becomes dangerous.
tedingr Do they sleep with New England. They were homers.



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