Sponsor Love: Win Free Stuff!

The OBR and the Allegheny National Park Visitors Bureau are teaming to give away some cool stuff. Win a free overnight stay in the luxurious Glendorn Estates. It's close to Cleveland, but a world away!


We can't help but love our sponsors. They're brilliant companies and insightful people (and also very good looking, we have to admit). Together, they comprise a pantheon of greatness that would me mind-boggling if we had minds left worthy of bogglement.

This is especially true when they give our visitors free stuff. If you're anything like me, you like stuff. Especially when it's free.

But such is the case with our newest sponsor, the Allegheny National Forest Visitors Bureau, who are holding a special contest to give away... yes... give away... a free overnight stay in the luxurious Glendorn Estate as part of their promotion with the Orange and Brown Report. This is a regular $450 value that they will give away for free to some lucky Browns fan who registers for their contest by October 26th!

Plus, you can register to win a free Legends and Lore of Allegheny National Forest DVD. Ten of these will be given away as well.

This would be a perfect weekend getaway or perhaps even something that could be lined up with a trip to Cleveland to see the Browns. Take a moment to enter the contest and support one of the sponsors who help keep this site going!



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