Behind Enemy Lines: Miami Dolphins

One of the nice things about being part of the Scout Network is how our subscribers have access to experts on nearly every NFL club. Alain Poupart of Scout's Dolphins Digest answers questions from OBR subscribers about the Browns opponent on Sunday.

GBEACHY: How comfortable is the team with Cleo Lemon, and did he really show that much more in camp than Beck as Cameron has stated.

That's a good two-part question. On the first part, the players always have been supportive of Lemon because he's a good guy and he can throw a good ball. As to how comfortable the team is with him, all you need to know is they drafted John Beck. If they thought Lemon was someone they could win with on a consistent basis, they wouldn't have drafted another QB. I think the Dolphins are confident Lemon can get the job done for a few games, but he's not the long-term answer.

As for the Beck/Lemon debate, Lemon actually played better than Trent Green in the preseason and Beck probably was somewhere in between. But there was never any doubt Beck would be the No. 3 QB heading into the season, just like there wasn't any doubt Green would be the starter.

CBDAWG: How is Ginn progressing? Does the team view him as a contender for WR down the line or is he strictly going to be used as a returner?

Ginn is progressing very sloooooooowly. He's caught only two passes all season and has only had maybe one or two more balls even thrown his way. Ginn should get more playing time as a WR down the line, but he also might be used like a gadget player, somewhat similar to what the Saints have done with Reggie Bush.

DRDAWG12: Has the heat on Cam Cameron for selecting Ginn over Quinn worsened, been forgotten, or still awaiting verdict seeing as how both have not been much of a factor yet?

I think it's a combination of the second and third options. There's also the fact that Miami is 0-5, so it's not like the Dolphins don't have other things to worry about. I will say there has been plenty of complaining down here about how Ginn has yet to be a factor.

DRDAWG12: How has Cam been received with some of the seemingly questionable decisions he has made early on, coupled with the 0-5 start?  Or is he still largely in the honeymoon phase where most if not all is still forgiven?

The media and fans down here are not really honeymoon types, especially considering the playoff drought and what happened with Nick Saban. Cameron indeed has been criticized for some of his decisions. In fact, there's pretty much not be a week where something he does hasn't been second-guessed by the media. And every week he gets asked questions like, why isn't Ronnie Brown carrying the ball more? Why isn't Ted Ginn more involved in the offense? Why is Lorenzo Booker still on the inactive list every Sunday? So, no honeymoon here.

SCOUT63: If Lemon struggles (assuming Trent Green doesn't come back anytime soon), will they hesitate to put Beck in to get some experience?

It's not going to happen this week or next, that's for sure. But you certainly could see Beck in the lineup after the bye (after the London game) if Lemon struggles the next three games -- against the Browns, Patriots and Giants.

PROSECUTOR: How good (or bad) is the Dolphins secondary? I read they were responsible for four of the team's five losses, but the Fins are ranked 3rd in pass defense. I noticed they are switching positions with two of their defensive backs, which tells me they are having problems.

Yep, they have had major problems, although I'm not sure I buy the responsible for four losses theory. The two who switched positions this week are backups (Travis Daniels from safety to cornerback and Jason Allen from cornerback to safety) so the impact of those moves shouldn't be major. It's honestly a mediocre secondary right now, but in its defense, it lost its best player (safety Yeremiah Bell) in the opener and it also hasn't gotten much help from a pass rush that has been pretty much nonexistent.

PROSECUTOR: Also, which Dolphin run defense will show up Sunday? The one that gave up 191 yards rushing to Washington, 166 to Dallas, 141 to the Jets, and 299 to Oakland, or the one that held Houston to 2.6 ypc last week?

I'm guessing it's going to be closer to the bad run defense than the good run defense. Remember that Houston was without Ahman Green when the Dolphins played them (then again, Raiders backup Justin Fargas burned them for 172 yards in the second half alone). Vonnie Holliday is going to miss the game with an ankle injury, and the Dolphins have major depth issues at defensive tackle. I would expect the Browns to have decent success running the ball against the Dolphins, although I wouldn't count on 299 yards.

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