Adkins: Quick Hits from the In-Box

Lane's takes on your questions, as Week Six dawns in Cleveland...

From the forums of The Orange and Brown Report, my PM (private message inbox) has been filling up with questions regarding the team, specific players, and what is transpiring with the team. Here are some Quick Hits from those the PM messages:

Q: With the injury to Jamal Lewis, do you see Jerome Harrison gaining playing time, or will he continue to be a waste of a draft selection?

LA: If Lewis is unable to play, Jason Wright will step in and start. I am of the belief Wright will fare well due to his quickness, which complements the offensive line play. Additionally, Harrison would be on the game-day roster to backup Wright, with Vickers remaining another possibility in certain situations. As for Harrison's status, I would not feel comfortable saying his selection was a waste, but he has not proven to the satisfaction of the staff that he is indeed ready to assume a significant role.

Q: Derek Anderson has single-handedly cost this team two games and is sure to cost this team more this season. Being said, what is it going to take for this organization to put Brady Quinn in the lineup?

LA: I do not discount that fact Anderson has not played at a high level consistently, but to state he is the reason the team has lost is not necessarily how I see it. Sure, he did not play well overall against the Raiders and Patriots, but to believe the defense of this team didn't have a role in the losses is absurd. Anderson needs to manage the game and he didn't do that for 60-minutes in each of the noted games and he does need to protect the ball better, but he is not the sole factor for the losses, though he played a major part. As for Quinn, I am of the impression the organization is of the mindset that he can and will play if Anderson continues to display the inconsistent characteristics and/or is unable to manage the team.

Q: Why would the team throw Ryan Tucker in at right guard after missing four-weeks for a steroid suspension and what could they gain by such a move?

LA: The staff has to believe he was ready to contribute, I do not see any other reason to have him on the field after being out of practice and the training facility for weeks. Tucker is a solid player, but I do not see his playing as a benefit to the team last week.

Q: Is Ted Washington really done and who is going to help stop the run on this defense?

LA: Washington has seen his better days and would not have made this team if better talent was in place. The issues at defensive end (Orpheus Roye - injury) have cost this team the needed stability of Shaun Smith on the inside. The defensive line is going to get an upgrade this off-season... the organization knows what the issues are with talent and looking to get some help at this time, but the available talent is lean.

Q: Has the team inquired about wide receiver Antonio Bryant? He seems to be the type of receiver that can help this team.

LA: I have heard nothing in regards to Bryant and if he is in the right frame of mind, he could help the Brownws as well as his career.

Q: If you were an offensive coordinator and you could attack one position of the Browns defense, what would it be and why?

LA: I would run the ball down the throat of the defense until they would over-commit to stop the run. At that point, I would attack vertically. This is not too far off what we have been watching through five weeks of the season.

Q: Of all the good that has transpired to this point in the season, what are the bright spots and low lights?

LA: The progression of the offense under the direction of Rob Chudzinski has to be a plus, as well as wide receiver Braylon Edwards and the overall play of the offensive line. The low-lights: let's start with the play of the nose tackles, linebackers, and safeties.

Q: Are you still sticking with your initial prediction that the Browns are going to be 7-9 this season?

LA: This team should be no worse than 7-9, with some luck this team could be on the opposite side of .500.

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