Fan View: Taking Care of Business

Jeff Biletnikoff is happy with the win over Miami, but worried about the Browns soft defense...

Great win.  They took care of business at home.  Think back to the end of August.  If someone would have told you that Cleveland would head into the bye week at 3-3 with a 2 and 1 record in the division, what would you have said?
I can tell you what I would have said.
Miami is struggling to say the least.  These aren't Dan Marino's Dolphins.  Heck, they aren't even Duante Culpepper's Dolphins.
South Florida is in for a long season.
So, Cleveland did what you expected against a weak team in their own backyard.
However, the Browns were a couple Cleo Lemon mistakes away from having a much different game.  He certainly missed some wide open receivers.  Can you see some of the better QB's in the league blowing the opportunities that Miami had today?
I don't see it.  I see the Browns squandering the game today if Miami had a signal caller that had any kind of experience.
The problem?
The Browns defense.
They've paid so much attention to the Browns O. that the cupboard is bare on the D.  Not necessarily in the LB's and secondary but on the D. line.
As impressive as Kamerion Wimbley has been you wonder if it might have been a tactical error on Phil Savage's part to not get Haloti Ngata with Browns first pick of the 2006 draft.
After all, as we've seen for years with the Browns offense, it all starts in the trenches.
It's no surprise that all of a sudden the offense has come alive since the Browns invested in a franchise LT (and other pieces).
As far as the D. line goes, they couldn't chase down a turtle in a fishbowl.
If the Browns are going to maintain a .500 or better record and keep themselves in the playoff hunt they MUST get at least average play from their defense.  I know it won't be an elite unit this year but coming up way south of horrible each week won't cut it.
Unfortunately there isn't a quick fix.  They don't have the horses on the D. line to effect a positive change on the defensive side of the ball this year.
It's a shame that what is turning into a positive season has a good chance to descend into disater once again.
Oh well, I'm going to put those thoughts out of my mind now and look forward to a bye week where the Browns are respectable followed by football in October that actually will mean something for once.
I'll be back next week with a column that will detail my first half review and second half preview.

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