Browns-Dolphins: Gameballs and Goats

The votes have been counted... Braylon Edward's past sins have officially been forgiven. Three touchdowns and a breakout season really helps revive the ol' public image. Also: an impressive run at the goathorn list via write-ins by Dolphins LB Joey Porter, a guy who runs smak at opponents while starting the season by reeling off six straight losses.

The Week's Results: 41 points scored indicates to me that the gameballs are going to the offense. Yep, there they are. 31 points allowed to Cleo Lemon, Ronnie Brown and a soon to be San Diego Charger  foreshadows where the goathorns are going. Yep, right on schedule, and well-deserved. Joey "Huggie" Porter made a strong run at placing on the goathorn list through the unfiltered power of sheer obnoxiousness. Here's a memo, Joey: If your team is 0-5 and heading for 0-6, it might not be a real good time to talk smak. Moron.  

Player Gameballs
Braylon Edwards 239
Derek Anderson 229
Jerome Harrison 74
Kellen Winslow 46
Rob Chudzinski 45
Offensive Line 43

Joey's Hug", Tom Mastny, Trot Nixon (2), Cleo Lemon, David Caruso's shades, Wes Chandler, Steve Marshall, Seattle for trading with us for Frye, me for being up by 7 AM to watch the game in Hawaii, Derek Anderson's parents, Whoever ran over the referee, Jay Knecht, Grady Sizemore, Appalachian State and Oregon!!, Mason's Pub, Horatio Caine, Scott Player we miss you, That Ref That Got Knocked The %*$& OUT,  My vacation, "Charlie Frye for sucking so badly they shipped him out", "The beer guys for serving me before halftime this week!"


Player Goathorns
Entire Defense 125
Defensive Line 113
Todd Grantham 105
Sean Jones 60
Ted Washington 45
Linebacking Corps 24

Joey Porter (12), What Defense?, Art Modell (2), Mo Carthon (2), "Cleo Lemon = Dan Marino?", Fans that leave early. Jamal Lewis' foot, Quinn Lovers, RUN DEFENSE, mikehey, Draft Free Agency, Chad Johnson, Howie Feltersnatch, "Enoch Demar--you still suck!!!", "ALL YOU PANSIES THAT WANT TO SIT DOWN AT A BROWNS GAME, SIT ON YOUR COUCH!!", Bruce Arians, "Our girl scout defense, minus the freakin' awesome cookies", TV Announcing Tards That Wouldn't Stop Fellating Miami, Tackling, Cincy Bungholes, "The redneck stranger that tailgated with us!"


Fan Comments
mfabrams Great explosion in the first half. Anderson continues to surprise me. Braylon , what took so long? Jerome Harrison - good change of pace with some decent runs and not coughing the ball up.
vadawglb Anderson managed the game and didn't force the ball!!! Edwards even after the drop early in the game had a great game and a nice block to spring Winlsow. O-line kept Anderson upright most of the game and opened some nice holes for the running backs.
mulekicker3 It's great to have watchable football again.
fanofbrwns O-LINE WON THE BATTLE !!!! D-LINE LOST THE BATTLE !!!!! Give Purcell and Pittman a chance to play and have some game-time experience
shrooney The offense looked sharp!
number1brownsfan Edwards did awesome, and should be in the Pro Bowl this year. Anderson looked great, and so did the OL. Also Cleo Lemon, the Dolphins QB, deserves a gameball for over-throwing his wide-open WRs that would have been TDs.
wholesaler1972 There are so many deserving of a gameball, so i gave one to the entire offense. BE, winslow, and anderson had a great game. also loved thomas and harrison. keep attackin', chud!
yogi8 Chud has got to get the 1st GB. DA for his best game and NO mistakes. BE narrowly over KW2. But both will be going to Hawaii at year end.
bomeister Why are we not using Harrison (and Wright) more previous to Jamal's injury?? Harrison showed his stuff wasn't smoke n mirror in the pre-season after all. Another great day for DA who continues to mature, even if he still has deficits he didn't turn it over today and made some very smart decisions to throw it away or run with the ball.
floucka Derek did exactly what he should have done against an inferior opponent. He took care of the ball and made some nice plays.
writerdawg Once again, for the most part, Chud called a masterful game, and Anderson was able to deliver it. In truth, the entire offense deserves gameballs.
rutger How can you not give one to Edwards, Winslow, Anderson and the entire OL.. Hell the whole Offense deserves one, every last one of them along with Rob Chudzinski and the rest of the Offensive coaches.. I loved Wes Chandler when he played for the Chargers and I love him even more coaching the Browns.. And I guess maybe Steve Marshall isn't that bad of an OL coach after all..
dawgbacker26 Another GREAT job by the offensive line, and a helluva job by the #2 & #3 RB's picking up for Jamal. But, DA and BE cannot go without praise as they picked apart the Fins Safeties and Corners. Kudos to DA on making GREAT decisions today and having a mistake free game vs. the #3 Passing Defense in the NFL. Also, after a bit of a bad start with 2 drops, kudos to BE for pulling in 3 TD's on the day and putting himself in a 3 way tie with Plaxico and Whosyamomma for 2nd in TD receptions, 1 behind league leader Randy Moss.
jerseybrownfan Offense looks good to go. Look like they can score on anybody.
sincedayone Good offense that could be great with Harrison and Quinn starting. The O-line is solid!
rottnmoore HOT start and They could have let down when Miami came with in 3, BUT the put the hammer down and got a couple of stops and 2 TD's for the proverbial nail.
iupuiguy82 Offense once again wins the game for us...
buckeyeindenver What a great game for DA. I don't think Bernie Kosar or Brian Sipe could have played better than Derek. He was in total control, made perfect decisions, and had pin-point accuracy. Braylon had a phenomenal game--congrats on tying the team record for 3 receiving TDs--and continues to show that he is one of the outstanding young receivers in the NFL. And the same goes for K2. He was properly praised for rising above Joey Porter's moronic babbling and then backed it up on the field, unlike a certain diarrhea-mouthed Miami Linebacker I could name.  Curses for only being able to vote on 3 game balls, because I'd give others to Jerome Harrison, for finally showing in the regular season what he normally just saves for the preseason, Eric Wright for great coverage on Chris Chambers and his first career pick, and the offensive line, which did a great job opening holes in the running game and protecting Anderson. Rookies just aren't supposed to play as well as Joe Thomas has this year.
dazedawg Need more gameballs to go around for the offense. Chud, DA, K2, BE, Harrison, the o-line... and on and on.
indybones Harrison looked pretty good today.
losangelesdawg I was very impressed with Harrison. He seemed quicker than Wright...I hope RC will stop keeping him inactive for games.
burcher Rob Chudzinski had a tremendous game plan as he was very aggressive with his play calling all game long. Braylon Edwards- A stud is born. Joe Thomas- I almost never here his name being mentioned during a game. I can't think of a greater compliment I can make.
bulldogdad The jury remains out on DA, as the Fish may the only D worse than ours, but he was flawless. BE overcame some early drops to reestablish his All-Pro candidacy. Jerome Harrison...welcome, my friend.
mtsames the entire offense played well. now keep it going for the rest of the season.
thehollismaniac Anderson was a cerebral assassin. Edwards made great catches, and is on the verge of becoming an elite receiver- he just needs to minimize the drops. The o-line protected well, and cleared some lanes for 2 very slippery backs.
dirtydave98 Offense continues to look good, Harrison made the most of his time with the ball, had some nice runs... had to love Winslow's catch over Joey "needs a hug" Porter... For the 1st time in a while we head to the bye week feeling good about the direction the team is headed, offensively that is
griz13 Derek Anderson played a complete game. You almost can't play better. Braylon Edwards, minus a couple drops, looks as good as any receiver in football. The offensive line is why all of this is happening. Adrian Peterson will likely win Rookie of the Year, but if the line was as recognized as it should be, Joe Thomas would be a candidate. At this point in the season, he's got to be in the Pro Bowl conversation. Amazing.
tdh48 Good offensive performance. No interceptions. Third home win in a row and a .500 season at the bye week. Thinks are lookin' up.
playbrowns Anderson continues to impress and improve. He and Edwards really have some chemistry and the entire offense deserves a gameball for putting up yet another 40 spot.
29turner About time we utilize #35... way to go Jerome!
browndawgsteve D. Anderson - Another fine outing.
B. Edwards - After a few early drops was great the rest of the game. really stepping up this year.
Oline - Getting better every week. great effort on run and pass
J. Harrison - Quick to the hole and running hard
confuseddog thanks Savage for CHUD
dawgdc First let me say Chud's offense is the best I've seen the Browns have since the Lindy Infante era. He has our offense punches first and I love it...I don't EVER want to lose this guy!!!! DA for playing the smartest game he has played in his pro career, if he would have done this in our previous 4 games we would be 5-1. B-Eazy for having a Pro Bowl season so far. K-2 for PUNISHING Joey "Punk" Porter....I believe K-2 gave him a hug by burning him with several catches and dropping that shoulder in his chest!!! HUG THAT!! Jerome open some eyes today and I hope RAC keeps him active for the rest of the season because the kid can run. Last but not least the O-Line and especially the play of Joe T. They are playing like Howard Mudd is coaching us again and I thought I would never say that again? Excellent job again....and I like our O-Line against any D in the league!! GO BROWNS!!!!!
naxos Jerome Harrison nice to see you in a game. Braylon 3 TD, incredible. Finally Joe Thomas, our line never looked so good.
kshkolnik Biggest play of the game came when Ryan Tucker recovered Winslow's fumble at midfield right after Miami had closed within 3.
cecretiree This offense is AWESOME! If we had anything RESEMBLING a defense, we'd be 5-1 and in serious contention!
chowdogg It ws nice to see Harrison look like a NFL rb... Fraley looked like a leader out there on the field... JJ a couple of great catches
montanamonty I've wanted to drill the zebras more than once.
scubahood12 You only heard Bodden's name once in the game and that was when he had the big INT. When you never hear a CB's name that means they are locking their wideout down.
snoopdawgydawg I know many people are ready to see Quinn play, but I'm pleased to see Anderson play so well against an average defense as opposed to NE's defense. If Anderson sneezed the wrong way today, people would have called for Quinn. Braylon continues to make big plays and I give props to Jerome Harrison for stepping in and playing exceptionally well today.
tardarian Ryan Tucker for not quitting on the play and saving the turnover, Edwards for growing up and leading the team, Anderson for keeping the passes limited to our team
1greatscott It's great to see a legitimate offense finally!
willy15 Offense is confident and doing great.
anthonyd Jerome Harrison is exciting to watch. Some of the cuts that made, had me thinking of Barry Sanders but with more speed.
froggy60 super game braylan... da is proving his worth... jason very nice job filling in
eezer Our Defensive backs are starting to really show some talent. Winslow showed how good he is in other areas. Braylon is turning the corner....
dawglberbarb Not enough gameballs today so I gave one to the entire offense. What a good feeling. What an explosive offense. Until we get a great nose tackle, the offense at least can keep us in games.
deathbyeagle Braylon is really taking his game to the next level. Pro Bowl, my friends!!! How about K2?? Comes back from microfracture surgery and looks even better. K2 and Gates have to be the two probowlers at TE. Sorry Gonzo!
brownsclown Not enough gameballs. Anderson for no turnovers! Edwards got 3 touchdowns and the RB combo with 170 total yards and a touchdown. Kellen Winslow is still the best player on this team, the O line is playing great and I love Vickers attitude out there, he is the unheralded guy. Great team win!!
dixiedawg Wow. Braylon is living up to the hype and DA looks strong. And, The Ghost makes a strong appearance before Halloween!
iwillpierceyou So Jerome Harrison is real?
rubix60 best overall game from anderson yet, our whole offensive backfield stepped up for this game
srqdawg Derek Anderson - 3 TDs & 0 INTs - This is the guy we need for the rest of the season! He didn't even throw any questionable asses this week - and smartly got thing done with his feet when needed. Braylon took a step forward on being a weekly regular on the Highlight reel.
dawgpoundr 41 points should win most games, provided the defense can force at least 1-2 turnovers a game. It would be nice to be able to give a gameball to some phase of the defense this season, but I'm not sure it'll happen.
eryze19 The "Ghost" makes an appearance, it must be Halloween!!
fairwayseeker Sounds like a broken record but how can you not keep recognizing the output of Winslow & Edwards - the best Duo in the league so far - even when balls are not perfectly thrown! Jerome Harrison needs to get more touches, a very impressive performance from someone banished to the inactives week in & week out!
gruff Get Harrison some reps, somewhere, somehow.
gcrandall Chud and Phil Savage deserve some credit for the way the offense is performing.
tomahawkdawg DA - Coming into your own; good to ya throw the ball away when nothing is there.
Braylon - I say every week how you should go to Honolulu. I now have no doubt. BE has it.
KW2 - Not just the best TE in the AFCN. The best TE in the entire NFL.
My vacation - I went to the Browns game on Sunday, and the Tribe game on Monday. Both teams won. It's officially good to back from Japan.
josh19 Tucker was the unsung hero in this game. His hustle play to recover Winslow's fumble 15 yards down the field saved the day. They get that ball, down only 3, and this could be a different game.
slambar Of course DA and BE get theirs, but I have to give Eric Wright his for his first NFL INT.


Fan Comments
mfabrams Sean Jones - What's with the coverage on the TEs?? It appears Brian Russell makes a huge difference for the secondary. Crennel and Grantham get one because these masterminds for our defensive schemes appear to be overmatched each week. Mr. Savage, our number one need in free agency and the draft is the D Line and additional LB support.
vadawglb CAN ANYONE FORM TACKLE ON THIS TEAM? Let's learn how to wrap-up when tackling during the bye week!!!!
mulekicker3 This defense is absolutely pathetic. If they can improve a little bit then this team might actually be able to steal a wild card spot.
fanofbrwns Tackle, Hit with authority, Intimidate words never used to describe the Browns defense
shrooney D looks pretty ragged...c'mon guys!! wrap up!!!
number1brownsfan All 3 Goat go to the entire defense. Pathetic.
wholesaler1974 i gave a "goat" to the entire D, because there is no way the 'fins should have scored 31.
yogi8 Grantham, Entire D and LBs. yeech!
bomeister D continues to struggle and only the play making of the O won the game again as it did with Cincy. Some pressure happened on Meadowlark Lemon, but not enough and he somehow made some Houdini escapes and great plays to keep the Fish in the game in the 2nd half.
floucka Captain Obvious says: This defense stinks. Big time. Is there another defense in the NFL that gets pushed around as much as ours? The next time a Browns defender pushes a ball carrier backwards on a tackle will be the first time.
writerdawg It simply boggles the mind how putrid this defense can be.
rutger When the hell did Dick Vermeil get hired as HC? The entire defense deserves Goathorns.. If they just simply tackled the guy with the ball where they hit him 75% of the time while still allowing him to fall forward for only a 2 yard gain they'd cut the yards allowed in half.. When have you ever seen that many guys running wide open 15 to 25 yards down field? Some of those needed a wide angle cameras to find a Browns defender on the field. Oh yeah just last week and the week before and the week before that and... well you get the point. I keep trying to forget just how bad they are week in and week out. If Grantham is still the DC on this team next year we're in big trouble.. How can you not be going after a guying making his first start at QB on ever damn play????
other bjk All gameballs to the offense, all goats to the D
dawgbacker26 Attention Phil Savage: Please call Seattle and explain to them the mistake you made with not re-signing Brian Russell. Allow them to watch the tapes of our Safeties and how stupid they look. Maybe they will feel for us and hand B.R. back!? And please, for the love of Jesus, realize the Andra Davis is not good! Thanks!
jerseybrownfan The defense almost lost this game for the Browns Sunday. To have such a lead and then in the 2nd half to let Miami come back to within 3 points scared me. I really thought the Browns were going to blow this game. Its a shame something can't be done about the defensive line since after 6 games I don't see much improvement. Romeo you need to fix this problem.
sincedayone Is it me or does it seem like half the stadium is gone half way through the fourth quarter, win or lose. Do all you people have a dentist appointment at 4:00 or what? Savor the sweet kneel down or have endless hope, but please stay.
rottnmoore Wrap the F&*( UP! If when you ar ein place not wrapping up is the cardinal sin of defense. Can we get the Buckeyes D to play on Sundays!
swalidawg Eat it Joey Porter; you over-rated, no talent, diminishing skills, trash talking, no production waste of space.
iupuiguy82 Can our offensive players play both ways??
buckeyeindenver This defense continues to scare me--they just can't stop the run and can't tackle. If we didn't get out to that big lead, forcing Cleo to constantly pass, Ronnie Brown might have rushed for 200 yards. The D-line keeps getting blown up and the LBs can't brings anybody down at first contact. Tackling and fixing the run defense have to be the top priorities in the bye week. And maybe today's game will finally convince that punk Joey Porter to shut his mouth. What an utter jackhole. Kellen embarrassed him with his comments during the week, and embarrassed him even worse in the game. I'd like to hope that Joey would be so humiliated, he'd never talk to the media again, but he's so freaking stupid and self-delusional, he probably thinks the Dolphins won the game.
dazedawg Mo Carthon, whose prior ineptness becomes more apparent with every passing week of Offensive fireworks from this team.
indybones Somebody better figure out how to stop the run.
losangelesdawg I truly hope this "bye-week" will allow us to bring in some big bodies for the D-Line....we might actually have a decent team if we can keep the other team from running on us.
burcher Todd Grantham who was way to passive on defense. First down and thirty and the dolphins are still able to get a first down! If coaches were put on the inactive list he should most certainly join Ted Washington.
bulldogdad This is simply the worst tackling defense I've every seen: Eric Wright seems to be the only guy that can finish a play.
mtsames this defense is pathetic and the most non pass-rushing , non-tackling bunch of pussies in browns history.
thehollismaniac I keep waiting for this defense to stop the run, but it just ain't gonna happen. Over the bye, the staff needs to trash this "bend but don't break" thing in favor of something more aggressive. Week after week running backs run through this so-called defense like crap through a goose.
dirtydave98 RAC TG and the rest of the defense deserve horns until they can keep a back from gaining 100yds against us, are able to put some pressure on the QB and get a couple of sacks. Who would have thought that the offense would be the unit to carry this team. Time for the D to start earning their pay
griz13 Defense is lame. Tackle someone, please. The TV announcers are so dumb, it's literally painful to listen to them. Todd Grantham needs to figure it out, and he has two weeks to do it. The same guy who a lot of people thought would be named interim head coach after canning Romeo during the bye, is actually the guy most likely to lose his job if things continue. Giving up 30 points a game is NOT cool.
tdh48 Won't give a goathorn on a win, but if I did it would go to defense. While there was some good individual play there is definite need for help. Imagine how good this team could be if our defense played to the level of our offense and special teams.
jmiller40 Ted Washington two times for not knowing when to retire.
playbrowns Grantham's refusal to blitz Cleo freakin' Lemon had me baffled beyond belief. But perhaps it could be that Sean Jones has yet to NOT be burnt to a crisp by a TE or WR deep in single coverage. The guy is a shell of his former self from last year.
29turner When are we going to make a move to shore up this pitiful run defense?
browndawgsteve S. Jones - Torn up again in pass coverage... Dline/LBs - Another week another 100 yard rusher. I did thing the pass rush was good, but R. brown did what he wanted all day.
confuseddog the defense deserves 6 fucking we get a D,..and LOOKOUT!
dawgdc Tim Carter for still being on the team. Grantham for a poor defensive game hard is it to stop one player name Ronnie Brown? Sean Jones for being totally toasted by TE's the last two weeks and he can't tackle either. Andra Davis for just taking up space and opportunity. Please SOMEONE tell me why Ted Washington is on the team when he actually does nothing but dance with the center of the opposite team....does he even have a tackle this year? CUT HIM NOW!!!
naxos The Defense, ug.
cecretiree This defense, in its third year under the 3-4 system is HORRIBLE. Romeo and Grantham need to tear this puppy apart and try to put it back together from scratch.
chowdogg Why couldn't Jones cover a TE? Its probably the end of the line for Washington. Did Carter play?
tardarian Winslow for not having the chance to stiff arm porter on his butt again, D line isn't it obvious?
1greatscott Boy we need to start stopping the run
willy15 Miami's LB Porter is all mouth and not the player he once was. Steelers were right to get rid of him.
anthonyd I'm looking forward to next year when we can draft d-linemen or pickup some that are free agents. We are one to two years away from being a dominate team.
froggy60 playing to soft on defense. blitz more... to conservative in the 3rd quarter almost cost you. An onside kick? what the hell where you thinking.
jab Chud because we refuse to play Harrison who looks like a great change of pace and 3rd down back. But Thank God for Chud
dawglberbarb No goats today.
deathbyeagle Why be negative?? We are 3-1 at home and are 3-3 heading into the bye. I'm amazed!!! Negatives: front seven of the defense is poor. We need two new starting safeties.
brownsclown I was at the game. The D-line applies no pressure at all. All pressure came from the LB, while the safeties are not playing well. The defense came out in the second half and laid down for Miami. Any hopes of playoffs ride on defense, it's scary.
dixiedawg No goats for the Browns - Just Bruce Arians. He still sucks.
iwillpierceyou Have we realized we need a D-Line yet?
rubix60 D line, I think this will be a recurring theme this year
srqdawg Everything on Defense starts with the line and this game could have been a megablowout if not for them. The starting safeties get goats because somehow they fooled the team into thinking they were ready to step up to Brian Russell's level of play making the Browns release him - probably THE. WORST. MOVE. for the Browns. A Write in For Ted Washington for taking up a roster spot from a player who might REALLY contribute.
dawgpoundr Where's the Deef?
reepoman21 Sean Jones must have forgot all Brian Russell taught him about playing safety in the NFL
smithlel Wanted - a lineman or linebacker that can step up and stuff a run.
eryze19 Ted Washington should be inactive for the rest of the season, or cut. On Lemon's TD, he was push and knocked down by a guy half his size.
fairwayseeker Last year I thought Grantham was doing a good job, but he has to turn up the pressure & leave it dialed in! At one point Miami was on the verge of giving up & we let them get their confidence back by playing it too safe! Also, please spend some time during the bye week on tackling techniques, Davis et. al. are missing too many tackles which then go for big gains!
gruff Entire defence X3. Can they learn to tackle in the space of 2 weeks?
gcrandall Tackling by the D was poor.We more varied defensive calls. Some real leaders among the D need to step forward and assert themselves by their play, and their words and actions.
lawdawg55 The entire defense stinks except Wimbley
tomahawkdawg Defense, Todd G, LBs - You tried as hard as you could to give this game away. It's time to shore up boys. You are embarrassing to watch, and you are the biggest reason we do not have a better record.
Cincy - You guys suck...I couldn't think of any other Browns to get a goat, so I give it to your sorry butts.
josh19 The defense really needs to learn to tackle.
slambar Defense embarrassed me the most when Miami didn't even hesitate to go for it on 4-and-1, twice!
And while TW may be a goathorn dead horse, another angle is that he's not even coaching up the young guys to be better on the line. That's the least he should do at this point.


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