Browns-Rams: Beward the Trap

Can a 3-3 football team be overconfident? Browns head coach Romeo Crennel is worried about exactly that as the Browns prepare to face the reeling Rams following their bye week...

Can a team that has not accomplished anything in years face a "trap" game?

The trap game is the new term for overlooking an opponent. For the Browns, it means something a little different.

People in Cleveland are exulting over the Browns being 3-3, thanks to their explosive offense. Their next game, though, is in St. Louis, where the Rams are 0-6.

Could the Browns fall into the trap of reading their clippings, getting a little full of themselves and falling flat in St. Louis?

Of course they could, which is why coach Romeo Crennel is saying one word to them: Oakland.

"You have to focus, be on top of it because Oakland was a game we were supposed to win. We didn't win it and came up short," Crennel said. "I've got enough that I can preach to them about. The Rams, they do have some talent. They have talent on that team. Just like every other NFL team has talent, the Rams have talent."

It's almost absurd to think that the Browns could even afford to talk that way given their recent records, but in the past few years this game is exactly the kind they would lose.

Crennel's words should be heeded.


--QB Derek Anderson is averaging just shy of 250 yards per game passing, putting him seventh in the league in yards per game. A testament to how well Anderson has played is that he ranks right behind Peyton Manning.

--RB Jamal Lewis will be limited in practice on Wednesday, which probably will make him questionable for the game in St. Louis. Lewis has missed the better part of two games with a foot injury.

--TE Kellen Winslow is averaging 17.4 yards per reception, best in the league at his position. The high average is testament to Winslow's ability to get down the field.

--WR Braylon Edwards has seven touchdowns, a career high. Only three other NFL wide receivers have more.

--WR Joe Jurevicius played through a sore knee in the week before the bye, and should be healed thanks to a week off.

--NT Ted Washington is pretty much out of the team's plans. Washington has been replaced in the starting lineup by Ethan Kelley and his future with the team is highly doubtful.

--DE Orpheus Roye is being rested more in favor of Shaun Smith, as the team's offensive line struggles to gain coherency. Age and injury may finally be catching up to Roye.

--LB Kamerion Wimbley leads the team in sacks, but he only has three, which illustrated the Browns' pass-rush problems. In short, the defense is not generating much of a rush at all.

--RB Jason Wright will start and the bulk of the carries if Jamal Lewis cannot play. Wright is averaging 4.1 yards per carry.

--KR Joshua Cribbs could be the Browns most dangerous and most exciting player. Cribbs, who is averaging 31.1 yards per return, has constantly given the Browns excellent field position with his returns.

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