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The Browns have the misfortune of being forced to play under intolerable game conditions today, with hokey pirate ships and the huge man-eating Floridian bugs fluttering about. The heat and Warren Sapp aren't all that wonderful either. Anyhow, here's that game information page thing we do, just like all the other Browns sites. Except the people who do those get paid in real money and not vague promises of beer at some point in the future. Blah.

It is October 13th, 2002 and things don't look good for our Brownies. Bucs are favored by 7. It is really, really, really hot in Florida.. Click for Tampa Forecast


On your CBS stations or DirectTV in the lucky areas of the country. Dick Enberg and Dan Dierdorf will do the praising of Warren Sapp while endlessly discussing those bad ol' mean Browns fans.



Internet: WMMS, Browns Official Site

WMMS 100.7
WONE 97.5
WJER 101.7
WIOT 104.7

WHBC 1480
WKVX 960


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Injuries / Unlikely to Play

Robert Griffith is out with his shoulder injury, which means grim things for the Browns. Earl Little replaces him. Kelly Holcomb has a fracture in his defibbrilator and an elongated earlobe. Or something like that. He's as likely to play as I am, but paid much better. (<== Sixth straight week with this joke! New record!).

Thanks to our new conditioning strategy, we've really cut down on injuries. You can tell because our injury list is so small. Devin Bush, Corey Fuller (don't believe it), and Tyrone Rogers are questionable. I don't know about you, but I would never question anyone Tyrone's size, but there you have it. Tim Couch, Ross Verba, and Andre King are listed as probable, and I'm sort of guessing that Tim manages to start.

This is the point where I usually say something about how I couldn't care less about the opponent's injuries, but the Bucs are gonna whomp us, so I better show them the proper respect. John Lynch, a fairly decent safety, is out, and DT Anthony McFarland is questionable. They've got a guy named Sapp they'll play instead. Mike Alstott, Kenyatta Walker, and Dexter Jackson are all probable.

Important Notes About the Stadium

This is an away game, so everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. Don't handle firearms or booze anyway. To simulate the home game experience, get a hammer and smack yourself upside the head repeatedly while shouting "GET A FREE T-SHIRT WITH THIS CREDIT CARD" and booing Dan Dierdorf. 

Game Preview Thing

No one took me up on my offer to write game previews, mostly because no one reads this thing, ever. It's just something we do because we're supposed to. With that in mind, I can speak my heart and inform you that we are going to get slapped silly today. They can't run and neither can we, but they poorly less effectively than we do. They have a pass rush, we don't. Etc, etc. If Courtney Brown doesn't get a sack today against Roman Oben, he's officially a bust.

Bucs 31, Browns 10.

- AB

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