Vinny The Fly: Bullets from Berea

Since his every day is spent dodging angrily wielded flyswatters, one would forgive Vinny the Fly for not having the chance to write down what he's heard several times a week. But still, he keeps cranking out the scoops... Here's the latest from our small (but highly valued) spy in Berea...

Hey OBR friends, things haven't gotten any better in Berea. There's still an active anti-Fly policy, and they've mandated swatters in every meeting room. I can keep the buzzing down when I need to and hide on the underside of tables (my feet have little suction cups on 'em), so here's the latest I've heard while keeping my head low and my proboscis out of trouble:

Defensive coordinator Todd Grantham is going to expected to sway from "multiple responsibility schemes" they installed this year and return to more of the team's defensive look from the 2006 season.

-- We all know the Browns have had problems with their run defense (more on that later). One other thing I'm hearing is that some of the other issues have been due to some free-lancing by the safeties. Sean Jones is now slated to play a more structured type role in the middle of the defensive backfield and focus on support and zone responsibility, rather than getting caught too often wanting to make big plays. Everybody wants to be on ESPN's highlight reel, I guess, but Jones is being asked to change what he's doing. In the past three games, the linebackers have been caught in coverage downfield, giving up big plays. Some of the issue from what I've been told is really due to the safeties being out of position.

-- Fans want to know why the Browns don't blitz more. Well, the team has attempted to show blitz on occasion, but the blitzers have been picked off easily. The reason is that the defense doesn't disguise blitzes well and linebackers/defensive backs coming to the line have been out of time, which gives the opposing offensive line time to adjust.

-- Second year wide receiver Travis Wilson has not endeared himself to the coaching staff in recent weeks due to some pouting. It looks like Wilson may be turning the corner, though, as he has been solid the past couple weeks in practice sessions.

-- Your old namesake, former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar, continues to be involved with the team despite being extremely busy getting his new Arena League team in order.  Do you know if they like flies in AFL offices? No one here seems to be fond of me, and I get chased away whenever I land on someone's sammich. You would think with all the money they make here, they could spare a piece of pizza or something, but no dice.

-- Offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski is receiving recognition for the outstanding performance of his offensive unit... as in being one of the upcoming head coach candidates in the NFL. As for Chud, nothing has changed and he's still got plenty to do, according to the coach.

-- More about the run defense. Guess what? The Browns did not actively pursue recently released defensive tackle Grady Jackson, though the team is in need to a solid player at the nose. Someone. Anyone. Reason being, the organization did not want to get involved with a player of questionable character. Anyone know of any Eagle Scouts who can stop the run? We need someone with a "less than five yards a carry" badge.

That's all for now. I've got to go follow the defensive backs and receivers around for a while. I've learned that the linemen don't ever leave leftovers for us six-legged folk... they eat everything. Especially that #92. Have you ever seen someone eat a chicken whole? Man. Until next time...

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