Fan View: A Worrying Win

Jeff Biletnikoff loves the "W", but says the Browns must play much better than Sunday to compete...


Call me crazy but I don't ever remember being as frustrated and angry as I am now after a Browns WIN.

St. Louis is not "Greatest Show on Turf" any longer.  They're more like the "Most Laughable Show on Turf," and are in a fierce competition with Miami to see who can be the most inept team in the league this year.

They're decimated on the offensive line, their defense is poor, they can't score and so far this season they can't win.

Well, they almost notched their first victory today because the Browns played right to their inept level.

Listen, I know the Browns aren't an elite team in the league.  They're trying to claw their way to average, I get that.

But to have that kind of performance against a St. Louis team that is INEPT ALL THE WAY AROUND?


What's most maddening about the game was all the ways the Browns showed how they can be exploited by a quality or above average team. 

Make no mistake.  If the Browns play like that the next 3 weeks (Seattle at home, at the Steelers and then at the Ravens) then they are going to get SLAUGHTERED.

False starts and holding on offense (plus a lot more penalties).  ZERO pass rush on defense except for a minor surge at the end of the game and STUPID, STUPID, STUPID player mental errors and coaches poor decisions.

Plus, they made the Rams look like they had an offense today.  The Rams actually have NO OFFENSE.  It's just that the Browns had LESS DEFENSE today.

Braylon Edwards, keep your hat on, will you?  I know that the Browns aren't in the game without you but don't draw an unsportsmanlike conduct ala' Dwayne Rudd.  We've been there, done that as fans.  We don't want it again.

Eric Wright, please turn around for the ball once in awhile.  For that matter, the whole Browns defensive backfield had a terrible game today except for the last pick by Bodden.

Rob Chudzinski, aka "Mr. Aggressive," learn how to DIAL IT BACK situationally.  Sometimes it's ok to MANAGE THE GAME, ok?  Throwing 2 passes when you're deep in Rams territory trying to RUN CLOCK is not smart.  Did you hear me?  Sometimes you need to RUN CLOCK.  I know Edwards dropped the ball that would have iced the game but bad things can happen when you throw.  Sometimes it's ok to let the other team burn their timeouts and have to go the length of the field to beat or tie you.  Can you grasp that concept? 

The Browns are 4-3 with a two game winning streak but I don't want to hear any talk about playoffs until we see what happens over the next 3 weeks.  Cleveland is just lucky they were playing an inept team today that didn't make them pay dearly for poor coaching decisions, player mental errors, too many penalties, no pass rush, a weak defensive effort and just an overall poorly executed game. 

It's a shame too, Derek Anderson and the receivers played pretty well but it's a TEAM game and most of the Browns didn't show up in St. Louis.

I'm not discounting that they got a W but they won't have many more unless they step it up a notch.  They're through the toughest part of their schedule but that doesn't mean they don't have decent opponents to contend with

Let's hope for better performances in the weeks to come so we really can start thinking playoffs in Cleveland.

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