Vinny the Fly's Latest Buzz

Here's what Vinny is hearing from deep inside Berea about who's getting into the lineup, what the Browns expect from the Seahawks, and more...

Hey OBR folks. You would think that people in Berea would do a little bit of research before rolling out their latest anti-fly technology. Bug zappers in the hallways? Come on! Give minutes with Google or Wikipedia would reveal that we normal everyday flies aren't attracted to that stuff. Nope we don't care about those pretty... pretty... liggggghts.

Sorry, got lost for a bit. Anyhow, here's what I've been hearing while dodging the swatters:

  • Running back Jerome Harrison will remain on the game-day roster and receive carries in relief of Jamal Lewis and Jason Wright. There are some within the coaching staff who believe Harrison may be coming into his own and they want to see more of him.

  • There are no plans to insert rookie quarterback Brady Quinn into the lineup at time soon. There had been speculation the team would put Quinn in for a series here and there, but this appears to be on the backburner at this time.

  • Wide receiver Braylon Edwards apologized to the team for taking off his helmet on the field, which resulted in a penalty against the St. Louis Rams last Sunday. Edwards noted he thought the quarter was over, but still was wrong for conducting himself in this manner.

  • The team anticipates starting inside linebacker D'Qwell Jackson could miss a few weeks with an ankle injury. Jackson is much more positive about the situation and does not expect to miss a significant amount of time.

  • The coaching staff likes the business of interior defensive lineman Louis Leonard. Although raw, Leonard has displayed good strength and mental capacity to help this team at some point.

  • Nose tackle Ted Washington's knee injury lands him on the injured reserve, basically ending his playing career. He's done.

  • The Browns staff expects the Seahawks to attack the Cleveland defense with the short passing game against the zone. The Browns may be poised to be more physical than in weeks past with the receivers they have faced.

That's it for now... I'm buzzing off...



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