Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

Scout's NFL Insider talks about the Browns upcoming battle with the Seahawks and Matt Hasselbeck (pictured, with head coach Mike Holmgren), the Browns recent roster moves, and more in his latest chat. Another OBR subscriber exclusive!

<calkins14> What do the Browns do about Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson?
Adam Caplan: Anderson will be traded if they can for a first rounder
Adam Caplan: Or they will tender him a first round level

<marinedawg> Why did we sign a DB when we need a NT?
Adam Caplan: MAR: Colclough can play in dime and also can return kicks
Adam Caplan: but yes, strange signing
Adam Caplan: Colclough was a big reach for PIT in the second round

<iconoclast88> Adam . . . so you're basically saying that we are confident Brady Quinn can play at the same level of Derek Anderson???
Adam Caplan: IC: They aren't looking at it that way, they see how good the OL is and feel Quinn will be helped by that and by Winslow and Edwards

<Brownsfan91171> Adam any news on the NT Anderson?
Adam Caplan: BR: He tried out for three teams this week
Adam Caplan: nothing else going on at the moment with him

<calkins14> Hey Adam, how do you think the Browns will go about seeing what they have in Brady Quinn?
Adam Caplan: CAL: Next years OTAs
Adam Caplan: he may play a little before the season ends

<FunkyDawg> What is the real story with Grady Jackson? Why no interest?
Adam Caplan: FUN: Teams shied away from him, lots of baggage....and weight

<wsu99> better quarterback in the next 5 years DA or Quinn?
Adam Caplan: WSU: I would hope Quinn

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, is Anderson starting to get enough interest to sacrifice a 1st rounder?
Adam Caplan: BR: Many teams intrigued with DA

<iconoclast88> "I would hope Quinn" . . . see Adam . . . what if we gave away our franchise quarterback in Anderson?? GUH. You don't have to answer.
Adam Caplan: IC: We're only 9 weeks into the season, we have a long way to go before we can guess on Quinn and DA

<FunkyDawg> Can Quinn score points in this offense like DA does?
Adam Caplan: FU: He needs work but with that OL and good scheme, many QBs could do well

<BleedingOrangeandBrown> Do you think Quinn will be able to make the throws that DA can? He has an arm not many QBs in the nfl have. Or will Chud have to adjust the play calling.
Adam Caplan: BL: Quinn doesn't have to make all those throws, he just has to make the plays in the scheme and that are called
Adam Caplan: it's a good scheme
Adam Caplan: and good playing calling

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, the bigger question is could we lose Chud in the near future?
Adam Caplan: BR: In a few years, sure if their offense continues to progress
Adam Caplan: owners love offense

<zabam> Adam - why not hang onto both DA and Quinn - at least through 08 - unless we get a tendered 1st AND 3rd
Adam Caplan: ZA: Because the window to get something good for DA is short
Adam Caplan: He'll walk after 2008

<clevthom> Could Chud be the heir to Romeo?
Adam Caplan: CLE: Little early to say he could be a head coach
Adam Caplan: who knows if he has the demeanor to be one
Adam Caplan: but it's amazing how good the offense is and how bad the defense is
Adam Caplan: if the defense could just be average
Adam Caplan: they could be 10-6

<BleedingOrangeandBrown> Adam What is your take on DT Tim Anderson?
Adam Caplan: BL: better for 4-3
Adam Caplan: Athletic
Adam Caplan: not a good run stopper
Adam Caplan: But CLE may have a better idea on him
Adam Caplan: we'll see

<gelsingerj> Adam, what is the biggest challenge for us this week. Stopping them or continuing the offensive pace?
Adam Caplan: GEL: Stop run and get pressure on Hasselbeck
Adam Caplan: I don't think Branch will play
Adam Caplan: Hackett probably will

<Brownsfan91171> Adam what did you think of Crennel getting in the face of the Defense after the 2 scores in the Rams game?
Adam Caplan: BR: The secondary was terrible again last week
Adam Caplan: It's very hard to believe after last season
Adam Caplan: They continue to not get lined up correctly

<Brownsfan91171> Adam it probably doesn't help that we get no pressure on opposing QBs
Adam Caplan: BR: That has nothing to do with getting lined up correctly
Adam Caplan: that's embarrassing and shouldn't happen
Adam Caplan: They are lucky Jackson left the game or they may have lost

<Brownsfan91171> Adam so the loss of Russell was that big?
Adam Caplan: BR: AT least he was consistent
Adam Caplan: but too slow

<CaptJess> Santonio Thomas? Any ability, and worth taking a shot on?
Adam Caplan: CAPT: He re-signed with NE

<iconoclast88> Adam, how much of an impact will Charlie Frye's knowledge of our offense have this week?
Adam Caplan: IC: Totally overrated

<wsu99> is Crennel's job still in danger? what does he have to do to keep his job?
Adam Caplan: WSU: Not at this point
Adam Caplan: still a long way to go

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, does it seem like Crennel is starting to get comfortable in his role?
Adam Caplan: BR: He's taking charge more
Adam Caplan: I think he knows he has to
Adam Caplan: young team

<gelsingerj> Adam, Are they gaining more confidence in Harrison? Will we see more of him ?
Adam Caplan: GEL: He should be active every game now unless they need space for specials

<Brownsfan91171> Adam does this mean Grantham is on thin ice?
Adam Caplan: BR: I can't say that he's a lock to return
Adam Caplan: being how bad the defense has dropped off
Adam Caplan: Good coach but the blame has to go some with him
Adam Caplan: and players
Adam Caplan: RAC at least will talk about injuries some

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, we have played 7 games, what is your opinion on rookies Thomas and Wright?
Adam Caplan: BR: Really liking Thomas so far, more advanced than I thought he would be based on camp
Adam Caplan: Wright is a work in progress

<zabam> Adam - you used to be at a 6-10 finish, maybe 7-9 - what do you think now?
Adam Caplan: ZA: 8-8 or better, key is how they do on the road at PIT and BAL

<gelsingerj> How much impact has Chandler had on Braylon?
Adam Caplan: GEL: Some, and Edwards is growing up too

<calkins14> Will the Browns try to get into the first round next draft?
Adam Caplan: CAL: Way too early to even speculate

<ramllov> Adam, how many games do you see Pittsburgh losing this year?
Adam Caplan: RAM: 11-5
Adam Caplan: I would love to see the Browns win at BAL
Adam Caplan: that would be great to see Anderson get them
Adam Caplan: McAlister is hurt still

<iconoclast88> Adam, are we pressing to get Lawrence Vickers involved in the game plan? Aren't fullbacks primarily supposed to block??
Adam Caplan: IC: They don't need the fullbacks to do much other than chip and block now

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, have you heard anything about what the other teams really think about the Patriots running up the score?
Adam Caplan: BR: Some believe it's because they are pissed about the tape stuff
Adam Caplan: I can see that

<CaptJess> If you were Phil Savage, how would you help the DL this mid-season?
Adam Caplan: CAP: Nothing you can do now
Adam Caplan: trading deadline is over
Adam Caplan: he will address that and LBs in the off season
Adam Caplan: draft and free agency
Adam Caplan: savage is smart like that

<iconoclast88> He will address LBs in the off season? Which of those do you see on the way out?
Adam Caplan: IC: Pass-rushing olbs
Adam Caplan: are a must
Adam Caplan: Willie McGinest can't move well enough now
Adam Caplan: Smith will be playing exclusively NT
Adam Caplan: next season

<shiplett77> Adam, over the passed weeks Harrison and Wright have filled in for Jamal Lewis at RB. Do the Browns have enough depth at RB to
get though the season if Jamal should go down for the year?
Adam Caplan: SHIP: Yes to a point

<CaptJess> I understand that long term, but aren't there any big bodies to help over the next few games?
Adam Caplan: CAP: Not really
Adam Caplan: too many issues up front
Adam Caplan: Leonard may be active soon

<ramllov> Adam, is there a chance that Shaun Smith starts playing NT this week and the rest of this season?
Adam Caplan: RAM: With Big Ted gone, sure
Adam Caplan: he has to
Adam Caplan: And Leonard may soon
Adam Caplan: they are desperate for help inside

<TheNNIE> What was Colcough's problem in Pitts?
<TheNNIE> Besides muffed punts...
<TheNNIE> Looked good his Sr. Bowl week...I remember
Adam Caplan: THE: He's overmatched pretty much
Adam Caplan: but can run
Adam Caplan: Colclough had a good week in Mobile, first day was terrible then he got better
Adam Caplan: but he was at a small school

<gelsingerj> Adam, does Seattle "respect" Cleveland or feel they are just a product of their schedule? They beat Rams 33-6, only difference was it
was in Seattle.
Adam Caplan: GEL: SEA respects CLE when you look at the tape
Adam Caplan: but they know they can score on CLE
Adam Caplan: that's what makes this game interesting

<gelsingerj> Adam, your prediction on the game this week?
Adam Caplan: GEL: High scorer, 35-31 CLE

<TheNNIE> Why no zone blitzing? Drop Fraser against the short passing game...
Adam Caplan: THE: For whatever reason, CLE doesn't mix up much on pre and post snap phase
Adam Caplan: that's another issue

<TheNNIE> I saw Colcough play down here against Catawba his Sr. year. And was wowed when drafted in the 2nd rd.
Adam Caplan: the: Should have been 5th rounder
Adam Caplan: not second
Adam Caplan: PIT reached and I said as much at the time
Adam Caplan: but he did have good return ability but it never showed at NFL level

<gelsingerj> adam, can we leave the CBs on an island against Seattle and sit 8 in the box?
Adam Caplan: GEL: They won't use 8 in box
Adam Caplan: no need to
Adam Caplan: Alexander can't move as well as he did before
Adam Caplan: I think bye will help Peek some

<zabam> Adam - do you think I could replace Ted? I'm overweight, slow, and have no gap integrity.
Adam Caplan: ZA: Ha
Adam Caplan: he was good back in the day with BUF and SF

<Brownsfan91171> Adam is anyone on our defense playing good?
Adam Caplan: BR: Williams has been decent
Adam Caplan: but other than that, it's been a struggle
Adam Caplan: And Wimbley hasn't been much of a factor which is surprising

<iconoclast88> Adam, give us your thoughts on Kamerion Wimbleys season thus far
<iconoclast88> Oops . . . beat me to it. Yer smart
Adam Caplan: IC: Rushing too far up field, out of play too much
Adam Caplan: Jones hasn't played ball well in the air

<epsilon1> Adam, Is there a reason Cribbs isn't used more on offense?
Adam Caplan: EP: They don't use any 4 WR sets
Adam Caplan: really

<ramllov> Adam, can Wimbley rush inside once in awhile?
Adam Caplan: RAM: He's not physical enough like Adalius Thomas
Adam Caplan: They are using Wimbley on both sides
Adam Caplan: but it's not working
Adam Caplan: I'll say this, if the defense can get fixed next year, look out
Adam Caplan: with that OL
Adam Caplan: and a better RB
Adam Caplan: offense should be solid again

<zabam> Adam - you were a big advocate of Peek - do you think with Willie back, and chance to rest his foot a little, we'll see what you expected
from Peek.
Adam Caplan: ZA: Foot injury has lingered all season
Adam Caplan: he should be 100% now
Adam Caplan: and if they can get him for 25 plays or so, that would work, I think he's on the field too much

<TheNNIE> We don't really flop our OLB...Wimbley plays on the left side when we face a strong run Blocking Left Tackle...which we will Sun
Adam Caplan: THE: Incorrect
Adam Caplan: Wimbley has played both sides according to tape
Adam Caplan: and what scouts have told me
Adam Caplan: But yes, they don't do it a lot

<Brownsfan91171> adam, better RB--- could that be a certain RB from San Diego???
Adam Caplan: BR: Yes, Turner is it
Adam Caplan: and Chud knows him well

<TheNNIE> How has Julian Peterson played this year? A lot of sacks...
Adam Caplan: THE: Very well
Adam Caplan: having one of the best years of his career
Adam Caplan: Tapp will play with club on broken hand
Adam Caplan: Their run D is a problem
Adam Caplan: lots of injuries at DT

<gelsingerj> CAn our offensive line keep up the protection this week? How do they stack up against Seattle?
Adam Caplan: GEL: I think they will do just fine

<nudawg> Adam, do you think Bryant Johnson from Ari would be a good fit here?
Adam Caplan: NU: Could be a decent #3
Adam Caplan: but they need help as a #2
Adam Caplan: JJ would be better as #3
Adam Caplan: need speedy WR
Adam Caplan: as #2

Adam Caplan: guys: good chat see you next week

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