Adkins: Quick Hits from the In-Box

Here at the OBR, there isn't a great big canyon between the fans and the people behind who write for the site. We answer emails, reply to PMs, hang out on the forums, and will always be that way. Fans have been writing OBR analyst Lane Adkins to pick his brain regarding major questions surrounding the Browns. Here are some highlights...

From the forums of The Orange and Brown Report, my PM (private message inbox) has been filling up with questions regarding the team, specific players, and what is transpiring with the team. Here are some Quick Hits from those the PM messages:

Q: With the outstanding play of quarterback Derek Anderson, what is the team going to do at the position with Brady Quinn waiting in the wings?

A: The Browns are really in a position to have the quarterback position stabilized for some time to come. Anderson will be a restricted free agent at the end of the season and the Browns have the upper hand in negotiations (for now). If his stellar play continues, I can see the team attempting to sign him long-term, as well as tendering him at the highest level this off-season. With the state of the quarterback position in the NFL, both Anderson and Quinn will be attractive for the many team(s) in need. Quinn remains the quarterback of the future, but I am certain the front office is not in any hurry to get him on the field at this time.

Q: Jamal Lewis looks a step slow at times hitting the hole and other times he explodes, is there something we are not seeing or do not know regarding his situation or health?

A: Lewis is fairly healthy. You are correct, Lewis has not exploded through the hole consistently this season, though he has been better than average. Lewis hesitates at times when getting the handoff, which slows his progress to the line of scrimmage; he also is not a patient runner which has caused him to leave some yards on the field. Jason Wright and Jerome Harrison have displayed the ability to be patient and have found their way through the line of scrimmage. I have been impressed with Harrison in the short time he has played these past couple weeks.

What is the real story with LeCharles Bentley? Is he going to play this season and when can we expect him to lineup?

A: The real story is Bentley wants to play and is of the belief he is in physical condition to play. My understanding is the team is not in any rush to get him on the field and could very well want Bentley to wait until next season to play again. It is not going to hurt his rehab in the slightest by continuing to workout and get in the best, strongest physical condition possible for a return to the NFL.

Q: I remember reading some stuff you wrote on Braylon Edwards during the off-season, in reference to his maturing and development. I have often wondered, very, very few were talking positive about him, why did you?

A: Edwards is a young man who needed to mature and be held accountable for his actions, which he has. Far too many in the past two seasons he was for himself, or appeared to be for himself. He is learning all aspects of the NFL being a team game. Losing and being on the end of some direction of a few veteran types can humble a person. Also, I talked to Edwards away from the football scene, he is headed in the right direction.

Q: Here we are seven games into the season and the team has yet to upgrade the receiving corps. What is it going to take to make a move and get some talent for Anderson to throw to?

A: Edwards, Joe J. and Kellen Winslow are not chopped liver. I understand the question and I from what I understand, the organization truly does not believe there is a talented receiver available that can come in, fit in and help this team. Right now, Winslow is often spread out like a third receiver in the passing game, which has helped offset the issue of a viable third wide receiver.

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