Fan View: More of the Usual, Please

*Yawn* Another typical day at the Stadium, but Jeff Biletnikoff will take it!

Another performance like last week where the offense had to carry the special teams and defense.  Thank God the wide shoulders of Derek Anderson, Jamal Lewis, Joe Jurevicius, Braylon Edwards, Kellen Winslow and that AWESOME offensive line (yes, I said AWESOME when referring to the offensive line-has a nice ring to it don't you think).
Pick your poison on the special teams and defense.
*3 out of your 4 leading tacklers for the day are DB's?  Check.
*Long punt return that nearly breaks your back in the first half?  Check.
*ZERO pass rush all day?  Check.
*A shanked extra point?  Check.
*Prevent defense at the end of the game that did nothing but give Seattle the tie?  Check.
Not only does Cleveland's offense have to contend with the other team's defense, they have to worry about dodging bullets from their own units.
Et tu defense?  Et tu special teams?
Talk about your friendly fire.
To the defense's credit they did barely enough over the last few weeks to allow the offense to outscore the opponent but really let's be honest.  With any kind of D and special teams the Browns smoke the Seahawks today and the Rams last week.
Still, they were supposed to win against Miami and Seattle at home and St. Louis on the road the last 3 games and they did just that.
The contests were much more ugly than they needed to be but now the Browns head to the road against their 2 most hated rivals in November riding a 3-game winning streak and hope of hitting the playoffs.
If they can just split the next 2 games the worst they are is 6-4 heading into the really soft underbelly of their schedule.
Who would have thought it possible?
Meaningful games being played by the Browns after Halloween.
As I've said all year, I'LL TAKE IT!!!!

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