Vinny The Fly: Notes from the Wall

You folks think this is easy? It's not. You gotta know which wall to land on, where you're not gonna get the flyswatter while still getting the scoop from inside Berea. It ain't easy, which is why we get the stuff that the others don't...

Most humans don't realize that buzzing into information about the Cleveland Browns can, at times, be a difficult task. People just think I fly around, find a spot, and let the info come into my antennae. Or ears. Whatever it is we flies have.

But with so many doors to choose from inside the Browns training facility in Berea, Ohio, picking the right wall to land on has been the real art of flying for years. If this was easy, every sports site or local paper would have their own exoskeleton-enhanced reporters on staff, but they don't. Because it ain't that easy. I'm not just a fly, I'm Vinny da Fly, and I know just the right walls to land on.

One of the local papers tried to copy me last week. They released a fly into Browns HQ, and he went right into Savages office. Smart move, noob. Miss a day, get the swatter.

Anyhow, onto what we know and have heard:

  • The front office and head coach decided offensive lineman LeCharles Bentley was not ready for primetime. Not for the lack of effort... but Bentley was clearly not ready to be thrust into the middle of the action. His strength has increased dramatically in his injured knee and leg, but the All-Pro lineman would be best served to sit out the season and continue to strengthen the leg, according to a source within the team.

  • According to the same source, the Browns have not entertained the notion of releasing Bentley during the off-season, as the team wants the local Cleveland player to have the opportunity to compete and play for the team in 2008, if he is medically sound.

  • Many wondered why running back Jerome Harrison did not get any touches in the game against the Seattle Seahawks. Well, the answer is simple: the staff wasn't comfortable putting Harrison in a situation where he would have to be relied on as a blocker. This is particularly true in a game where the Browns were playing from behind.

  • Speaking of the running game, starting running back Jamal Lewis is not 100-percent coming off a foot injury, but the veteran back is feeling better. When he came to the Browns during the off-season to replace Reuben Droughns, Lewis expected to carry the ball 20-25 times per game. While he is not rushing the ball at that pace, the veteran is happy. He's happy because the Browns offense is explosive, he is part of the mix, and he is not being physically crushed due to the constant hammering of seven and eight players stacked against him.

  • Wide receiver Braylon Edwards dropped a couple passes against the Seahawks and was perceived as not being the factor he had been in previous games. Don't fall for that. Edwards was a factor. The Seattle defense consistently rolled coverage toward Edwards, at times three defensive players would pin the receiver, making the path much clearer for Kellen Winslow and the Browns offense.

  • While the Browns have not declared starting offensive guard Seth McKinney out for the battle against the Pittsburgh Steelers this coming Sunday, we have been told by a member of the organization that his chances of playing are slim to none. McKinney has had an MRI on his shoulder and neck region, for which we have been unable to gather verified information to confirm the injury. Lennie Friedman and Ryan Tucker are seeing time at right guard, with the better practice player this week most likely getting the nod if McKinney is out.

  • In talking with two professional agents in and around the NFL, we are told quarterback Derek Anderson is going to be a hot commodity this off-season as long as the Browns do not tender him for a first and third round selection. Despite some in the media reporting that teams and scouts are skeptical about Anderson's ability, we have been told that Anderson is considered a very viable option for a team seeking a quarterback. There will be a team or two which will want to discuss Anderson's availability with the Browns during the off-season.

That's all I got right now. Buzzing off...

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