Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

Here are the questions and answers from Wednesday night's gathering in the chat room.

Adam Caplan: My score is PIT-34-CLE 24
Adam Caplan: hope I'm wrong though

<grinch> Joe Thomas pro bowl probability percentage prediction ??
Adam Caplan: GR: In my pro bowl article for scout mag I have JT going
Adam Caplan: he's really playing well now
Adam Caplan: doesn't get confused like most rookie offensive linemen
Adam Caplan: Sunday is a huge test for him

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, is the front office still clear on Quinn being the future QB>
Adam Caplan: BR: They will look to move DA if they can't get him locked up
Adam Caplan: similar to Rivers-Brees

<grinch> How did JT compare on the same field with W Jones last week in your opinion ?
Adam Caplan: GR: I thought very well

<ramllov> Joe Thomas Pro Bowl candidate
Adam Caplan: RAM: For sure
Adam Caplan: gets my vote

<Coyvega> Adam - What does an NFL team do on Wed and Thurs in preparation for Sunday
Adam Caplan: Coy: installation day today
Adam Caplan: light practice
Adam Caplan: harder tomorrow
Adam Caplan: red zone stuff on Friday light practice

<ramllov> Adam, are the Browns going to play Louis Leonard, DT/DE/NT this year?
Adam Caplan: he doesn't play on specials
Adam Caplan: RAM: Late in season but specials are the problem
Adam Caplan: they need players up for games

<DawgHowl> will Edwards, Winslow, Steinbach, or Anderson...any of those guys have a shot at the pro bowl?
Adam Caplan: DAW: Yes, all 4

<zunit4> Anyway this browns defense can get pressure on Toothlesburger??
Adam Caplan: ZU: Nope and that's the entire problem...

<MoggSquad> Do you think it was a mistake the Browns didn't sign Grady Jackson?
Adam Caplan: MOGG: You can say that but again, there's a reason why so many teams passed on him
Adam Caplan: and JAX will take players like that

<iconoclast88> Adam . . . can you give any insight on our current defensive scheme? 3 down lineman? Do they really expect that to work?
Adam Caplan: IC: They rush 4
Adam Caplan: but they don't disguise at all
Adam Caplan: very surprising

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, has the O-line jelled enough to protect Anderson from Pittsburgh blitz packages?
Adam Caplan: BR: Yes but I'm concerned about how they handle everything
Adam Caplan: this is a huge test

<grinch> Passing D problems more due to lack of pressure or poor secondary in your opinion ?
Adam Caplan: GR: Both
Adam Caplan: secondary still gets lined up wrong on occasion
Adam Caplan: pass rush is brutal, no sign of improvement
Adam Caplan: run D is getting a little
Adam Caplan: better
Adam Caplan: and could be with Williams on field more

<ramllov> Adam? Have you heard anything on the improved health of O. Roye? Is it going to be week to week and how he feels and to how much
he plays?
Adam Caplan: RAM: He can only play limited snaps
Adam Caplan: it will stay that way until further notice

<brownszzz> Adam, Harrison has run very well in his limited action, any chance he sees more play time over Wright?
Adam Caplan:
BR: No because they have different roles
Adam Caplan: Wright fits power scheme better
Adam Caplan: Harrison is a change of pace
Adam Caplan: and they don't seem to want to use that now
Adam Caplan: too bad

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, are any players on Defense improving?
Adam Caplan: BR: Gap control has been a little better of late

<grinch> Is lining up wrong a coaching problem or inexperience from players ?
Adam Caplan: GR: players
Adam Caplan: but coaching has to be scrutinized by RAC

<MoggSquad> Yeah, cause JL averaging 1.7 yards a carry last week worked really well :(
Adam Caplan: MOGG: Lewis is an old 27y
Adam Caplan: he won't be back next season

<MoggSquad> Aye, but they should have showered more Harrison
Adam Caplan: MOGG: Can't disagree

<grinch> Prediction very little field time for Harrison this week due to Pitt blitz packages -- agree or no ?
Adam Caplan: GR: He may not get in

<ramllov> Adam, will Baxter get an injury settlement this year and be a free agent next year?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Haven't heard

<DawgHowl> Adam: will the browns do anything different defensively to try and get pressure on ben?
Adam Caplan: DAWG: They might try bringing 5-6 at times if they think the secondary can handle it
Adam Caplan: But run D has to be decent
Adam Caplan: Parker killed them last year

<zunit4> Any word on Seth McKinney and if he can't go will Tucker play over Friedman??
Adam Caplan: ZU: RAC indicated Friedman is next

<ramllov> Adam, Do you see Bentley as the starting RG next year for the Browns?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Center if healthy
Adam Caplan: They signed him to play there

<DawgHowl> blitz Sean Jones, he seems like an effective blitzer at least the few times we have tried it
Adam Caplan: DAW: At Georgia, that was his thing
Adam Caplan: front three, Wimbley and Jones
Adam Caplan: or Wimbley and Peek
Adam Caplan: I still can't see why Peek isn't more of a factor
Adam Caplan: he's healthy now
Adam Caplan: he has to show up on Sunday

<DawgHowl> Why do we drop Wimbley into coverage at times? droves me nuts
Adam Caplan: DAW: He has really good coverage skills, hip movement
Adam Caplan: showed that in senior bowl
Adam Caplan: but the problem is Peek isn't getting home

<BrownsBacker> Adam is our DL the cause of most problems on the defense?
Adam Caplan: BR: Not against pass, run yes
Adam Caplan: OLBs are a big problem for secondary
Adam Caplan: DLs in 3-4 must hold up against run

<ramllov> Adam, When are Sean Jones and Holly going to get more Pass interceptions?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Holly shouldn't get any as he's not on the field enough

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, who on our defense do you consider keepers?
Adam Caplan: BW: Other than Wimbley, maybe Williams, Wright, Bodden

<brownszzz> Adam, status on Travis Wilson? Any play time upcoming?
Adam Caplan: BR: Nope, nothing there

<BrownsBacker> Why should Grantham get a pass on this? Our defensing scheming is awful
Adam Caplan: Br: He shouldn't

<IkoIko> What do you think about Eric Wright's development so far
<IkoIko> Cab he be a shut-down CB
Adam Caplan: IK; He's getting better
Adam Caplan: but still needs a lot of work
Adam Caplan: Sunday is a huge test
Adam Caplan: There are no real shutdown CBs
Adam Caplan: other than Champ Bailey
Adam Caplan: But can he be a solid CB, yes
Adam Caplan: in time

<DawgHowl> Adam: is Grantham on the hot seat?
Adam Caplan: DAW: I wouldn't call it hot but he will have to get it going soon
Adam Caplan: being 5-3 gets him a honeymoon period

<zunit4> Is Winslow our #3 WR and Heiden the TE?
Adam Caplan: ZU: Essentially
Adam Caplan: Move TE is Winslow
Adam Caplan: stationary TE is Heiden

<ramllov> Adam do you see any upside to Ethan Kelley?
Adam Caplan: RA: None, really rotational guy

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, what do you think of our chances at Ravens and at Cinci? I think those are huge games if we want to make the playoffs
Adam Caplan: BR: I think they will win at CIN
Adam Caplan: and BAL
Adam Caplan: BAL is falling apart
Adam Caplan: I will say this, if they some how win at PIT, they will win the division but I see no way they win
Adam Caplan: with that defense
Adam Caplan: CBs are in trouble with BAL

<TheNNIE> Do you think Pit might drop seven and eight like they did against Seattle?
<TheNNIE> To take away Winslow?
Adam Caplan: THE: They have to double Edwards
Adam Caplan: and Winslow
Adam Caplan: some how
Adam Caplan: or get a safety over the top on Edwards
Adam Caplan: like other teams try

<TheNNIE> Edwards usually eats up Pit because Troy is freq. in the box, no?
Adam Caplan: And when Polamalu is in the box, they have to strike
Adam Caplan: They will use him some on Winslow
Adam Caplan: but KW can beat any of them

<IkoIko> Adam are we the stack up in the AFC, After NE, IND, PITT are we #4
Adam Caplan: IK: #6
Adam Caplan: or #7

<TheNNIE> Jamal looked ssslow last Sun...
Adam Caplan: THE: The toe is a problem
Adam Caplan: That's why you could see Wright play more on Sunday
Adam Caplan: he was really hobbled in that game

<TheNNIE> On winslow, I remember a lot of writers lamented how free he was running week one...
Adam Caplan: on Winslow, Chud moves him around so much that it's hard for defenses to know how to play him

<Brownsfan91171> Adam is Winslow OK? I worry about his health long term.
Adam Caplan: BR: He's really hurting but he did work today
Adam Caplan: spent Monday and Tuesday getting treatment

<iconoclast88> Any news on McKinney? Have they even classified the injury?
Adam Caplan: IC: He has to practice by Friday
Adam Caplan: or he won't play

<TheNNIE> Tucker or Lennie at RG?
Adam Caplan: THE: Friedman I believed worked today with the ones

<grinch> Are the Balt corners -McAlister and Rolle likely back by he time we play them next week ?
<DawgHowl> I heard that Mcallister and Rolle are due back this Sunday
Adam Caplan: DAW: Rolle is out
Adam Caplan: McAllister was limited again today but hopes to play
Adam Caplan: Rolle has the illness again that he had before, it makes him weaker

<ramllov> Adam do you expect D. Jackson, ILB back for the Baltimore game?
Adam Caplan: RAM: If he can practice
Adam Caplan: they won't play him other wise
Adam Caplan: and they won't rush him back, they like Williams
Adam Caplan: and Thompson

<Brownsfan91171> Adam could Williams take a primary role when Jackson is healthy?
Adam Caplan: BR: They like that three LB rotation
Adam Caplan: they plan to keep it
Adam Caplan: keeps them fresh
Adam Caplan: but I see Williams starting next year
Adam Caplan: over Davis

<MikeFromRochester> Adam, Will Tucker will shift to guard if Friedman struggle with Hampton girth?
Adam Caplan: Mike: If LF does, yes, Tucker will come in

<ramllov> Adam have either of the rookie DEs gained enough weight to play for this year?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Weight really has nothing to do with it
Adam Caplan: it's where they are in their development
Adam Caplan: It's about technique

<ramllov> are they developing well?
Adam Caplan: I know they are intrigued with Leonard

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, Flounder asked if someone would pony up a 1st and 3rd for Anderson, any word out there?
Adam Caplan: BR: Someone would give up first, yes
Adam Caplan: depends what pick you're looking at
Adam Caplan: that's the biggest issue

<TheNNIE> DA's big improvement in 2nd start vs. Pitts. equal to Charlie's big jump last year?
Adam Caplan: THE: Uh, no
Adam Caplan: You can't compare either situation
Adam Caplan: Anderson is performing like one of the top-5-10 QBS now in the NFL

<MikeFromRochester> Isn't it amazing how things can change so fast (Anderson worth a first!!!
Adam Caplan: MIKE: I know, that's how the NFL is though

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, how much of Anderson's improvement is ability or the O-Line and skill players? Can Quinn do the same thing?
Adam Caplan: BR: That's the thing they will look at, the OL is so good he never gets touched
Adam Caplan: See that's what teams will be looking at with DA
Adam Caplan: what happens with a so-so OL

<MoggSquad> Adam, how is the LT from PSU performing. I forget his name, Levi Brown?
Adam Caplan: MOGG: So so, he got hurt a little

<BigDaddy78> With our defense, I'm amazed we're 5-3
Adam Caplan: BIG: That's the thing
Adam Caplan: it shows you how important the Qb is
Adam Caplan: a good QB can carry a team
Adam Caplan: we've learned that
Adam Caplan: more than any other team

<BrownsBacker> I cant fathom NOT tendering him to the highest offer either.. that would be a huge mistake IMO
Adam Caplan: BR: IF he keeps it up, yes
Adam Caplan: and that way they would also control
Adam Caplan: his fate if no one gives him an offer sheet
Adam Caplan: I wrote about that at the combine on Schaub and guessed they would tender him a 1 and 3

<donodawg> Adam what do you think happened to Sean Jones? He looked so promising last year - he looks lost at times this year
Adam Caplan: DON: Symptomatic of the entire defense
Adam Caplan: taking a big step back
Adam Caplan: inconsistent with technique
Adam Caplan: etc
Adam Caplan: and not playing ball well in the air

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, did you expect Thomas to be as good as he is now? Did we get that lucky? So many teams compare tackles in this draft
to him, I love it
Adam Caplan: BR: No
Adam Caplan: I won't lie
Adam Caplan: You guys thought I was nuts when I said they would pass on Quinn and take JT
Adam Caplan: Give savage credit there
Adam Caplan: good for him
Adam Caplan: I understand that way he thinks
Adam Caplan: and he did give us a hint at the combine
Adam Caplan: he made it clear he was going to build the OL big time

<sargent3> yes but what happened to taking Peterson
Adam Caplan: SA: I have no problem
Adam Caplan: with that
Adam Caplan: longer shelf life
Adam Caplan: and Savage will get the RB next year
Adam Caplan: in draft or free agency
Adam Caplan: he knows what he has to do

<TheNNIE> What do you think of Julius Jones?
Adam Caplan: THE: Not much
Adam Caplan: flashed in rookie season
Adam Caplan: been down hill ever since

<BrownsBacker> you don't find franchise left tackles that often and those guys don't become free agents either
Adam Caplan: BR: Great point
Adam Caplan: you never let a franchise LT go
Adam Caplan: and JT might be one
Adam Caplan: even now

<Coyvega> Turner may be our back next year
Adam Caplan: COY: That was my guess in the summer
Adam Caplan: Since CHUD knows him well
Adam Caplan: same scheme

<IkoIko> Turner or the backup in WAS
Adam Caplan: IK: Betts signed extension

<Brownsfan91171> Adam is Chicago after Turner too?
Adam Caplan: BR: I doubt it
Adam Caplan: but TB could
Adam Caplan: and others

Adam Caplan: ALL: That's all the time I have
Adam Caplan: good luck on Sunday

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