11/09 OBR News-o-rama: Update

All the news we feel like linking (Friday afternoon edition)


"News-O-Rama....ha!  Just the title made me laugh.  You (colorful sobriquets deleted). Keep kicking it Old Skool."

"More like this :) Finally a use for those Terrible Towels: sopping up the dripping sarcasm..." - Ace Davis, via the Muni Lot

Does Newsorama suck or not? Let us know, if and when you sober up.


Adam Caplan reports on the status of the Browns various walking wounded via the Ask the Insiders forum. Hopefully Rupert Murdoch, Fox Sports, and the various demi-gods who control McBride, Adkins, Taylor, Greetham and the rest of the OBR puppets won't be too ticked if we reveal that Adam tells us that "The Browns think Steinbach can go but they'll see how his back is on Sunday morning". Adam has more in ATI.

(Note: Even the mighty second edition of the Newsorama needs to take care that we don't get on the wrong foot with the military industrial complex that carefully manipulates all you see and hear. Can't blow our cover too quickly. Woodward, Bernstein... Follow the beer.)

The team's official site apparently has a video of Steinbach saying "Oh yeah, I will be out there Sunday for sure".

As we all know, you basically need to put a Big Ten offensive lineman into a coma before they'll agree to sit out. Witness Joe Thomas injuring himself playing defensive flipping tackle in college. Seriously. This is the Steelers.


Steely McBeam signing autographs for fans at Steelers Training Camp on August 2nd, 2007, shortly before his name was unveiled.

I know that this subject has been beat until it's just floppy, but, oh my freaking (deity of your choice) in heaven, seriously, people.

It's at least four months now, and there still hasn't been a good explanation for this. Was "Percy McSwallow" trademarked or something? "Angus McFrisky"?

I can't really talk about it anymore. It's just really, really disturbing.

Where is your God now? Where?




  • Don Banks has hopped on the Browns in the Playoffs bandwagon. Space for national writers who previously picked the Browns to win three games this season is running out... climb on board now!
  • The Peninsula Clarion picks the Browns to beat the Steelers, but there's no way a single Steeler fan will understand the title of the article.
  • Romeo Crennel has been named "Motorola Coach of the Week", which shows us two things. First, if the Watercooler wants something to happen, it will happen. The second is that Bill Belichick, whose 9-0 team just beat another unbeaten team, is a cheater, and no one likes cheaters.
  • Fox Sports' Adam Schein has been officially web-slapped into abject Browns-fan servitude. We here at the OBR are proud to be the nexus point for internet rabble-rousing in the name of proclaiming the superiority of "everything Browns" to "everything else". Schein has learned the folly of standing in the way. Don't let it happen again. (Discuss)
  • I thought that No Country for Old Men opened today, but apparently not in Cleveland. Gods angry. Gods hate Newsorama. Someone should start a thread about this great injustice.
  • Memo from long-time Browns fans to Cleveland.com: "Stop trying. Please. Or at least spend a few hours in the Rant seeing how it's done before embarrassing us. Don't ever do this again. Thanks."
  • Some guy who works for Pro Football Weekly thinks we should trade Brady Quinn after the season because it would suck for the Browns to have two legitimate starting quarterbacks. (Discuss)
  • I like this thread in Pure Football.



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