OBR News-o-Rama: 11/10 AM Edition

This morning, there's enough stuff to fill a U-Haul. A very small, sad, sort of pathetic U-Haul. It's almost like an off-season newswire, since there's not a lot to talk about. The teams get ready, players try to get healthy, Browns and Steeler fans mix dangerously. All the usual weirdness.

Welcome to Saturday, the lowest traffic day for the NFL on all of the internets.

Saturday: it's not a big truck. It's not even a series of tubes. It's more of those little U-Hauls that you see sadly trailing cars on the highway.

Short, squat little U-Hauls. The ones make you think "Wow, those people really don't have much stuff, do they?"

Then, you think "I've got more stuff than they do", and you smile to yourself with a smug sense of superiority. Until you go past a house that clearly contains more stuff than you have. Then, you're sad.

Me, I've got a lot of stuff, accumulated over years and years of avarice almost materialistic enough to be sad, but so ineptly executed that it makes me look non-materialistic. Which is sort of sad as well. But, still, we have a goodly amount of stuff, but less than some other folks, none of whom I like.

Here's what we could dig up this morning. It could fit in a runt U-Haul.


Lane told us Tuesday or so that Seth McKinney likely wouldn't play, and, lo and behold, he's been ruled "out" for Sunday. Eric Steinbach is a dicey proposition for Sunday, with the situation pretty much the same as when Adam Caplan broke it yesterday afternoon. It's going to be a game-day call, but expect him out there unless he's in traction.

Antwan Peek has problems with his knee, and there's swelling there. Jeff Schudel was leery about his potential to play when we talked about it on the OBR Radio Program Thursday night.  D'Qwell Jackson practiced yesterday, but it still doubtful. Lane's report that Jackson would miss a couple of games still seems on-target.

Stories: Plain Dealer  Lorain Morning-Journal  Warren Tribune-Chronicle  Official SIte


A Pittsburgh TV station is shocked - shocked! - to learn that there is a contingent of Browns fans which have somehow adapted to the noxious atmosphere and rampant in-breeding localized in their city.

That's nothing. Try dealing with the rampant flood of bandwagoning Steelers fans up here in Cleveland sometime. Ever since they won that Super Bowl a few years back, Steeler fans in Cleveland stagger around as if we're supposed to approve of their alternative lifestyle.

Soon we'll be back to the good old days when Steeler fans were afraid to show their faces west of Youngstown, and during daylight hours even there in the Steeler/Brown DMZ. It's time for right-thinking Clevelanders to show that we do not approve of these deviants in our midst.

Look at this. A mixed marriage and a free plug for an Akron restaurant. There are just too many of these. Call me old-fashioned, but it's just wrong to see Browns and Steeler fans co-habitating. It messes up the gene pool. 


A Clockwork Orange found this analysis of the Browns offensive line by Seahawks.Net's Doug Farrar. Good stuff written by a guy who still owes me a beer. (Discuss)

There apparently was a streaker during that game in London. The dude looks like he had fun with it until he got hauled off to the klink. I'm all for acting like a moron (obviously), but was it really worth it? Really? The crowd in London actually seems to get into it. Here across the pond, the dude would probably get booed for being such an attention whore. If you feel an odd compulsion to watch video of such things, here it is.



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We'll post the OBR podcast from Thursday night (we were back in the studio... good calls and a fun show) as soon as we have the archive file from Sports Talk Cleveland. We don't have it yet, but will slam it up ASAP when it arrives.

There will be a couple of OBR folks out in Twinsburg today, checking out the tryouts for Cleveland's new Arena League football team. We'll yammer on about it, if anyone cares.



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