Week 5 Gameballs and Goats

The article that every Browns player and coach (should) look to with a mixture of hope and outright fear. Well, mostly fear this week, as Browns fans teed off on the coaching staff and offered up far more goats than gameballs. Phil Dawson and Dennis Northcutt move up to #1 and #2 respectively in the Year-to-date voting, as Butch Davis and Bruce Arians drive hard for the David Modell Award with two straight weeks as top goat-getters.

Here are the results for Week 6 of the season, as well as the Year-to-Date scores and comments we got via email to gameballs@brownstng.com.

Week 6 Results

Gameball Voting
1. Phil Dawson
2. Dennis Northcutt
3. Team Defense
4. Jamel White
5. Melvin Fowler
6. Earl Little
7. (Numerous tied)

Goat Voting
1. Butch Davis
2. Bruce Arians
3. Offensive Line
4. Tim Couch
5. Coaching Staff
6. Foge Fazio
7. Kevin Johnson

Year-To-Date Leaders

Team MVP: Gameball Voting

1. Phil Dawson (Last Week - 2)
2. Dennis Northcutt (3)
3. Kelly Holcomb (1)
4. Jamel White (4)
5. Mark Word (5)
6. Andra Davis (6)
7. Gerard Warren (7)

David Modell Uselessness Award (Team Goat)

1. Butch Davis (1)
2. Offensive Line (3)
3. Bruce Arians (4)
4. William Green (2)
5. Coaching Staff (9)
6. Run Defense (5)
7. Dwayne Rudd (6)

Method: Gameball or goat points are awarded to the first through seventh place finishers in each category. (Seven points to the top gameball vote-getter, six to second place, etc). Goat points are subtracted from gameball points to calculate a total.

Weekly Results: Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5

Your Comments in Week 5


Dan Dierdorf - His 'Dance Fever' reference made me laugh.....at least I got a little fun from this game. - RC

Dawson- A 50yd field goal on hostile ground, when the home team failed to make three of their own.  Mr. (almost) automatic is working on a probowl trip.  He might make it if his team helps him.- Bulldog762002

Please tell me we have more leaders on this team than Phil Dawson. Talk about someone who makes plays and he is the DAMN KICKER!!!! Maybe the Browns should start selling #4 jerseys in the team shop. I might buy one. - Phillip C.

The DEFENSE- The may show up every other game or so, but they play 90% of all our games.  People want to push blame for not stopping the run and letting teams back, but when they are all sucking wind by the second quarter (due to playing time) and missing key players, can you blame them?!?!?- Bulldog762002

I will give the defense some credit because they were put in a bad position thanks to the offense. I am starting to think that Jamir Miller should be the new team spokesman. Remember when he got a bunch of bad press because he questioned Couch, saying he wasn't a leader and that the offense needed to give the defense a chance? Oh how right he was. We miss you Jamir. - Phillip C.

Tim Couch -- Tried to throw some nice blocks and threw some nice passes. Gotta give it to a guy who can stay sane even though he has almost 1/4 of his passes dropped. - PR Evans

To Me: because I didn't watch the game and spent time with my family (turned out to be a good move after all, didn't it?) - JS

Earl Little:  respectable job filling in for Griffith - Arleyn

Earl Little- Nice concentration on the INT. He was one of the only people on defense who showed up to play. - FGM

Gameball goes to Corey Fuller for playing hurt. - Rreegs

William Green - 22 yds rushing today, actually ran hard at times - MykeVS

William Green (less than 3 ypc AGAIN) continues to struggle. Jamel White continues to shine (4+ ypc AGAIN) and the coaches continue to miss it.... If we pattern ourselves as a poor man's Greatest Show on Turf (The Mildly Entertaining Show on Grass) we could still find ourselves in the playoffs at the end of the season despite not having all our ducks in a row.  - NCDawg

Jamel White.  The one guy who always looks good even when the rest of the offense sucks. - Jeff W.

One of my gameballs goes to Dennis Northcutt. He is just about the only player on offense whose performance has not been occasionally offensive. - Steve H.

Dennis Northcutt, the only offense we had all day. - Gene G

Northcutt - The only guy that looks like he came to play every game so far this year. - Ron B.

Warren Sapp......for making it look like anyone could block Courtney Brown. - Bob M.


Gameballs---none... The gameball should be deflated this week. Actually, I reconsider, all of the fans that watched the whole game. - Fletch416

The waterboy who kept the exhausted defense hydrated during the 12+ minutes of 3rd quarter action. - Rick T.

The Waterboys:  This was the only group that earned their pay checks on the Browns side of the ball Sunday. Am I the only fan who has this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach? - Scott C.

Earl Holmes - way to stick up for Courtney when Sapp blocked him on a 6 yard loss.  Good come back too, Sapp does disappear in the big, cold games and has not gotten his team to the big game. - Upperdawg

Game balls - Gardocki, for his TD saving effort on one of the many punt returns. Tom U.

Chris Gardocki - for the tackle in the second half that proved that somebody on the team could stop players. - David B.

Special Teams(Kick Defense unit)--I have never seen the Buccaneers blow so many field goal chances.  First a block, then we rushed the holder, and he never got a real good hold on the ball. - JMatt

Anthony Henry - Blocked a punt and made some decent tackles.  Still not getting his INTs but with no pash rush to speak of there aren't really opportunities. - Phil S.

Anthony Henry gets a special gameball for blocking that FG which was the only highlight of the day for me. - John T.


Offensive Line - Granted, this was Tampa Bay's line but could the Browns start paying attention to the oline now please? - RC

The offensive Line Coach and the entire offensive line SHOULD be run out of town.  This is the biggest sorry for an excuse offensive line I have ever seen.  If the Cleveland Fans do not completely BLAST the ENTIRE offensive line on the talk shows then they deserve a GOAT vote too. - Tyler

The entire Browns offense, as they reminded me of years 1 and 2 today.  Too many three-and-outs to count, and their ineptitude kept the defense out their for an extraordinary amount of time. - Len S.

The entire coaching staff is to blame for the last 3 losses in a row. They must have watched old game films of Jim Brown, thinking they were films from last year.   ("Hey!  This kid's good. We can run up the middle all DAY!") - David D.

Sapp for his big fat trap.  For never getting to a SB, he sure has a championed sized mouth.  What a moron. - JS

Warren Sapp: Yeah, I know...this is supposed to be for Browns players, but he really ticked me off.  Granted, Courtney Brown is not having a career season, but for Sapp to make a comment about him being soft when Courtney's been on the field the entire game and then has to try to get through a guy like Warren Sapp...that's just stupid. - Phil S.

In an attempt to make a "statement" once again, we employed our offensive philosophy of attacking defenses with our weakness, the so-called running game. This sets up Bruce Arians' patented third down screen pass offense. Take away the no huddle work against Tennessee and Pittsburgh and this offense can play only against the likes of the defenseless, like Kansas City. What we have all feared is now becomming glaring...this team is about as poorly coached on game day as you can get. - Flynnberg

Game after game, week after week, Tim Couch is skewered Tim Couch is skewered by the Browns faithful, and why is Courtney Brown immune from the same type of treatment?  This guy has been a 100% BUST! - Cleveland John

Goats to the coaching...again. What are the coaches thinking..if they are at all? Once again, their failure to form a game plan or adjust at half time caused us to be a laughing stock again on Sunday. - WWINK

Offensive coordinator- He could make Montana, Kosar, Farve and all the top QBs look terrible with his play calls.  I'm no offensive or defensive guru, but I was able to call 99% of Cleveland's plays before the snap.  A defense like Tampa's was drooling over our play calling. - Bulldog762002

Ryan Tucker:  That guy is looking worse at RT every week.  At least Stokes had the excuse of playing against Sapp. Jeff W.

Foge: Somebody kick this man in the nuts. BLITZ, BLITZ, BLITZ, you worthless *$!@#$% - Dawgalong

Team Discipline - after a certain number of penalties you have to stop blaming the Refs/NFL conspiracy against the Browns and start wondering how we turned into the Raiders-with-less-talent. - David B

Carmen Policy - was supposed to bring us winners, instead has brought us  nothing but bad drafts, poor free agent decisions and utterly unwatchable football. - MykeVS

To all of the Browns who were smiling and hand slapping the Bucs during the game. What gives with that ? These guys are a bunch of losers! - Jeff

Couch:  bad on so many levels, cant find receivers or finds them too late and Bucs tee off on receiver at catch, or settles too quickly for outlet receiver who is forced to catch it flatfooted. - Arleyn

Goat-Tim Couch because you just plain suck. - Gene G.

Kevin Johnson- Why don't you just shut your damn mouth and start earning your money?!!! - FGM

Bruce Arians and everyone else responsible for this uninspired piece of crap called a game plan.  It's defeatist, and it handcuffed our offense even more than it already is. - John T.

Butch Davis- For conceding to Tampa before even playing the game. The team wasn't prepared yet again, and they got blasted today. - DXDawg

Bob Nilsen--He is some fool who writes for the Plain Dealer that was defending the fans behavior.  Look buddy, a guy sitting in section 512, Row 20, Seat 3 was cheering when Couch went down.  He admitted it.  There is still no excuse for our behavior.  I'm still embarrassed. - JMatt

Butch Davis.....It is apparent when you watch a team with limited talent but good coaching. Think of the Steelers under Noll in 1969-71, or the Browns under Marty in 84-85. The Browns have subpar talent, but there is too little evidence they have par or birdie coaching. Is Butch Davis the latest Dennis Erickson/Rick Pitino? What college program needs a rah-rah coach? The next 10 weeks will show whether he can develop the foundation for a winning team. Right now, it is hard to be overly optimisitc. - Bob M.

How about the now silent Carmen Policy?  He talks a good game in the off-season and when the team is winning, but where is he now - now that the failure to sign offensive line talent shows up?  Where is the playoff team you promised, Carmen?  Do you have a lawyer's answer for that? - Mark M.

I think it's time to stop making excuses such as dropped passes, missed tackels, missed assignments, poor blocking etc.  these things all go back to the responsibility of the head coach.  GO BROWNS! - Nicholas S.

My goats go to Bruce Arians & Butch Davis. Arians is simply not being realistic with his play selection, and Butch is allowing this trend to continue. Butch also needs to start considering benching a few of our big money underachievers, at least temporarily. Maybe that's the only way to get their attention. Not only that, but players should be starters at this point in the season ONLY because they've earned the spot, not because of their wage scale. - Steve H.

The receivers....dropped many catchable balls. It's a different game without the drops. No immunity for any of them, as I recall Shea, Campbell, KJ, Northcutt and Andre Davis had a drop.  Influenced by the TB defense to a certain extent but I'm not being paid big money to make those catches, they are and they must produce. - Eric Y.

Al Lerner and Carmen Policy for putting this organization together. - Dave D.

Everyone else including the entire coaching staff gets a goat, although you can't really blame the defense since they were on the field for most of the game.  What a pathetic, nauseating performance by the offensive line.  I reserve judgment on Couch until we get a running game and until our defense can put pressure on the quarterback.  This was the worst, most lackluster performance by our team so far.  I was ashamed of them. - Barb H.

I realize that there is a major list of issues on both sides of the ball, but the offensive game plan is high-schoolish at best. If you can't run, don't try it. With Couch under center and Green in the backfield, the defense expects run on first down. - Ed W.

Bruce Arians - "Hello, Mr. Infante?. This is Suzy from Carmen Policy's office, please hold for Mr. Policy." - Upperdawg

Head Coach..  Take some chances!!  Start playing to WIN not, not to lose...  They fired the last coach that tried it this way..  If that's all you know how to do than take your 3.5 M a year and take off too..  Lets at least try to attack for a change on both sides of the ball..  How the hell are you ever gonna find out if Couch can carry this "O" if you don't turn him loose?? - Ron B.

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