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We reported early this afternoon that the Browns have placed RG Seth McKinney on the Injured Reserve list, ending his season. McKinney was previously listed as "out" against the Steelers. Now he's out against the 2007 season, as the exceptional luck the Browns have had with injuries this season runs out.

Here are the other injury statuses listed for tomorrow's game...

Probable: D'Qwell Jackson (ankle), Leigh Bodden (back)
Questionable: Eric Steinbach (back), Antwan Peek (knee)

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My background is in computer technology, so my family has to endure my laughter whenever I'm watching something with them that involves ridiculous computer jargon. Omniscient computer databases (complete with photos of everyone on the planet) are my favorite. I'm looking at you, 24.

After about a decade tracking the Cleveland Browns, I have too many similar moments watching how the team is covered.

Here's an example, as a "Ticker" article talks about how Isaac Sowells could move in as a starter now that McKinney is on the IR.

Um, about your article... guys... how can we say this nicely?

Let's go with "no".

If you've been tracking the news, it's Friedman or Tucker, with the decision likely tied to whether or not Steinbach can play. If Steinbach can't go, you'll probably see Friedman at LG and Tucker at RG. If he can, there's a good shot you'll see Friedman at RG.

Sowells? Nope. Don't think so.

This afternoon I listened to a supposedly knowledgeable AM radio talk show host here in Cleveland claim that the Browns "don't have to worry" about what to do with Anderson and Quinn for another 36 months.

Again, no. The Browns have to figure out how to tender Anderson after the end of the season, which most people who track this site know. How they approach that question will very much play into the future of both players. If they tender Anderson with a first and third, it essentially says that DA will be next year's starter, since that price is likely prohibitive. Below that, with a first or less? It means that Anderson could be had by a team willing to make that deal.

So the Browns do have some decisions to make in the next five months that force them to make decisions about Anderson and Quinn. They don't have 36 months to let it play out.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. But that's what folks want to listen to, I guess. Then again, that host can't cut off phone callers by accident  like I can, either. If there's a button in the palatial studio, I'll push it at the wrong time.


Some of us OBR types rolled out to the Edge Sports Performance facility in Twinsburg today to check out the tryouts for Cleveland's new Arena League team. There were about 200 players there looking to catch the eye of the team's coaching staff. We saw some old friends as well: Reggie Langhorne was there, Tim Manoa was working with guys in the weight room, and ex-Bengals WR Eddie Brown was helping time some of the players.

We took some video, photos, and have some audio that we're actually allowed to use on the site, and we'll share some of it if it turns out alright.


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