OBR News-o-Rama: Post-Game Edition

In-game thoughts and post-game yammering of the worst possible sort


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I fail to see any good which will come out of encouraging this sort of thing, but, fine. It's your cyber-funeral.


The Pittsburgh Steelers blasted the Cleveland Browns 34-7 during week one. All this week, I heard fans repeatedly saying that the expected the Browns to go to Pittsburgh and play hard. They would be happy with that, they said. We said.

The Browns did exactly that. While the team's 21-6 lead left many disappointed by the final score, the game showed how far the Browns have come in the last two months. They fought hard, and made the Steelers pay for this win.

The stiff-arms, the leaps of joy on both sides, the scuffling after the game. The cold, depressing, nasty weather. The dirty uniforms.

This game showed that the rivalry is returning both on and off the field. All it took was for the Browns on-field talent to return, and the rivalry returns with it.

We're disappointed sure, but we got something back today that we perhaps thought we had lost. Take that with you tonight, and use it to fan away the cloud of doom.

I'm proud of the Cleveland Browns. Our team.


** There's strong, there's Army strong, there's webdork strong*, and there's Winslow strong. He's a force of freaking nature. He's the type of player you need if the Browns are going to go toe-to-toe with with the Steelers, and showed it in the first quarter.

** The touchdown catch that Braylon Edwards made in the second quarter is one of the most graceful acrobatic things you'll ever see on a football field. Just amazing. Blast that play into your long-term memory... Edwards is having a season that is worth remembering, and is now in the company of Gary Collins and Paul Warfield in Browns history. Rarefied air.

** Standing up and twirling towels doesn't look anything other than fruity. Swivel those hips boys, oh yeah. So very fruity. Don't blame me for that. Blame Myron Cope, you dolts. Blame yourself for making it your team's signature. You can only further the picture by wearing pineapples and bananas on your heads. Sorry.

** Anderson has reversed his tendency to throw the ball into coverage. His feet have calmed down and his decisions are better. I would not have thought it possible. Credit goes to a name you'll never hear on TV: Rip Scherer.

** Two stiff-arms, by Cribbs and Lewis, defined the first half for me, and defined everything fans expect from the Browns and Steelers.

** I'll wait to hear from more knowledgeable football observers, but it appears to me that the Steelers started dropping more guys into pass coverage in the third quarter. They took away Winslow, likely by rotating more players to him. They counted on their athleticism at the linebacker position to keep the Browns running game in check. I read all the corporate site "in game blogs" and they gave me no insight on this, at all. First time I've ever looked at those things, frankly. I'll wait to hear from guys like Lane and Adam to compare notes with them.

** Note to Viagra companies who advertise during games: My son says he doesn't want to hear about old people. Thanks for your attention to this. I let him know that old people don't want to hear about him, either.

** Did you think that Cribbs would run it back when he had to go back and pick up that fourth quarter kickoff from the Steelers? I did. I thought instantly that a TD was a possibility when the play went loony. So many big plays occur on broken kickoff returns. Add the coverage team's confusion with Cribbs incredible athletic ability, and you've got a kickoff return for TD that is memorable... wow.

** The TV announcers say that Ben Roethlisberger grew up in Ohio, but hated the Browns and Bengals, preferring currently winning teams at that time like the Broncos and Niners. Tells you all need to know.

* Odors, generally.


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