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The day-after following a Browns loss is always a painful one on the newswire, as we sift through mountains of game-related articles, looking for meaning, hope, or the occasional dark chuckle.

Let's do our usual splitting up of articles into handy categories for quicker consumption. Add these to the ones we found last night.

Cribbs Rocks
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Game Rehashes
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Rivalry is Back/Respect Earned
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Players Take Responsibility for Loss
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Browns Devastated by Penalties

Yeah, yeah, yeah. The Browns Still Lost
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Romeo Crennel is no Brian Billick. There aren't many sideline demonstrations indicating how disgusted he is with players, coaches, or officials. No sad little head shakes indicating that he, Brian Billick, disapproves of how the game is being conducted by inferior humans. With RAC, there's not much in the way of finger-pointing at all. Press conferences pass without waves and games flow without any sign that the Browns coaching staff is anything but a hard-working gang of best pals. Just like NFL teams like it.

After yesterday's two-timeout debacle, however, RAC almost appeared to gently push away some of the blame as nicely recounted by Dave Hackenberg of the Toledo Blade. The Browns burned two timeouts with less than three minutes remaining in the game, around a Heath Miller reception the team felt could have been called incorrectly on the field.

Crennel on the first timeout: "I'm not exactly sure what happened, but a timeout was called on the field. Some guys on the field thought that we needed to get the timeout called."

Crennel on the second timeout, used in a lost replay challenge: "Whether I was convinced or not [that the challenge was merited] some people were convinced, so I challenged it. We lost the challenge, so it ended up costing us two timeouts."

Although Crennel ultimately accepted the blame, he was clearly a little miffed at the situation, wherein it appears that the team's defensive unit called a timeout and he later got what he felt was bad advice about the replay from upstairs.

It's rare that Crennel points the finger anywhere, so this ripple on the normally placid waters of Lake Berea sets off the OBR alarms as being an unusual display of internal discord. Someone is going to have a bad day at work. Someone other than you or I, oddly, which is what we usually expect on a Monday.

Naturally, we'll follow this breathlessly to see if anyone gets run over in the parking lot, or is forced to talk to the hyenas of the press.


Ace Davis makes a terrific point in his blog entry recapping the Steelers game this morning. If a team like the Steelers frantically does everything in their power to avoid seeing Josh Cribbs get his hands on a kickoff, why not instill that fear in them during plays from scrimmage? Jeff Reed squibb-kicking away from Cribbs is the football equivalent of curling up in the fetal position and meekly whining "Don't hurt me". The Steelers used Antwaan Randle-El in every possible way to confuse opponents until he became sentient and fled Pittsburgh. Cribbs would have put a spark into the Browns moribund second-half offensive attack.

Obviously, it was a bad weekend for Cleveland and Ohio sports as the Browns and Buckeyes both lost. Some of us in the Deadlift household were pretty cranky as of Sunday night. Others felt exactly the opposite as Cleveland-based chef Michael Symon won the Food Network's "Next Iron Chef" competition. Symon runs the Lola and Lolita restaurants in downtown Cleveland. So, props to him, at least we can claim pride in one win this weekend. Just to annoy my eldest daughter, I now offer the following: "BROCAWEEE!". Now, back to sports.

Big Media really doesn't like it when something embarrassing happens. Neither does small media, as I can personally attest, but no one really cares when it happens to us.

In what corner of the universe is a video presented by McDonald's Snack Wraps incorporating pictures of Peyton Manning interspersed with clips from Beowulf anything but an vacuous viewer-insulting waste of the brief instant of time that we all share on this planet? And how did Bob Costas refrain from vomiting while introducing it? He must have a stomach of cast iron. NBC, please kill everyone involved. Painfully. Thanks. And perhaps tell Manning that there's a scientifically established link between crap like this and throwing picks against the Chargers.

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